Aug 24, 2009

today's papers was quite okie for me.
but maths paper2 was a bit tough,
esp e sub qn on bearin.

not reali understand e qn but i still manage to finish e paper.
anyone knows what does the gradient represents when we draw a tangent on e graph ?
if you please tag me,as i reali wanna know e ans (:

not sure for e vegetation qns.
which we are given a climograph.
e rainfall range not more than 400mm & temperature not more 30degree.
so a lot of my friends,include me, thinks its tropical rainforest.
but some guessed its monsoon forest.
even though both forest have similar adaptation&charateristic
but i think my ans maybe correct.

tks to melvin,i finally realised that my ans maybe wrong.
as e forest maybe @ tropical regions instead of statin down which forest it is.
ohh shit!!!
should have thought of that ans,
but still bygones be bygones.
what's over is over,
i cant sit on the time machine & go back to 12plus pm right ??!!

that's all for my post,
quite a short one.
but i promise the next post maybe putting up photos on my baby bro's birthday celebrations.
as well as wongyin birthday too (:

Happy Birthday To XiaoGu

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