Dec 25, 2011


Hi loveies,
im back from my Thailand Holidays.

Will blog about my 9D trips as soon as i got hold of all the pictures from different people's camera.

Till then,
here's a few nice Christmas Quotes which i googled out which is meaningful for yourself, your family, your friends & your loved ones


Dec 23, 2011


I'll be back tomorrow, 24Dec - Christmas Eve.

Here's sharing with you a list of Christmas Songs.

Top Ten Christmas Songs

Justin Bieber - Mistletoe

But my BEST & Favourite Christmas Song is:

All I Want For Christmas Is You - Mariah Carey

Dec 21, 2011

OMG, another INFAMOUS People!

On thur, 14Dec, there has been a 'trend' going on on FB
On a IMFAMOUS GUY called Aaron Tan.

I haven seen the video yet
But from what i heard from my friend is that this guy: Aaron Tan
somehow is filming a 'DEATH THREAT' on another guy who wants to 'toy' with his girlfriend.

Here's the video if you haven watched:

&Somehow Aaron's 'Brother' make a video to stand up for him

Someone ever make a picture about Aaron

Well, i guess that all 'these' people have nothing better to do
but to create trouble for themself or the people around them.

*This are just some of my viewpoint
Im not finger pointing at anyone in particular


After all these IMFAMOUS things
here's a SUPER INSANE video

Have a fun & relax weekend(x

Dec 17, 2011

Mini Photo Post

Shall be a short post on what i did/had/went which has not been uploaded.

Went over to Discovery Centre for an excursion trip for National Education (NE)

A few months back, i went for a 2D1N stay in Melacca

On the 16Oct marks an occasion on a pair of lovely couples, walking down the red carpet for their 'once in a lifetime' show.
Its kexin jiejie & her boyfriend, Wayne, Wedding Day.

Went to cut my hair before im off for Bangkok(:

We celebrated ahjie's birthday in advance as most of the family will be going overseas on a holiday trip to this this this country.
Happy Birthday Ahjie(17Dec)


For more pictures,
you can visit my FB Link: FB

Dec 16, 2011

Bye Singapore ~ Bangkok, Here I Come xD

If you're reading this post, it means that im on the plane
Floating above the clouds,
On my way to Bangkok, Thailand.

While, there's nothing much for me to tell you about
except for the school life which has somehow became a WAR.
Lets not talk about unhappy stuff ~~~~~~~~~~

Since Christmas is round the corner,
i shall post a few Giveaway Entires by some of the Blogshops which i followed on FB.


  1. December Flight♥

    December Flight is giving away 10pairs of Angle Color Lens:
    Angle Brown - 2
    Angle Blue - 2
    Angle Violet - 2
    Angle Grey - 2
    Angle Green - 2
    All in 0 degree just FOR THIS CHRISTMAS!

    All you have to do is to like the picture (the link provided)
    & email to with your name, the color of lens you like & email.

    Contest end at this coming Sunday, 18Dec

    &The winner will be notify on Sunday Night.

    FB Link: FB
    Website: December Flight
    Twitter: Twitter

  2. The White Alley♥

    The White Alley has recently launched their CHRISTMAS SPOTLIGHT II collection.
    &they are giving away $10 store credit to 10 LUCKY WINNERS.

    All you have to do is follow 3 simple steps:
    Step1: Like their Fb Page

    Step2: Like the album ( )

    Step3: Share it with caption (The white alley has launched their latest collection! Like their FB page and their latest album to stand a chance to win a $10 store credit.)

    Once you have done the above steps, comment with your email on the album.
    Promotion ends on 16 December, 2359hr/11:59PM

    FB Link: FB
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  3. In House Fashion♥

    In House Fashion is hosting a Giveaway to thank all their shoppers for the overwhelming support.
    Follow the simple steps on the picture: (click on the picture to go over to the site)

    Giveaway end on 23rd Dec.

    FB Link: FB
    Website: In House Fashion

  4. Gelliz♥

    Gelliz has just launched their Collection 25
    Here are a list of PROMOTION they are giving away for thier shoppers THIS CHRISTMAS

    1) Top spender of Collection 25 will receive a FREE Slithe Snakeskin Clutch - Venom White *Premium* + additional Christmas Treats from us! :D

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    Promotion ends on 21st Dec 2011, 12 Midnight.
    &Winners will be notified via email, facebook, and twitter.

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  5. Faire Belle♥

    Faire Belle is having a Fb promotion for their collection 110!
    They are giving away 5 x Taylor Diamonte Bustier Dress!

    Follow the 3 easy steps to WIN this gorgeous dress,
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    Its that easy!
    Winners will be announced on this coming Saturday, 17th Dec.

    FB Link: FB
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That's all i have/can find.
If you have more giveaway,
do comment here to share with everyone (including me xD)
Appreciate Much♥

Have a fun term break to all Polys♥,
fun December Holidays for Primary&Secondary students♥,
Joyful holiday for all JC Year2 Students♥ (i heard that you guys just ended your A Level exams a few days ago)
Nice, fun holiday to all Uni Students♥ (some of you have just received your results/ended exams)

Dec 15, 2011

Leaving to Bangkok TOMORROW!

I'll be leaving for Bangkok tomorrow
for a 9D8N stay, touring the norther part of Thailand
& SHOPPING SPREE on the last 2 days in Bangkok
So dont miss me too much xD

Anyway, i have line up a few posts while im on now holiday
So you can still read up a few of my updates which i haven uploaded yet.
Today shall be a short post as i need to study for my COS - Computer Operating System test tomorrow.

Sounds werid right
im leaving tomorrow yet i have a test TOMORROW AS WELL.
Well, nevermind
I guess im more of like 'immune' to havin test which is a few days before term break.
While, guess i have to face the reality cause THIS IS REALITY.

Ok, i really dont know what im talking about cause im bored
&dont want to stare at my revision notes the entire afternoon.

Was planning to watch a few dramas but there's something wrong with my media player.

As for 'Quote of the week' i have something in mind for my holiday.
Do check it out, but it will be on my 'display' header.

The above view was taken at my place, using my phone.
I like it cause it gives me a relaxing & smoothing kind of feeling.
Like all the rants&rages have been washed off, thanks to the cold breeze.

Dec 7, 2011

12 things you want to know about weight loss

Pop over to Yina's blog & i came upon a post titled
'10 things you want to know about weight loss'.

Here's the list which Yina's comment out.

10 things you want to know about weight loss:

1. stay away from deep fried food, pastries, cakes, and all things unhealthy. no KFC, no Macdonalds, or any other kinds of fast food. any food with high fat content is generally not good.

2. try to drink only plain H20, and lots of it! or maybe Oolong Tea (zero calories!) if plain water is not available. do not take in any empty calories (drinks that are heavily laden with calories but don't actually make you feel full) like Starbucks (uh huh. that toffee nut latte is really very sinful...), bubble milk tea or alcohol that are very calorie dense.

*Add On: i personally dont recommend tap water, do boil the water before you consumed it.

3. exercise! get moving with some simple exercising, like jogging or brisk walking, or join a pilates class or something! i hate exercise, especially jogging, but i can't deny that it really feels great after a jog, the adrenaline rush and post exercise euphoria is really shiok!

4. avoid eating late, or having heavy dinner/suppers.

5. cut down on carbs. try to eat less rice/noodles/white bread cos carbs may be satisfying, but having too much will make you feel lethargic and sleepy, and also, try to keep your carb meals to either breakfast or lunch, cos they'll digest better!

6. find a weight loss partner, so you have someone to motivate you and exercise/diet together! keep tabs on each other, and provide mental and emotional support! don't be like me and YZ, i think we can't control each other and we only end up eating more together. hahaha.

7. increase your fruits and veggie intake! more fibre is always good. other than that, eat more healthy protein such as fish (not deep fried please!) and lean meats, like chicken breast.

8. avoid overeating, stop when you're feeling 50-70% full. it can be difficult, especially when you're out eating with friends! try to get your friends to help you by planning non-food activities, or to dine at places where there are healthier food choices available.

9. reward yourself! set weekly or monthly weight loss targets that are realistic and achievable, and when you've managed to successfully reach your target, treat yourself to a new dress, or a pair of shoes, or anything that makes you feel good!

10. allow yourself ONE small food indulgence per month, or every two weeks, it could be a cup of Koi, or a small pack of chips, just be sure to make sure you know when to stop, and not to allow yourself this treat too often.


What i personally think is that all 10things can really help in weight loss
cause out of 6things are my daily points to myself.

Probably i can add another one which is:
11. is that food you're taking/eating a 'want' or 'need'.
if you just feel like biting on something, you can try fruits which are high in vitamins, minerals & protein. eg, apple, banana, papaya or dragonfruit (the mention fruits also help in digestion and blood cicurlation)

12. is the food im buying affordable or not. if it's not within my daily range, then i will save it. if it's within my range, i will ask myself if its a 'need' or a 'want'
[actually, im sensitive to $$. so everytime when i feel like buyin something, i will stop myself to think twice]

Here's wishing all you girls out there to have a fun & workout month.
Here's another tip from me which i always told myself if i feel like giving up halfway through my exercise routines


Dec 2, 2011

cine65 Film Award @ GV Grand, Great World City

On 16th Novemeber, 3weeks from now, i was warmly inivited to attend cine65 Film Award Ceremory held in GV Grand, Great World City.

I was late and haven had my dinner.
But lucky there's BreadTalk & i bought a donut to kill the hunger.

When i walked into the theatre,
i was greeted with a brunch of friendly & helpful GV personals
Ask one of them to took a pic for me.
Sorry, if you cant see the words on the clipboard.
*Neither to i xD

The ceremony officially started when the Guset-Of-Honour, Mr Lawrence Wong arrived.

The one wearing light pink is Minister of State (Defence and Educaiton) Mr Lawrence Wong

& the host of the day was Chua En Lai.
He really is a funny man.
The entire event was enlighten up by him xD
Chua En Lai was taken using my aunt's camera while Mr Wong was taken using my phone.
Sorry for the blurry photo):
I dont have any camera beside my phone camera )x

&guess what.

He's so freaking cute & handsome.
OMG, but my heart didn melt away cause im not a fan to any idols or celebrities or any superstart.
But i admire their talents(x

Here's a pic on the prizes for all the winners for the night.
Each winner was not only given a trophy & a cheque
They were also given a Canon Sony Camcorder which was sponsered by Canon Sony.

Lets cut all the crap & jump to the winner list(x
Film Award - Student Category: (winner - BOLD)

    Best Editing:

  • I am Singapore

  • Key

  • Helping Hands

  • Homebound

  • Year Of Independence (MV)

    Best ScreenPlay:

  • S.I.N.G.A

  • Why Do i Keep Ticking?

  • Project Home

  • Key

  • Minimart

  • Long Ride Home

    Best Sound Design:

  • Why Do i Kepp Ticking?

  • Why must ourselves depend Singapore

  • Key

  • Helping Hands

  • Year Of Independence (MV)

    Best Cinematography:

  • Belonging

  • Bonding Singapore

  • Singapore River

  • Old New Town

  • Homebound

    Best Art Direction:

  • Key

  • Belonging

  • 2365

  • Long Ride Home

  • Year of Independence (MV)

    Best Director:

  • Key

  • 2365

  • Singapore Prata

  • Long Ride Home

  • Homebound

Film Award - Open Category (Winner - Bold)

    Best Editing:

  • Singapore Transformed

  • MONOPOLY: Friends Forever

  • The Team

  • Where We Love is Home

  • Story of a Foreigner

    Best Screenplay:

  • Ah Ma

  • The Team

  • No Place Like Home

  • Brother

  • You Can Take The Boy Out Of Singapore

    Best Sound Design:

  • Walking

  • Singapore Transformed

  • Home

  • The team

  • How i Grew Up With Singapore

    Best Cinematography:

  • Singapore Transformed

  • Home

  • The Team

  • Story of a Foreigner

  • Singapore Food Encyclopedia

    Best Art Direction:

  • MONOPOLY: Friends Forever

  • Home

  • The Team

  • Where We Love Is Home

  • You Can Take The Boy Out Of Singapore

    Best Director:

  • Champion

  • Home

  • The Home

  • Where We Love Is Home

  • You Can Take The Boy Out Of Singapore

Audience Choice:

    Favourite Actor:

      Student Category:

  • Chong Yu Lun (The Miniature Singer)- Year Of Independence

  • Ahmad Ali Khan (The Prata Store Owner) - Singapore Prata

  • The Filipino - S.I.N.G.A

  • Nicholas See (The NS Man) - Homebound with 898votes

    1. Open Category:

  • Brian Liau (The Singaporean) - You Can Take The Boy Out Of Singapore

  • Muhd Farihin (Hakim, the skinny boy) - Home

    Favourite Actress:

      Student Category:

  • Chin Shi Ying (Si Ling, The Sister) - Project Home

  • Jacqueline Tay Bee Hong (The Mother) - Why Do I Keep Ticking? with 778votes

  • The Little Girl - 2365

    1. Open Category:

  • Evalee Lin (The Big Sister) - Singapore Transformed

  • Pearlynn Wang Li Xuan (The GrandDaughter) - Ah Ma

Favourite Actress - Jacqueline Tay

Favourite Actor - Nicholas See

Mr Wong is annoucing the Overall Best Film for both Open & Student Category.

The Team for Open Category

    Nominees Are:

  • Home

  • Where We Love Is Home

  • You Can Take The Boy Out Of Singapore

  • How I Grew Up with Singapore

Homebound for Student Category

    Nominees are:

  • Key

  • Singapore Prata

  • Long Ride Home

  • Year Of Independence (MV)

The group photo taken together with Mr Wong

Here's another Audience Choice award for Favourite Film is:

Long Ride Home with 1000+ votes
A difference of 10votes between the 2nd film.

After the winners' list, you guys should think im goona end here right
Nope, im not.

While i was attending the award ceremony,
there's a lot of good phrase and expectations from the judges who is also the award presenter for the night.
'What i look for in or what i think Best Director can keep the crew and cast happy no matter what'
'Best Cinematography should focus more on lighting and color contrast during filming.'
'What i look for in Best Art Direction is the looks and feel'
'Best Screenplay is the writer itself who can come out with a nice concept for the film.'
'Being able to be nominated for Favourite Actor and Actress should be someone who makes bubbly believe and makes something which you can believe in during filming.'
'As for Best Actress not only was she have to be beautiful and talented, her acting is about being in her role.'

im goona end here with a cathcy phase which belongs to Looney Tunes -

"That's All Folks!" xD

*Edited on 11Dec: My bad for saying Canon sponsered the winners.
Thanks to one of my readers for correcting me(:
Have my the neccessary amendments.
Should be Sony instead of Canon xP

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