Jul 4, 2013

Albert Centre Market and Food Centre

I was so zuper excited to catch the premiere of The Lone Ranger yesterday which I've won a pair of tickets by participating a contest by Nuffnang.
The movie will start at 6.45pm and went out as according to my planned timing.

While I was on the train, I received a message from one of the Nuffnang's team.
In summary, the message stated that we're not able to watch the movie due to some mistakes or whatever shit and will be given a pair of complimentary movie passes to catch the movie.
I was furious yet happy as to why do they kept changing here and there ??
Supposedly, the movie was scheduled to start at 7pm but changed to 6.45pm, instead.
I thought to myself, maybe the movie is about 2 and a half to 3hrs long, thus a change in timing. (in real, the movie takes 2hr and 30min)
and for that, I accepted the change
(due to my reasoning)

But, for not being able to catch the movie while in the midst of arriving Dhoby (the venue was The Cathay@Handy Road),
I got super frustrated and, initially, I demanded for a reasonable explanation, but, I stopped myself thinking of standing in their shoes
trying to explain to other movie-goers, like me, who have won a pair of tickets. (*sigh)

(*more sigh while looking at the won movie 'tickets')

Anyway, at least I don't have to stick to watching at The Cathay
The best thing about THIS complimentary pass is I GET TO CHOOSE ANY VEUNE I WANT (YEAH!!!)

Last night, I've ever made an insane decision.
I challenged myself to walk from The Cathay to Bugis MRT station.
Super ridiculous right but nope, my finally decision was

So I 'embarked' on my journey to Bugis.
You guys might be wondering how am I gonna get to Bugis w/o a map ?!
Some may think that all I need was my smartphone and access to google/bing map.
I DIDN'T nor did I asked anybody while walking.
In the end, the entire journey took me 45mins. (as i somehow got lost while searching for Victoria Street)

Instead of going straight to the train station, I turned around and went to Albert Food Centre as I was famished after all the walking (and panicking that I got lost).
Honestly speaking, I went around, like a mad woman, looking out for my favourite stalls but some were closed as, I guess, they didn't worked at night.

An Seng noodles will be closed till 7July.

At last, I settled down and have sesame paste.

Also, I've spotted a few stalls which have their very own popularity while enjoying my sesame paste.
Here are the stalls

From left: Seng Huat Congee, Yong Ji Fried Sotong Prawn Noodle, Zhu Chao . Mini Wok

Before I end off my post, I would like you guys to give your support to a stall which was opened by my sec friend's mum:

Honestly speaking, I've yet to try it myself and I'm not very close with my friend.
The reason why I suggested you guys to give them your support was that they were named as one of the top 40 best hawker stalls for this year's Singapore Food Fair and 20 stalls will be opening up near Bayfront MRT station from now till 21st July.

You can read all about it here
Here's another reason why you SHOULD give it a try if you happen to patronize Bayfront station

(Cr: fortunefood.sg)
Hurried down to either Albert Food Centre or Bayfront station to give it a try.
Here's another alternative if you can't squeeze out any time to visit their stall,
they do cater for DELIVERY.

Here's their website to check out more details.

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