Feb 24, 2014

Teng Sheng Korean BBQ Buffet @ ITE Central

*As of 23Feb, I've managed to get the photo uploaded to blogger. Not sure what's wrong but i guess probably my I.E is using the older version that's incompatible with blogger.

After a long hiatus, I'm back with a proper post and it's gonna be Food Review.

Last December, before we clock in to a New Year, my relative and I head down to ITE Central which is situated along Ang Mo Kio Aveune 5.
I know it's kinda long but I still wanna blogged about it with a SPECIAL meaning to it

My 大姨 told us that there's a super affordable Korean BBQ Restaurant hidden within the campus and we went to investigate.

I've heard a lot about ITE Central, not about the subjects, the campus facilities or the building but on food the campus had. The most number of recommendations I've heard was a Chinese Restaurant, which I'm not sure if it's still available as I did not managed to find it while touring the campus after lunch, and the second one was about this super eat-all-you-can & affordable Korean BBQ.

Whenever you got to an 'unfamiliar' place, whilst driving, you have to locate where is the nearest parking lots so that you won't have to walk a thousand miles back and forth. For me, I almost got lost within the campus even though there's only 2 ways, either the left or right and YES, I drove my dad's car as my dad wanted to me to familiarize with his car cause the cars in the driving centre were short in width and length as compared to my dad's.

When we got in to the campus I was given 2 choice, to go left or right and see how my luck is and turns out, my luck was shit that day. I went all the way to the back to the field or sports stadium and had to make a detour via the rubbish dump as it's a dead end.
The correct turn should be the left, NOT RIGHT!!!! REMEMBER GUYS!!!!

I'm gonna stop using words and substitute with photos I took that day, without caption(:
*probably with my thoughts on the dishes.

The counter.

We have Subway on our left and some western cuisine on the right

Korean specialized rice barley drink - quite diluted, it will be a plus point with the actual taste as rice barley goes well with bbq which helps to clear away the oil from all the bbq we had.

Sauces and various set dishes for garnish

Carnivore section

Herbivore section

Tteokbokki - a minus point for me cause it's a little too stiff so it will be great if it's steamed/cooked for another like 5mins

Spicy Cabbage Soup - I love the overall ingredients as it's fully cooked till the tofu and cabbage are soft to swallow easily without chewing it.

Dessert - which i forgot what's the name. There's watermelon, honeydew and green-coloured sago.

My relative and cousins chatting away while waiting for the meat to get cooked (middle)
My 小姨 frying the potato slices, wrapped with bacon - great combination. The bacon is not too dry and there's a little fat with it so it's tender and matches well with the crispy potato slices.

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