May 16, 2014

Food Diary Chapter 3

Back in November last year, i went to explore Shokutsu 10 - at the end of Nex which is somewhat above Serangoon Interchange.
Have already 'conquered' 3 restaurants, they are:

  • Yaki Yaki Bo
  • Men-ichi Japanese Ramen &
  • Tontei Pork Restaurant

  • Out of the 3, the best is Tontei Pork Restaurant as the main highlight is definitely kurobuta pork.
    If you've heard of the famous wagyu beef, then kurobuta pork is of the same level as it.

    First Stop: Yaki Yaki Bo

    It's a teppanyaki concept restaurant - located on the left side of Shokutsu 10 - where you get to have a chance to enjoy
      The heated action as our skilled chefs flip, toss and slice up your order in front of you with lighting flair and finesse. Prepared ‘live’ on a high temperature flat griddle placed right in front of diners, Yaki Yaki Bo dishes up juicy beef, tender chicken, fresh vegetables and delicious seafood such as lobster, shrimp and squid.
      Okonomiyaki – a favourite Japanese pancake made of flour batter, cabbage and a choice of ingredients such as seafood, scallops, pork and vegetables, is also available on the menu. A casual dining concept combining food entertainment – Yaki Yaki Bo is a place to dig in with fun.
    - As described from the website.

    While waiting for our orders, we heard a little salad to fill our tummy.

    Chef-in-action *Woah

    The best dish of the night - smoked salmon with a little light soya sauce

    Doesn't the chawanmushi looks cute like a little bunny

    Yaki Yaki Bo Teppanyaki Restaurant
    #B1-78 NEX
    23 Serangoon Central
    Tel: 6634 4838
    Daily: 11:00am -10:00pm (Last Order 9:30pm)

    2nd Stop: Men-ichi Japanese Ramen

      The soup derives its wonderful essence from a perfect balance of pork bones, chicken bones and vegetables. The soup is first boiled for over 12 hours, during which the fire is carefully tended and scum meticulously skimmed off the water’s surface, giving it a profound depth that can be savoured with each slurp. The menu is specially designed our Japanese Chef with over 30 years of experience in ramen kitchens.
      Wafu or Japanese-style ingredients such as katsuo (bonito), saba (mackerel) and konbu (kelp) contribute to the umami (savouriness) and amami (sweetness) in Men-ichi’s wafu soup. Low in oil and calories, this is Men-ichi’s recommended delicious healthy ramen.
      Men-ichi uses 100% homemade noodles specially created using an original recipe. Each strand boasts the aroma of wheat and an irresistibly springy texture. Enjoy your bowl of ramen with our char siew, selected from good quality bara niku (boned rib) and pan-fried lightly to bring out its natural flavours.
    - As described from the website.

    The restaurant has prepared a little 'menu' clearly describing the different distinct noodle each city has.

    Sauce for the salad and the salad is the best dish of the night, thanks to the crunchy corn.

    Another salad but not as delightful as the corn.

    We've also ordered side dishes - how can we missed out sushi in a Japanese Restaurant.

    Men-ichi Japanese Ramen
    B1-79 NEX
    23 Serangoon Central
    Tel: 6634 4638
    Daily: 11:00am -10:00pm (Last Order 9:30pm)

    Final Stop: Tontei Pork Restaurant - Traditional Specialty Pork Restaurant

      The perfect place to to enjoy delicate home-cooked style Japanese dishes with sake or shochu. Our katsu's unique double-fry method ensures a crispy coating and succulent meat which makes each bite irresistible.
      Relax in a simple and elegant dining space dressed in natural bamboo, wood and washi (Japanese rice paper). Each dish is carefully prepared and served with traditional Japanese hospitality, with attention to detail and presentation. Discover a menu of delicate home-cooked style Japanese dishes such as simmered bamboo shoot with yam & French bean, cold beancurd and pork salad with sesame dressing.
      Enjoy tender slices of kurobuta.

    A substitute of a cake - my gugu were celebrating my birthday.
    There's nothing to say about this restaurant, you can only experience it yourself

    Tontei Pork Restaurant
    #B1-79 NEX
    23 Serangoon Central
    Singapore 556083
    Tel: 6634 7116
    Daily: 11:00am - 10:00pm (Last Order 9:30pm)

    May 12, 2014

    The Food Diary Chapter 2

    Was planning to blog about CNY but my pictures are still stored in my phone and am lazy to retrieve so I'm going to postponed CNY post to this.

    Saizeriya Italian Restaurant - have you ever tried/heard of this restaurant ??
    Honestly no for me
    I was introduced by my xiao gu and ever since I've introduced to my parents and friends too xP

    Here is what i had, together with my xiao gu, twice:

    Serious speaking, i can't really remembered the name of each dish, but i can tell you they definitely have the BEST CORN I've ever tried before.
    The plus point was the corn was served hot and plain - which means no butter, salt or seasoning was added into the corn.

    I'd also like to compliment on their in-house meat especially the pork.
    Tender, not to springy, mouth-watering, not too tough, most importantly - NOT OILY.

    This post was kind of short, but i will not make broken promises to my readers. Make sure you hold on to my CNY posts

    May 6, 2014

    Thanks For The End of Exams!!!

    Have been waiting for these days since the start of revision lectures, that's 3 weeks ago.

    I've also noticed that I've neglected my space for over 2 months now.
    Really am apologetic.
    Even though I know that there's not much readers reading my blog, but I'm still holding on to a little faith that there's still a small portion of people who do came over to read my book.

    For the treat, I'm gonna filled my book with tons of food reviews/sharing going all the way back to February, which marks the start and end of Chinese New Year.

    Here goes for Chapter 1: Chinese New Year Cake From The Icing Room.

    Before the CNY session, I've came across a blog post by Veron, the owner of Sparklette, in collaboration with The Icing Room to give away 2 CNY-themed cakes titled Propensity Pony and Burst of Spring via Twitter.
    This is how she describe the cakes:
      For Chinese New Year, the bakery takes cheeky delight in featuring their signature vanilla Chantilly cream cake in the shape of this year’s zodiac animal – the Prosperity Pony.
      Opt for something a little different for your visiting guests this year with the Burst of Spring; A Chantilly cream cake topped with cute fondant decorations resembling mini Mandarin oranges and a Chinese good fortune scroll.

    I've won the Prosperity Pony *YEAH!!!

    I'm not able to show you the interior of the cake, as I've misplaced my thumbdrive during school and most of my wanna-post pictures are stored inside. Really felt depressed and apologetic.

    The Icing Room does stood up for their name, the cream cake was soft and spongy, their signature vanilla Chantilly cream was not too sweet. My ah sim was able to accept the sweetness since elderly was advised not to consume too sugar and salt.
    Even my 4th auntie and I are able to accept the sweetness, both of us are on 'less sugar' meal routine in the state of being health-conscious.
    What I personally loved the most was the sponge cake that's compatible with it's signature vanilla cream - both won't be struck onto your teeth and the mixture melts away effortlessly down your throat.

    Promised to stay tune for food collection my Chapter 2.

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