Feb 27, 2010

I love K.O.3anguo (:
The finale is damn touchin, funny & all the main characters have their own happy ending.

Love it so much.
But even though ah gong didnt went to help out,
but xu, dong cheng wei, wu hu jiang, hui zhang, xiao qiao, sun qun (i know i spell wrongly), gong qing, ah mong & gan ning battle out with ye shi ti which is known as sun jian.
* promise will change it back to mandrian wordings (:

Its a damn nice endin.
Yesterday went to watch little big soldier with my xiao mei, ah zhen.
The movie takes about 1h50plus mins.
& the summary for the moive....
Hilarious & a good knowledge of shan guo durin the qing dynasty.
The war took place between wei guo & liang guo.
Not going to say much from the movie.
If you wanna know more about it,
watch it YOURSELF xP
On the way to the theatre,
saw annchee & huixian.
Both of them didnt change much.
& saw anting when im rushin to tm.
She's workin, @ that period when i saw her.
should get back to study, again.
As im retakin poa, eng & math (not decide yet).
& also...
Happy 18th Birhtday to Ruzzini (:
which is today, 27th Feb

Feb 24, 2010

My Dressing Report has launched a new collection!
A total 23 dresses/blouses help for you to choose from.

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In this new collection, there'll be a range of dresses, tops and a pair of shorts that comes with a free belt!
We just had to bring it to you all because the material is really good and comfortable.

Missed out on our previously sold out boyfriend shirt and lace tank dress?
Here's another similar ones here!

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Lots of things to update.
Recently have been addicted to online shoppin
like cosmetics,clothes, facial products & lots more.
But i know that sometimes online shoppin may have a few faults with their products.
Like some even blacklisted people for sellin them imperfect items
& some of the items they got doesnt match with the ones posted on the web itself.

So,right now,
im waitin for my pay & after which im goin to transform into a 'Shopping Girl'.
Sourcin out clothes, cosmetics in all shoppin malls or pushcart or shop-houses.

& most importantly im still decidin whether should i retake maths or not.
If i retake maths,
i'll be extremely busy between my poly work & the retake subjects.
But,what do i have to do when i dont have any choice but to choose the hard routine
just to opt for a science course in either nyp or sp.

Feel like watchin damn lots of movie.
But im all alone watchin,for this week only.
As my cousins are havin exam (poly), some are schoolin till damn late hours
some are preparin for o level like hell.
Friends are all busy in their work, some uncontactable,
some not sure of their phone numbers.

So, do you think im lonely ???

Yea.... xP
*stupid answer to entertain myself.

Next is,,,
why does my ez-link amount used up so quickly when i just used the bus/train for a day ???
Seriously,not used to adult fare but when im studyin poly,
that's the disadvantage i have to accept.
Fashion advertisment time!
Some of my friends are askin;
'Do you really can earn $$ by help people to adv ?'
my answer to them is;
'Depends on whether they want to or not.'
'Some are just random post adv by myself & i guess they dont really know about it.'

So right now,
out of all the adv im postin (now)
are all random ones which i want to share to you (:
Sit back& let your fingers 'execrise' a bit xP
Its time for some great sales launch at Kristineyunny!
Get fabulous & gorgeous deals at discounted prices from past collection.
Featuring a Retro swing dress that the owner like!
That is a must get design that looks very classy (:
Also,a babydolll lacey dolly top,
a few dresses for e working office ladies &another Korean-inspired Cashmere Cardigan to keep u snuzzy in schools and offices.
It even had a removable furry ribbon brooch that comes with it.
Isnt it great ?

Visit http://kristineyunny.livejournal.com/18527.html#cutid1

Feb 20, 2010

Oh Mg God!!!
The lastest showbiz news is hei ren finally proposed to fanfan
@ the NBA competition in USA when they're in USA for thier holiday.

Want to see how hei ren proposed to fanfan ???

Click on the link (below) to see (:


Later on will be goin to qin's house to gamble again xP
This is the first time we're goin over to thier house.
Normally,i think, their parent dont allow (:

Anyway,hope i can a few extra $$ so that i can purchase my cosmetics @ Wastons'.
Wish me luck (x

Feb 18, 2010

Hi everyone,
Happy Chinese New Year again (:

These cny days had been galmblin like nobody's business.
The worst person is always my dad, yi zheng & jiujiu.
They are the ones who always 'give up' their money to make us happy,
durin gamblin of course xP

While,yesterday was the first day of school & first day of work.
Everyone is busy workin & studyin,
except for those who have already taken day off for these three days.
But as for me,
im stayin at home watchin tv, usin computer, bloggin xP
& a lot more things to do as well (:
Besides even stayin at home is a bit bored but @ least im happy.

As one have said (in han yu ping yin) ;
zuai le guan de ren jiu shi zhe shi shang zui xing fu de ren (:

So why should be upset & unhappy with my everyday life.
Instead, i got to stay happy everyday to enlighten myself & not think of those
unhappy moments which i had encountered in the past.

Happy Chinese New Year again.
& for those who need to bai tai sui,
accordin to the chinese calendar, from yesterday onwards
you can start to go over & pray at the temple.
As for me,
while im one of it so maybe this saturday or sunday will be goin with my parents
as all my family members need to bai tai sui except for both my younger brother & sister.

Feb 14, 2010

Happy Chinese New Yar & Valetine's Day to all.

Friday was my last day working in TFM.
Yesterday was chinese new yearaa eve,
& we have our reunion dinner @ my ahma house.
& we had peng cai & yu sheng.

Today is a very short post but still
Happy Tiger Year to all (:

Feb 7, 2010

Finally i have the time to post.

Have enjoyed myself during my job @ TMF.
For the whole month,
have been durig the same job,
eatin the same food but i can help Vince korkor to pack up the old lucky draw things.

The most funny thing is that the plastic bag which Vince korkor told
had a 'big' hole @ the bottom & both of us didnt notice until i felt something funny between rigth toes.

The other funny part is last thur when we had our lunch @ the Beach Road Food Market.
This is the 1st time i went to that food market.
Then here's the fun part...
When 4 of us, included me, Vince korkor, Jimmy huai ren,Shirley ahyi & Elisha jiejie,
had finished our meal,
we started talkin about almond then hongkong thingg then whatever chinese traditional medicine which they, the '80s kid xP, told durin thier childhood & more.
Then after which me & jimmy huai ren started bickering around.
Actually, i think, Elisha jiejie might be sayin 'why does both of you keep bickerin around ?'
That's what i think,
im not sure as when she's about to say,
both of us cut her speech xP

Funny is funny but i did enjoy myself durin those workin days (:
Would like to say thanks to Vince korkor as he's the one who keep takin care of me the most.
But Elisha jiejie & Shirley ahyi & Jimmy huai ren too (:
& of course,
thanks to Julie jiejie to accept me in to their company in helpin with the data entry.
The most thankful person is none other than Jiayi jiejie who help me find this great job which i can kill time & earn some $$ too (x

Thanks all...

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