Aug 30, 2009

All lot of things have happened durin the week
& all i think was of a person where the person may help me.

Exam period are still on the go,
left with 3papers,including science practical.

Monday will be celebrating Teacher's Day & there will be a concert for both upper&lower level.
But bad new is...
Need to dance the 'simo simo' dance,as its ACES Day.
& 2round charity walk,2periods of  lessons after that will concert.
The whole event will approximately end @ 12.30pm.
Not sure will there be an extended time for the upper sec as its always like this for the past 3years.

A person said that ...not going back to due to exam in school.
But i may have to wait as thinking of going to eat ice-cream buffet xP
Have to ask permission to join frist before deciding (:
But hope is a yes for me.

Since its past midnight,,
better go to bed or else dark circles will be seen on my face xP
Night earthlings C=

Aug 27, 2009

Exams is finally almost over.
Countin down in 4more days (exclude weekends & teacher's day)

A lot of ppl to wish them...
Happy belated 17th b'dae to cheehao & anting. (25th & 26th aug)
Happy belated 16th to nelson. (26th aug)

Next up,
is ......
Not wishin them right now.

Ytd oral was quite normal.
E examiner,esp e indian,seems to have a tired day in e mornin.
As when im readin e passage & pic dicuss,her eyelids seem v heavy.
Keep fallin down,coverin her eyes.

Ytd topic was more about racial harmony,
& conversation was more on givin presents
& when do you ever speak or communicate with different races of ppl.
Something like tt.
& pic was a muslim family gng in to a chi family's house.
& a malay lady givin oranges to a chi elderly,
in return,e elderly gave her a red packet.

quite unpredicted.
as i was thinkin whether is e topic in a full circle.
as 1st day of oral is on shopping&travellin in different place,
thn mon is shopping.
2nd day of oral was on blood pressure & health check,tue is healthcare.
So was thinkin whether is there a linked between both weeks,
but,in the end,my prediction r wrong.
totally wrong.

revisin for poa which is e last paper for mi.
falls on nxt fri ):
jy for all who r retakin MT paper ,so is mi,
& oso all the best for prelims & preparation of o lvls. =D

Aug 24, 2009

today's papers was quite okie for me.
but maths paper2 was a bit tough,
esp e sub qn on bearin.

not reali understand e qn but i still manage to finish e paper.
anyone knows what does the gradient represents when we draw a tangent on e graph ?
if you please tag me,as i reali wanna know e ans (:

not sure for e vegetation qns.
which we are given a climograph.
e rainfall range not more than 400mm & temperature not more 30degree.
so a lot of my friends,include me, thinks its tropical rainforest.
but some guessed its monsoon forest.
even though both forest have similar adaptation&charateristic
but i think my ans maybe correct.

tks to melvin,i finally realised that my ans maybe wrong.
as e forest maybe @ tropical regions instead of statin down which forest it is.
ohh shit!!!
should have thought of that ans,
but still bygones be bygones.
what's over is over,
i cant sit on the time machine & go back to 12plus pm right ??!!

that's all for my post,
quite a short one.
but i promise the next post maybe putting up photos on my baby bro's birthday celebrations.
as well as wongyin birthday too (:

Happy Birthday To XiaoGu

Aug 19, 2009

i just have to say...
i totally screwed up my o lvl mt result.

instead of gettin a 3/4,
i gt a c5.

immediately i cried.
lots of ppl consloe but i still cnt take e fact.
still wat has happen has happened.
so i shd look further away on e day when i retake mt again.

tks for all who had consoled mi.
appreciate v much.
& oso congrats to those who scored well like sab,nazurah & more for achievin a dist.

will work hard nxt time.
but still nid to concentrate more on my core subs.

Aug 12, 2009

Time flies.
In another 2 hrs plus will be the start of the prelims.

Dame afraid i may fail.
As not been revisin quite often.
Especailly my poa & EL.
These 2sub r my weakness now.

All i need is ample of practice but im lazy.
Should be wonderin what im doin,,,
Revise on letter format & memorizin some vocab to score well for my paper 1.
Which i always did badly due to insufficient use of vocab in my writin.

Hope that i can pass all my subjects & @ least min b4 max a1 (:
thats my target for the prelims.

Jiayou to all my friends who are takin o level this year & also n level too,
To pass with flyin & cheer to the joyfulness of gettin great results C:

& mon went to eat buffet again.
will update more in that once i've finish my prelim.
Or maybe finish my EL which is later on [=

Aug 10, 2009

& also forgot to tell all.
I've cut my hair.

Cant accept it @ first
But once im used to it,
Im happy with it.

I know im ugly.
no comments & bad words about my image.
Happy 44th Birthday Singapore (:
Its been a tough year for you.
Hope that the future shall be a 'happiness,prosperity & progess' nation.
Here's the updates on last week Sunday afternoon 'high tea'.
i still have a few more but will post up again (:
When i sat down,
the 1st thing that caught my eye was their menu.
So cute.
& the 'high' chairs they have.

These are the 'high' chairs im talking about.

The dim sums dishes
My favourite is suimai (:

Other 'side' dishes ??

Desserts (:
My favourite is the masgo pudding & almond dumplings
inside the dumplings are sesame.

The restaurant name & the award they have.
Their service is fast.
If not mistaken it's near Orchard Hotel, @ tanglin rd.
Their opening session for afternoon is from 12-3/3.30pm
Last order @ 2.45pm
& you need to book for a place as heard that it's pack with people all the time.
So do try it.
Rate : 4/5

Aug 8, 2009

Im quite tired alr.
So will make this post sweet & short (:

These r e photos which was taken durin shuang's b'dae party.
Veune : @ her own house

C @ e whole varities of foods.
Isit great & makes yu famished rite ?

My yizhang & muhui jiujiu
& oso dapang ahyi

Borin ppl waitin for e 'cuttin' of e cake
Some playin com,
some watchintv,
some slackin outside e house chit-chattin plus a mini bbq&wine,
some mahjong (elders),
some chattin/gossipin round e dinner table.
quite detailed rite (:

Finally, e 'cake cuttin'

Happy 15th b'dae to shuang (:
e b'dae girl of 'tt day'
with her family

with us,all e cousins
(sorry if e pic is too small to spot ur own faces)
'cake cuttin' ceremony xP

Balloons bought buy jiayu jiejie
ahpig holdin on e balloons posin to get a nice shot.

e b'dae girl & me
4 yi & honghong,ahying & my baby brother,zhirui (:

ahying alone & huiqin

my hungry baby brother with my xiao yi
e present which mi,jie,qin,ahpig & jiayu jiejie [tks huiqin]
famous amos cookie cake
taste nice too

tts all.
sweet & short.
need some rest after doin e-learnin.
*nite nite (:
photos credit to jiayu jiejie,our photographer
huiqin for e cookie cake
tks both of yu v much C:

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