Oct 30, 2011


This shall be another 'advertising' post.
Lately, i've been introducing a lot of TWS clothings & accessories
but didnt really have a specific chance to tell you the Place

How silly can i be.

Anyway lets get into today's topic(x

There's 2 escalator in City Plaza
One is at the main atrium area, another is at the side gate area
or should i say the one next to the back gate area.

If you got in from the main atrium,
Take the escalator & you'll be in leve2 where you'll spot Wastons on your right.
Take the escalator which is nearest to Wastons & go up to Level3.

Once you reach level3,
look for both of the stores below

If you found it,
turn right & you'll spot the Toliet sign
when you'll also spot The Wholesale Shop sign(x

The area dont look like this anymore,
cause there has been a lot of changes in that area.

But i will update with a new picture soon,
if i get to fork up some spare time to head down.

If you got in from the side gate,
same thing,
look for the above mentioned stores & you'll spot The Wholesale Shop

If you got a bit hungry & wanted to grab a bit
but don feel like having fried food
you can walk over to Haig Road Food Market.
The best recommendation i can tell you is the Fish Soup, which is the one next to the old Lion City Hotel
& the Hokkien Mee which is in between a Duck Rice store & BeenHoon store.
Forgot if its the BeenHoon, but opposite the Hokkien Mee store there's 2Wanton Mee stores.
Definitely must try(;
Drinks you can look for the soya bean milk store which is opened by an uncle in his 40s.
I forgot the name of the store but if you walk from the City Plaza,
its at the last 3rd 'lane' among all the 'lanes'

Happy Looking(x

Oct 27, 2011


Will be attending an event exclusively invited by cine65.
Tomorrow at Great World City, GV
from 6.30pm - 8.30pm.

If you guys are not sure what's that,
its actually a short film competition which aims to encourage people to tell their Singapore story through film.

You can learn more about it through the website:
Cine65 or FaceBook

Oct 26, 2011

Fever - O Level - School

Its already the 2nd week of school term
but this is the worst week i ever had for the entire school term.

I FALL sick.
Caught a virus from my sister.
First was sore throat - flu - fever - headache - numb limbs == dengue ??!!
Chou chou chou == touchwood
Actually, my illness is throat infection.
Out of nowhere, actually is from my sister as stated xP

The other worse part is that i fell sick on saturday nigth,
At that time im super panic, pertified, not knowing what do to

Luckily my fever subsided on sunday
&managed to finish the paper without any doubts.

School's been busy with projects, project discussion & a lot of problems with grouping and so
whatever the problem is, luckily we managed to form a team & start with the discussion.

Have you guys heard of Nuffnang's Aisa-Pacific Blog Awards ??!!
If no, you better google it.
The Awards aims to honour the crème de la crème of bloggers across the Asia-Pacific region. After 2 months of nominations, voting and campaigning, it will all culminate with the prestigious awards ceremony.
This year, it will held in KL on the 16th December 2011.

The Blog Award splits into 3stages:

  1. Nomination

  2. Blog Contest

  3. Voting

  4. Nuffnang Asia-Pacific Blog Awards 2011

From 24oct - 2Nov, it will be the Nomination stage.
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From 7Nov - 20Nov, will be the Voting stage.
The result will be announced on the award day which is the 16th of December in KL.

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Easy ??!!

The winning entry will walk away with 1 invite to the Nuffnang Asia-Pacific Blog Awards 2011, A 3D 2N stay at Putrajaya Marriott, with breakfast included, A semi-guided itinerary around destinations in Kuala Lumpur and lastly, One invite to an exclusive Blog Awards after-party at a secret location in Kuala Lumpur

Realised i keep emphasizing on 1&A
Cause YOU are the one that won it, so ONLY YOU can go.
If you don wanna be lonely,
ask your friend to blog too.

Wish all the nominees good luck
& also YOU if you're entering the blogging contest(x

Here's ending of a very nice self-portrait of me xP

Oct 16, 2011

TWS #2

Sorry for the lack of updates.
Have been busy with work lately, as you know

So, here's a part2 post on TWS = The Wholesale Shop @ City Plaza 03-130.

A few days back, i went to 'revamp' the storeroom
and found a lot of undisplayed belts.
Here's an update of the latest belts i've 'dug' out:

Waist Belt:

Individual shoots:

I personally like the grey waist belt
cause i don really like those belts which are too wide as it will 'terminate' and block the digestion.
The area where the waist belt is placed is actually the intestine area.
Once u wear a waist belt, if u wear it too tight area the waist area,
it will actually affect your digestion which will also affect you in losing weight.

Now, i will show you the back view of the waist belts.

Individual shoots:

Ribbon Waist Belt

Corset Waist belt

Next is a series of reversible belt:

Here is a white and black reversible belt

Left is a black reversible belt
Right is a navy blue reversible belt

Turn it over:
left is a dark blue while the right is caramel.

Next is a few belts:
A brown belt which can be turn into a lot of pattern
like the one shown below:
Its in a form of a infinity sign

Next is another reversible belt but there's 2 design to it
One is in a form of a ribbon, the other is a normal belt form as shown below:

Here's another belt:

After which is a few plaits belt
there's 3colors:
brown, white and navy blue&white.

Lastly, i dont know how to name these belt but i really kind of like it a lot for no reason xP
Probably due to its design that it can either be a belt or something else to accessorise your clothing(:

Now, its time for something else other than belts.

Do you know what it is ??

Its a makeup brushes pouch
but, on the package, its stated as pencil case.

So, its up to you whether you wanna take it as a pencil case or makeup brushes pouch.

There are 6colors available.

We also sell pearl necklace
but it comes in Triple pearl necklace.

If you're the kind of PUNK girl,
the following necklace will be of your liking(:

We do sell False EyeLashes

If you think of false eyelashes,
you may think of the eyelash glue.
Not to worry, we do HAVE it.

At first i thought it was gel liner, before 'exploring',
after which i found its actually fake eyelash glue xP
(this surely means that i DONT KNOW ANYTHING about fake eyelash)

We do sell both cracked & matte nail polish
Cracked nail polish is called Lucky Star
whereas Matte nail polish is from OPI

If you like to do mani,
you try this sophsicated nail design

If you're thinkin of buying a nail filer,
why not buy a 4-in-1 filer.

Have personally tried it & it does works as stated on the filer itself(:
(it may not work for all people)

These satin&colorful hairband is rather nice
just that i dont think most girls, in this generation/century, will wear it.

Scarf is the most convenient type of shawls,
(as what i've heard)
so, if you think that you're handbag is too plain & you want some vibrant and full of life, you can try adding up a scarf as an accessories for you handbag(x
Or you can also use it as a hairband

(This pattern is not sold in the store)

If you're those type of girls who likes Kawaii accessories,
here's a few choices for YOU

You can use it as a brooch, hairpin.


That's all we have under the Accessories category.
Shall update on the clothing, if i get to have sufficient time for it.

See you guys in my next post(x

Oct 6, 2011

RIP Steve Jobs

*this shall be a short & quick post cause i need to rush for work

As stated on my blog title,
RIP Steve Jobs.

(click on the picture which will link to Apple website)

It's really a waste that such an innovative man passed away due to illness.
(He had Cancer)

Its such a shocking news to the world.
Everyone is givin their final blessing to him
whether was it Twitter, FB, Google or other social network.

I did my final blessing to him as well.
This is what i wrote on my FB:
'RIP Steve Jobs.
You have created a wonderful phone & applications for the world
Now, its time for you to have a break & enjoy your life.
Thanks for creating such a wonderful phone
May u RIP.'

The following are a few blessing from my friends:
'Apple has lost a visionary, a creative genius who revolutionized technology. I've never met him, but he definitely was a great influence. Thank you, Steve.'

& a lot of websites are writing a long article about him.

Shall end my post with the name of his memorable creation:
iSad, iGrieved. iCried. iThankYou

*Edit-ed on 22:02
Saw this in FB on one of my friend's wall:
RIP, Mr. Steve Jobs (1955 - 2011)
You are the one who changed everything, you are the one that really changed the smartphone competition.
But without you, maybe there won't be Android OS.
Without you, there won't be Mac computers, iPad, iPhone and iPod.

My add on:
Even though i'm not a fan of Apple products but i'm still impress with all you innovations.
Your legacy shall be remembered.
Your creation shall be placed pn every tables, every ears and every hands of your Apple fans.

You will be remembered by everyone around the world.
May GOD bless you♥

Oct 1, 2011

Back From Malaysia

As stated,

Currently im still consolidating all the pictures
before sharing with you my trip to Malacca or Malacaa
Im here to blog about my workplace, The Wholesale Shop @ City Plaza.
Not like im here to sell or advertise for them
but, to tell you the truth, actually im really taking my small little corner
to help sell off as much stuff as possible(:

NOTE: The following items im about to show are left with one stock or otherwise

This very first post for The Wholesale Shop is
Accessories - Belts

The first belt im gonna introduced is a ribbon belt

Reason i like this is because of the ribbon
its attached at the front of the belt

Here's a shot i took wearin the belt

I know its too far for you to see the design of the belt due to the lighting
but, out of all, i prefer this belt.

Due to its pattern on the belt frame,
you can use it as either a waist belt of a normal belt.

Ohh & it comes in 2 colors,
black and brown
There's roughly about 5stocks each for both colors.

The second belt is a heart print belt.
It comes in 2 colors - brown & red(4stocks)

One of the The Blog Shop owner, Jacqueline wore before
i forgot to took at shot of the photo which is pasted on the store.

Next is a cross-over belt (not sure what its called, i anyway state a name that suits the pattern or design xP)
It comes in black & brown, there's about 3 stocks each for both colors.

This is how it looks like when you wear it

Left is black, right is brown

Next is the white&black belt (white is because of the pattern at the side)

It only have 1 pattern
but have 5stocks for this design

Next is a curtain-like belt due to the pattern on the side which reminds me of a curtain which looks something like this.

Comes in brown - left, and black - right
There's a few stocks for brown, not the black.

This is how it looks like if you wear it.

Next is a lace belt.
There's a piece of white lace-like cloth at the middle of the belt

It only have one design - have plently of stock for this design

This is the second design of belt i like.
I really love the pattern on the belt
not sure why not a lot of customers took a few times to appreciate the belts

For the next type of belt,
it will be more on waist belt with elastic at the back.

Ribbon Waist Belt

This a rather nice waist belt due to the 'size' of the ribbon
the ribbon will definitely cover up your tummy xP

Next is a silver ribbon waist belt
The openin is shown below.

Next is a i-dont-really-like-a-lot ribbon waist belt

I dont know why but as compared to the one i wore (above)
i like the design, but probably of the ribbon
just doesnt attract me at all

Lastly, is the white ribbon waist belt

I like this white ribbon waist belt
just that, due to its white,
i subtract a lot of 'marks' as it will get dirty easily.

That's all the belts we had in store.
Do check out the store @ City Plaza Level3 to check out for the actual design(:

&new stocks will be in on early October.
So do stay tune to this small little corner for lastest updates(x

Till my next post♥

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