Dec 21, 2011

OMG, another INFAMOUS People!

On thur, 14Dec, there has been a 'trend' going on on FB
On a IMFAMOUS GUY called Aaron Tan.

I haven seen the video yet
But from what i heard from my friend is that this guy: Aaron Tan
somehow is filming a 'DEATH THREAT' on another guy who wants to 'toy' with his girlfriend.

Here's the video if you haven watched:

&Somehow Aaron's 'Brother' make a video to stand up for him

Someone ever make a picture about Aaron

Well, i guess that all 'these' people have nothing better to do
but to create trouble for themself or the people around them.

*This are just some of my viewpoint
Im not finger pointing at anyone in particular


After all these IMFAMOUS things
here's a SUPER INSANE video

Have a fun & relax weekend(x

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