Aug 31, 2010

For the past one week, ending till today,
have been eating out,
either breakfast, lunch, tea-break or dinner...

(think gonna gain a few kilos *sigh)

Anyway, today is my first SEM paper after studyin in ploy for 5mths
&, its one of my favourite subject, CMath

Lets start from early this morning,
@ around 4, i was woken up by a painful feeling on my tummy,
&, you know, most people will think its to do 'big business', so do i...
But, its not.
& thought is mens cramp, but also not...
So, have been enduring the pain for the entire morning...

When i woke up @ 7, my mum woke me up...
But i dragged to 7.06am,
walked towards the bathroom,
do my usual routine...
Include 'brushing' my retainers, which is a 'upgrade level' for braces xP (kidding)
its for restoring & fixed the actual & finalised teeth adjustment.

Okie, after which,
my mum turns,
i lay on the computer table & started feeling cold,
even have cold sweats on my fore head & arms...
Super shocked & dont dare to tell my parents about it
unitl when we're leaving home
(my dad fetching me Toa Payoh Station)
i asked my mum to help me look for pain killer

So,,, yeah,,,
she knew, cause have to told her the reason before retrieving my pain killer.

So, on the way to Toa Payoh Station
studyin studyin studyin studyin...
As i dont wanna miss any precious moments, time to double revised & memoriesd every steps & skills...
the same, revised revised studied studied...
Messaged shiming, ask when is she reachig school...

Didnt expect her to reach school @ 7.30am
That's the time im still dressing up for school...
Saw clinton, desmond, edwin & kenneth (didn expect, really)

Finally, after exam,,,
ohh,, & this is a damn different kind of feeling in the exam hall...
Even though its the same, in the hall, (whatever hall it is)
its split into 3 zones.
& the surrounding&feeling seriously, its very different from sceondary major exam
beside all those coughin, sniffing & writing sounds (which is always there, not sure why)
Its been enclosed with some barriers.
Seriously, felt strange when i walked in to the Sports Hall.

After the exam,
discussion time...
Think must have lost a total of 28marks ): ): ): ): ): ): ): ):
Went over to Marina Square for lunch
Ate Pizza Hut, its been a some time since i lasted step in...
Have ordered Curry Zazzle, Student Set - consists of Soup Of The Day(Creamy Mushroom Soup), Free flow Pepsi & your choice of main course.
It cost $8.90
But usual student price is $7.90 - only for pizza
the rest like baked rice, pasta & etc is $8.90 or another price.
There's 4 different prices inclunding the usual $7.90

Went to have lunch desmond, edwin, shiming, viona & amanda
Clinton went back to his Secondary School as yesterday was Teacher's Day Eve.

Last Saturday, went to The SeaFood International Restaurant in Big Splash, ECP
The dishes, which we have ordered, were superb.

Will just let all the dishes which i took to explain how 'unqiue' they are (x

Above, are the 12dishes which you could only ordered once.

Heard that this dish had been recommended on TV before...

I like their chopsticks, especially the wordings (=

That's all...
Now, its time for some database 'Training'...

Aug 26, 2010

Today ends the GCE O level EL Oral Examintaion
& also,
marks the end of the 1st ever inaugural Youth Olympic Games 2010.

Speaking about O Level Oral,
a lot may be thinking: 'Hmm,,, what might be the topic for oral today ?' (before the oral exam starts)
I have heard a lot saying that its more on 'discussing&suggesting' about teenagers, nowadays
So, i read a lot about teenagers.
Like - marriage (is it alright for young people to get married ?)
- generation gap (which is quite common, i guess)
- behaviour (nowadays, are teenagers getting more rebellious ?)
- school uniform (Does wearing uniform gives students a sense of identity ?)
These are a few suggestions which i've read through for preparaiton (spent 2 days for it xD)

all those preparation just flowed down to the drain within a flash of seconds.
Turns out,
its not on teenagers but
its about older generation
(i think it should be more on generation gap)

The picture discussion part, is there's 2 elderly people (both grandfather & grandmother)
& 2 'aunties' in thier 40s (i think cause they look to mean like that age group)
4 of them are playing a game of Maths.
Its like matching number kind of games
& also, contiunous number (4,5,6 in a group)
Ohh,, & it have to be in groups of 3 (forgot to say the most important part xP)

Basically that's all,
cause going to rush to watch the Colsing Ceremory of YOG.

Bye Guys (=

Aug 20, 2010

Study, Studied, Studying, Studies...
Revise, Revised, Revising, Revises...

Currently, the above words are what i am doing for the past few days
after JYOG ended.
Yesterday, went back to school to revise CMath with friends.
Friends -> desmond, wenting, edwin, clicton, irwan, hanny, shiming, amanda, viona & ppo.
But after we 'transfer' over from DR to RC,
shiming went back home.
Some stated that she's havin a fever,
thus went back first.

From 2pm,
we studied till 6pm.
Not bad right ???

But did a few chats along the way,
like offering jobs, cracking jokes on edwin again (about shiming)
& saying about braces & retainer...

Manage to got a job by desmond.
To work in SMU for 3days.
I guess, the job may be very simple
as, what else can you do in SMU if you're not studying in SMU.
Beside the cleaner job, of course

have another job to work in NATAS Fair,
by viona.
But, her friend had already gotten enough people,
so that's out of considerations.
I think im gonna get crazy for studying.

Cause, im not only studying for Sem papers
but also for O level.
I retake English, Math & POA.
I know you may think i must be crazy to retake three
but, all because of 1 aim. 1 goal. (sounds dramatic)
that's why i choose to retake 3 (or else i just ignore POA)

My aim/goal is to get in to a Science course in either SP or NYP.
(im currently studying in NYP)
So, that's it...

Hope all my poly friends & cousins can get good marks for their various modules
& get a good GPA score (:

Happy belated Birthday to ruirui, my toddler brother (19/8)
Happy belated Birthday to Edwin Yeo(18/8)
Happy belated Birthday to Nazurah (17/8)
Happy belated Birthday to Chengyang (15/8)
Happy belated Birthday to Shabeer (14/8)

Aug 18, 2010

Currently addicted to this song by 张信哲 - 悲伤的嗜好

眼看终于一步一点 离开了视线
我不敢多想 任由别人猜想
我的眼光 一个人的世界 啊啊啊啊
当爱情全被你丢掉 悲伤就变成嗜好
没有不好 只是在城市里何处能逃
当诺言被时间嘲笑 寂寞在对我咆哮
耳朵终于一天一点 听见了思念
用沉默取代明天 爱不会幻灭
我不怕遗憾 爱情会有多难
我都承担 在孤单澎湃的夜晚

当爱情有一天明了 坚强就越长越高
没有不好 痛一痛就渐渐熬过去了
当诺言被时间忘掉 爱会再度拥抱
我会等得到最好的依靠 也懂得保持微笑

爱有多困扰 只有你知道
幸福会来到 悲伤总会消耗 忘掉
天亮前努力祈祷 要过得好
当爱情有一天明了 坚强就越长越高
没有不好 痛一痛就渐渐熬过去了
当诺言被时间忘掉 爱会再度拥抱
我会等得到最好的依靠 也懂得保持微笑
等你的爱帮我戒掉 悲伤的嗜好

Aug 14, 2010

Nothing fits best when you reached home after a long tired day.
even though i do complained about how boring i am, when on board bus 1,
& how warm the weather are,
everything paid off.

Yesterday marks the last day of JYOG & the last day of my duties as a Samsung Motivator.
): ): ): ):
Out of all 6days of JYOG,
have met a lot of new friends & ICs.
Thanks all of you, new friends & ICs, for making the 6days such a memorable ones.
Have always thought that joining school event is a waste of time.
Have never entered/joined any school events on my will,
besides cca events & COMPULSORY events.

Untill, 3months ago,
NYP sent an email saying that they're 'recuriting' students for a flashmob/motivator for YOG which will be coming to our school on 7Aug.
Without hesitation, kamini & me joined in immediately.

On the first day of our dance 'lesson', 6Jul,
Saw a huge crowd entering in to Indoor Sports Hall.
After which both me & kamini had worked double hard to join in the Samba Flashmob.
&, thanks to my dream,
it did came true.
Through this, we meet abigail.
After which, during the Samsung Human Touch on 23Jul,
i met juli's friend.
naida & her friends, nolly, branca & another which im not sure what's her name.
(do update me on her name & add me in facebook xP )

Through all the rehearsals,
meet one of abi's friend. (also not sure what's his name)

On the first day of my Samsung motivator duty,
meet Khairi & the ballroom members.
After which, on subsequent duty dates,
meet Jeslyn, Sangeetha, Jiva & xunmei.
Meet the bus 3 ICs, Jeremy, Vincent aka sissy horn, Weimin & Weihao.
& 2 bus 1 ICs, not sure their names cause they don't wanna tell me.
thus, they want us to call them '老大' which means 'boss'.
(anyone know their names, do tag me.)

Yesterday, the final day of JYOG,
never expect Samsung to call in JJLin to be one of the touchbearer, M1 CEO Neil Montefiore, Olympic pole vault gold medallist Yelena Isinbayeva & a mini celebrity boy who became famous on the 3rd day of JYOG, Low Wei Jie, a Compassvale Primary School Student, too, were the touchbearer for yesterday.

When both Coke & Samsung Hippo bus bypass,
saw Silver Ang on the Coke Hippo Bus.
She looks pretty & with a flawless complex.

Something happened while waiting for the touchbearer & the flame to arrive,
there's a security guard came over to tell one of the IC, 'all of you are not supposed to stand on a private property.'
We ignored him, cause YOG currently is the biggest.
I think, he called his head & told him everything.
But the head didnt told us anything,
thus ignoring them.
After which, 4 police officers came over, 'Sorry, but i have to ask you to ask the students at the road side to leave as its too dangerous when there's vehicle driving along the road.'
So, we just have to listen to him,
cause the Flame hasn't arrived, yet.
But after we saw the police officers riding on the motorbikes,
we hurried down & the 4 police officers like 'monitoring' our safety, so is the security guard.
After the flame left,
the security told one of my bus-mate something,
& went over to ask her.
She said, 'He said we're not supposed to make loud noises on private property area.'
Im so super furious that i told the ICs.
Seriously, i can't stand him anymore & shouted back, 'YOG 大还是你大 ?' (Which holds the most authority, you or YOG ?)

Nevermind, forgetting about the incident.

Here's a picture which i took with Jeremy,Vincent & Weimin
to end off my final post of JYOG.

Happy 18th Birthday to Shabeer & Hazel (both 14/8)

Aug 12, 2010

Last update for YOG Flame.
As tomorrow shall be the final last day
& im so gonna miss everyone.

All the hardship we've being through,
all the delays,
all the carrying & running,
all the sweats & energy been used,
all the things that have been 'experienced' & felt never before,
together, in this YOG Flame event.

So, the starting point for today is some military Institution to ITE Central (not sure which school/area) for morning shift,
& for me, afternoon shift, from Unity Secondary School to SP.
For today, we actually went in to SP to 'enjoy & view' the celebration event
when we dont even know what to do next after the touchbearer bypass us.
As, everytime, after the flame/touchbearer bypass us,
we'll have to get on the Samsung bus to go to our next destination.
But, as for SP,
no one knew what to do,
thus, following the SPians all the way to SP's auditorium.
& even saw the performance by MONSTER.

They're performance was the same as NYP,
i guess, all of the performance, which MONSTER performed, were basically all the same xP

& the ICs were super glued on to it.
& i ask one of them, ‘ 没有看过他们表演吗 ?’ (never seen them[MONSTER] performed ?)
‘没有!’ (No.)
‘你没有在 NYP 看过吗?’ (Didn't catch it during NYP Celebration day ?)
‘没有!’ (No.)
Ok, i forgave him.
Cause all the ICs left after they have finished their duties,
thus didnt stayed back to watch the performance (except for today xP )

Tomorrow will be the last day.
Starting point will be at Nanyang Girls' High School to SYOGOC (Singapore Youth Olympic Games Organising Committee) Headquarter in Queenstown area, for the morning shift.
Morning shift is such a super long stretch of area,
from Nanyang Girls' - Newton station - Little India Station - Boon Keng Station - Lavender Station - Tanjong Pagar Station - Tiong Bahru Station - Sentosa - HarbourFront Station - Mount Faber Park - Queenstown Station - SYOGOC. (stations mention will be only bypassing.)
As for afternoon shift, will start from SYOGOC to The Promontory@Marina Bay, which will be the last stop for the last day.

Office workers in the CBD area,
do look out for the YOG, Samsung & Hippo buses.

See you guys tomorrow (:

Aug 11, 2010

New updates for YOG!!!
Yesterday went over to Pasir Ris, Tampines & Bedok area.
I didnt get to board the Hippo Bus,
but im so gonna fight for it on the last day as we are going to the CBD, Central Business District.

My spots, for yesterday, was MJC, Meridian JC, Tampines Street 11, Changkat CC & Bedok Reservior Park, next to the alighting area of the flame when it past over by a TP student who stood on the dargon boat by TP's dargon boat club members.

Final updates on the area for today,
will be starting from Hwa Chong Institution all the way to West Spring Secondary, (for morning shift) after which to the Singapore Zoo.
As for the afternoon shift, which is me (: , will be starting from ITE Central,Yishun all the way to RP.
I know its damn suoer far for me to go back home ):
But, what to do, tomorrow will be going to SP.
Have to check the route first before going.

If anyone of you are in your own house & we heard a few music being played,
dont hesitate to look out as you may get to see the Samsung & Coke Hippos bus,
along with lots of police & a few YOG very own coach buses for the touchbearers
& after which, the YOG flame & the appointed touchbearer holding on to it.

Happy 18th Birthday to Youfeng (11/8) (:

Aug 9, 2010

Happy National Day!!!

Supposed to be in my 'daily rountie',
which is for the YOG flame.

Im a Samsung Motivator.
So, since last saturday,
have been posted to different areas of the area to cheer for the touchbearers
&, of course, for the YOG Flame.
Im under the afternoon shift, which i have to report to school @ 12pm.
If im under the morning shift,
have to report to school @ 6.30am.
So super early right ???!!!

Saturday, was th Bishan, Ang Mo Kio area,
for afternoon shift.
Not sure for the morning shift.
The area im posted to was AMK street 21 & 54, RI & NYP.
But i know the starting point is CHIJ Katong School.
As for the ending point,
its NYP (:
& the Guest-Of-Honour is PM Lee.
Have lots of fun & am also one of the performer,
all our past few weeks, months of hardwork has finally paid off.
The best part of the whole NYP celebration is the Foreign Bodies(FB) dances
Hahax, not forgetting my performance part,
which is known as the Flashmobber.

For yesterday,
which is Sunday,
of course i have to report for 'work'.
Same timing, but yesterday was a different veune.
Afternoon shift start from Saint Partick's School.
& i was posted to board the Hippo Bus (x
Hahax, so damn happy.
& able to go to all the area which is able to witness the Flame.
The area we went, yesterday, was Marine Parade, Bedok, Upper Changi Road, Simei.
The starting point was Potong Pasir area,
as for the ending point is ITE East, Simei.
But, yesterday there's an accident happened when going along ECP,
East Coast Park.
Someone got hit by a tree branch,
& it really hit him on his head as all of us were too 'high' to cheer for the flame,
that we didnt noticed how low the branch was.
Thus, an accident happened.
Not sure what happen to him,
if he's okie or not...
But after which, everyone was afraid of the tree branch,
that we opened our eyes 'super big' to look out for everyone.

Today was National Day,
so we've got a break.
But from tomorrow to Saturday,
will be working day.
Tomorrow will be starting from Punggol area to TP.
Thursday is dont-remember to RP.
Friday is dont-know-where to SP.
Last day is dont-know-whrere to Marina Bay, floating platform.

That's all for my updates.
Hope all have an enjoyable & happy National Day (:

Aug 6, 2010

This few days have been busy with YOG rehearsal.
Keep doin the same old thing again & again & again,,,
till we can memorise all the sequence.

Yesterday was a rather...

For some, may know what's the reason (:
Not going to tell, share keep it within my own self.

& guys, Derrick He Wei Jian.
How do you spell his surname ???
Derrick 'Ho' or Derrick 'Hoh' ???

Edit-ed 8/8;
Can't believe 'they' actually spelt his surname wrongly...
Think will be telling them later on,
during the last & final Full Dress Rehearsal.
Cant believe 'im' the one who got it wrong.
Really, derrick's surname is spelt as 'Hoh'.
i thought its 'Ho' ???

If you guys are wondering what event im up to,,,
Its the YOG Celebration.
My school, NYP, has been settled to be the Party Station for YOG.
& have a lot of celebrities coming down.
Including DJs & Taiwan's Most Recogined Cheer-Leadering Group - 'MONSTER'.

So, if you dont want to miss this BIG EVENT,,,
Held down to NYP tomorrow, in the atrium From 5.30pm - 9.30pm.

See you there (:

& also,
Happy 2nd Birthday to Kaihao(: (4/8)

Aug 3, 2010

Hi everyone,
have a good new to share...


& that is....


I have finally taken off my braces(:
Have been putting it for 1&1/2 years.
Here's a snap shot when i got back from NDC.

Only the top part has fully taken off.
As for the lower front part,
there're a few 'incooperate' teeth,
therefore have to keep them on.

&, frankly speaking,
not so ues to it when my dentist took it out.
The first that i spoke out was, 'Yeee....'
Cause seriously im so used to my braces
& suddenly you 'take it away from me', feels odd.
Like there's something missing within me )': )':

Not to est/bite any hard solid food for the entire week.
Was thinking how may i going to survive for this saturday's event ???!!!

Aug 2, 2010

Saw this line/sentence in ZiYin's blog,
'There's Nothing Wrong With Girls Putting Make-Up, But There's Something Wrong With Ugly Girls Not Putting Make-Up'

I do agree with the sentence,
as im one of the 'ugly girl' category.
But, have been hearing a lot of people commenting about young girls putting on makeup.
The age of the 'young girl' category is below 15years old
& there's a girl, in youtube which i watched a few days ago,
was just 8 YEARS OLD
Can you believe it ????
8 YEARS OLD girl teaching girls/ladies out there to apply makup step-by-step.

I do agree that makeup really cover up our imprefections 'trememously'
But, but, i still can't put myself in to accept the fact of a 8 year old child putting on makeup...

Have your say, people...
& recently, a few people 'might not be used' to me putting on eye makeup.
As recently i tried out Michelle Phan 'Natural Beauty' video.
Michelle Phan is an makeup artist & currently, i think, is Lancome's beauty adviser, or something else related to beauty & makeup products.

If you want know what's it like, here's the link to her channel:
MichellePhan's Channel

& today was Digital Electronic exam.
Everyone, ok most of us, were going to ta bao.
Means, we're going to fail.
I totally lose out 24 marks out of not-sure-what's-the-total-mark.
after which went to koufu for lunch.
Such a long time didnt go koufu
as we kept going over to south canteen as its 'nearest' from my class.
After which went to catch

Its just a super nice show.
Dont understand why there's still people who comment 'its such a boring movie'
& i like the wordings 'Your Mind Is the Scene Of The Crime'.
During the movie, me & kamini were super engrossed to the movie
& the sound of the gun shots were so loud & sudden that both of us got a shock as well as a few viewers.
As its super sudden.

i rate Inception, out of 5, FULL MARKS (X

Hahax, seriously you should watch it.
I dont think you'll regret after the movie end.
Trust me, you won't (:

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