May 6, 2014

Thanks For The End of Exams!!!

Have been waiting for these days since the start of revision lectures, that's 3 weeks ago.

I've also noticed that I've neglected my space for over 2 months now.
Really am apologetic.
Even though I know that there's not much readers reading my blog, but I'm still holding on to a little faith that there's still a small portion of people who do came over to read my book.

For the treat, I'm gonna filled my book with tons of food reviews/sharing going all the way back to February, which marks the start and end of Chinese New Year.

Here goes for Chapter 1: Chinese New Year Cake From The Icing Room.

Before the CNY session, I've came across a blog post by Veron, the owner of Sparklette, in collaboration with The Icing Room to give away 2 CNY-themed cakes titled Propensity Pony and Burst of Spring via Twitter.
This is how she describe the cakes:
    For Chinese New Year, the bakery takes cheeky delight in featuring their signature vanilla Chantilly cream cake in the shape of this year’s zodiac animal – the Prosperity Pony.
    Opt for something a little different for your visiting guests this year with the Burst of Spring; A Chantilly cream cake topped with cute fondant decorations resembling mini Mandarin oranges and a Chinese good fortune scroll.

I've won the Prosperity Pony *YEAH!!!

I'm not able to show you the interior of the cake, as I've misplaced my thumbdrive during school and most of my wanna-post pictures are stored inside. Really felt depressed and apologetic.

The Icing Room does stood up for their name, the cream cake was soft and spongy, their signature vanilla Chantilly cream was not too sweet. My ah sim was able to accept the sweetness since elderly was advised not to consume too sugar and salt.
Even my 4th auntie and I are able to accept the sweetness, both of us are on 'less sugar' meal routine in the state of being health-conscious.
What I personally loved the most was the sponge cake that's compatible with it's signature vanilla cream - both won't be struck onto your teeth and the mixture melts away effortlessly down your throat.

Promised to stay tune for food collection my Chapter 2.

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