Apr 10, 2013

Shiseido Professional Spring Summer 2013 Trend Collection Event ~ Part 1

Hi readers, i know its been more than a month since i lasted blogged.
I sincerely apologized for that.

My life has been mundane ever since i came back from my intership in Shanghai.
Right now i'm busy looking for a part-time job which is able to last me till July which is when i'm entering University.
At the same time, i'm awaiting for both NTU and SIM's reply if there's available place for me.

Today i'm not going to rant about how boring my life is.
But, i'm going to share with you what and where i have been yesterday.

Take a look at the banner below.

I'm very delighted and honoured to be invited by the Shiseido team.
The Hair Studio is located in Somerset, a building right opposite Cineleisure.

When i reached the the Studio, i was warmly welcomed by the Shiseido team and also a little treats from them too.
Here's a look of the Studio

Shiseido Hair Studio(:

Shiseido's very own hair products.

The area where you'll get your hair washed

Different seat is served for different needs

Macaroon treats

This is the presentation stage

2013 Spring/Summer Issue

Female look

Masculine Look

After waiting for almost 20mins, the event finally starts off with an opening speech from the Shiseido's Director(?)
[i really forgot what's her role but i remembered a 'Director' *thousand apologises]

Next, lets put our hands together to welcome Mr Kenji Toyota

Here's a little biography on Mr Toyota.
    Mr Toyota belongs to Shiseido Beauty Creation Research Center, creates salon styles and conducts seminars as a creative team member of “Shiseido Season Hair”. He is in charge of hair for the advertisements for Shiseido brands “Integrate” and “URARA” as well as being involved with hair and makeup for actresses and models. He also takes active part in various collections – New York, Paris, men’s and haute couture – and serves as lead hairstylist at the Tokyo collection.

Beside demostrating the latest hair style, Mr Toyota also shared with us fashion and makeup trend for Spring/Summer 2013.
[a little tip: starting from now on i will be spamming lots and lots of pic; Must be patient *wink]

At the start of Mr Toyota's presentation,
he's very kind to share with us the Spring/Summer 2013 trends which he had observed.

(Here goes *clapping)

The main focus for Spring/Summer 2013 Fashion trend is on the above mentioned words.
'Minimum', 'Feminie', 'Airy'

He shared with us 5 main look
They are:

Clean Volume - which focus more on mixing the same/mulitple bold colors together to create a soft look.
Boxy Flat - more on the feminie look and keeping minimum colors

Oriental Modernism - this look is more solid and loud but still is able to enhance the feminie look
Sporty Couture - Creating a soft sports look by playing with the easiest colors - white, grey and black

Airy Elegance - just like the title itself, this look more on the bottom where soft flowy lace are most common used to create the airy feel.
For this fashion look, the makup is less sweet but feminie at the same time.

Next up is colors.

Metallic material with a bit of golden silver shimmer

Skin color is more to the feminie feel like nude or colors that is close to your skin.

Next is the pattern.

The last pattern is floral.

Last up for Fashion trend is texture of material.

Transparent and/or translucent texture

The leather material should more of a soft elegant leather

After touching with us on the Fashion trend,
next up is the Hair Style.

Mr Toyota came up with 4 styles which he had observed throughout the year of 2012.
They are as follows:

For the 'Playful Bangs', Mr Toyota said that the makeup is more natural and boyish look by filling up with thick eyebrows but the clothing is matched with a feminie look.

As for the 'Basic Plus', it's more on a classic yet basic ponytail with a little loose.

Last trend is definitely one which cannot be forgotten,

The makeup is rather simple and focus on one main facial feature.
Mr Toyota stated that if you're going for a feminie fashion look, you can try creating a soft natural makeup look.
He also stressed that you cannot mix bright colored eyeshadow with bold lipstick as it will turn out looking slightly overdone with your overall look.

You can also combine boyish hair with feminie look.
For my advice is simple makeup is the best(:
*thumbs up

Here is a summarized keywords for Spring/Summer 2013.

This is not the end of the event.
I will leave the main hair style in my next post.
Stay Tune lovelies ♥

minghui ♥

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