Oct 30, 2009

im back to bloggin xP

Seems rather stupid for sayin this.

Since last Thur(22/10) till yesterday (29/10) had been a hectic day for me.
Preparing for O level exam like crazy.
Have been doing lots & lots of practice papers & ten-year series as well.
Not to say that im been modest,but im afraid i may fail humans,even though the paper falls on next mon&wed.

Lets see how do i spent my days 'fruitfully' xP
(shall write in point-form)
-Science practical exam
-Chemistry was sucking difficult
-Physics was easy as its electricity (x

-Graduation Day 2009
-was a pathetic & joyous day (=
-Everyone wad delightful to graduate,again,as im a sec5 student (:
-the buffet was nice,better than last year xP
-all my friends were takin pictures with most of the teachers to remember them.
-but overall,i enjoyed Graduation Day,very much.

-studying for bith maths & english paper,which falls on mon-wed.
-did memorise a lot of desscriptive wording for places,physical activities & more.
-did does help out a lot,honestly speakin.

26/10-mon,EL paper
-letter was a bit,blur as its askin us to write a letter to 'past pupils' & must write in a polite tone
-which was like mixin up formal&informal format ?!!?
-i just mixed both formats together
-paper2 was slightly easy
-passage 1 was simple,as in easy to understand the passage
-passage 2 was a bit tough
-overall i hope i can pass english (=

27&28/10-tue&wed,Math paper1&2
-unexpectedly,paper 1 didnt test out sketchin graph like completing the square graph,angle&prependicular bisector & also inverse&direct proportion
-paper 2 didnt test out vectors & mensuration which is the surface area & volune formula
-& all my friends were like 'A1 了 A1 了'
-hahax,but i guess for me if i really can get a dist. for math,im over the moon (=

29&30/10-thur&fri,Addn Math paper1&2
-i didnt take Amath so im not how's the paper
-but i've been studyin & preparin for ss & geog paper,which falls on next mon&wed
-wanted to go out to study but cant find anyone to accompany
-finale decision,stay @ home to study

& that's how i spent my time through this few days.
will update more when im free or after o level (=

Good luck to all who are studyin very hard for O level.

Oct 20, 2009

From Friday till Monday,
Have been going to study like a nutter....

end school @ 3pm.
Met up with xiao ping & chat with her till 5plus
Called fk&him whether wanna come out together for dinner.
fk accepted,
tt idiot 'scold' xiao ping & replied no.

Went IKEA as xiao ping wanna purchase a inflate pillow,
Dinner @ COURTS.
Chat till 10plus & went home by my dad's car as he came over to GIANT.
xiao ping&fk bus-ed home.

Studied with peng&joyce @ T2 Mac
Studied till 3plus & walk around the terminal.
Took a few photos,by joyce.
Thn 'train-ed' over to T3 on the way,
peng was mesmerized by a foreign who is about 1.9m tall...
should have taken a photo of his face.

Bought a few sweets @ Candy Empire.
i took a long time to finish up 1 gummy bear,& when i've finished chewing,
think joyce was chewing on her 2nd/3rd one.
Reached home @ 4plus.

Sunday,a pathetic&unbearable day.
Was supposed to meet him @ 12pm,
but instead,his still asleep.
Luckily,fk companied me till 1.30pm as he had church service.
Had lunch with xiao gu.
Studied on my own till 5pm.
When i went over to Borders' to read a few mag & romance book by Little Black Dress.
Waited for fk till he arrived @ 6pm.
Called him to verify if his still asleep.
Answer: No.
Asked him to come down to Parkway Parade for dinner.
Had dinner @ Fish&Co.
Something happened while waiting for him when fk was on the phone with him...
That's funny xP
Before leaving @ 9pm,
had the most arduous time.

Studied with jiaxin,peng,joyce,jiangbin & samuel.
Studied @ ljs.
2plus,saw weishen.
Studied till 3.30pm & went over to Tamp Safra,as all wanna play pool.
Except for me&joyce (:

While they are playing,i continued studying @ the reading room.
Listen to YES93.3 & came across a breaking/romance songs & i cried.
Studied till 6pm.
Went over to see how are their progress.
Saw alvin&zhaosing.
@ 7plus,kaijie arrived & we played till 9.10++
Dinner @ bedok inter hawker centre.
Reached home @ 10.30pm.

Can't believe i actually used up my holiday to study till 10plus,round up,11pm.
Seriously,im crazy.
But its good that im actually like a very hardworking girl.
Since last year,preparing for N level & my hardwork did pay off (:

Need to go back to study for tomorrow's O level Science Practical Exam.

Wish all of those who are taking the paper,tomorrow,
All the best & do not stress yourself too much (x

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Oct 19, 2009


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Oct 11, 2009

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Oct 9, 2009


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Oct 5, 2009

Hey all,
I'll not be updating from the start of 18oct-11nov.
During this preiod,i'll be mugging & preparing for o level examinations.

Think through all these revisions & counting down the number of days left before o level,
i start to have a phobia towards o level.

Im not sure what's the reason...

Last week friday went to watch Fame,a 1980 movie.
& they are re-filming the moive for the new generations to know & feel what kind of popular music hits & dance were back then in 1980s.

& the finale song is kept in my mind.
The title is called Hold Your Dreams by Kay Panabaker, Asher Book & Naturi Naughton.

*Edit-ed 241009
found a new ones to replace the old.
Some parts of the movie is true,some are a few shots of what the movie really is.
So sit back,relax & enjoy (:

(Intriduction Orchestra)

(Kay)Countless hours of learning more
Countless hours of knowing less
Can't look behind you
You have to look ahead.
(Asher)So many doubts running through your mind
All the excuses
Don't have the time
All the rejection you have to leave behind

(K&A)Leave it all behind

(Naturi)Hold your dreams
Don't ever let it go
Be yourself
And let the world take notice

You'll find strength
When people being you down
They will see
If you will only, only believe

(Dancing part)

Someway, Someway (Yeah, yeah, yeah)
Don't give up now (Don't give up)
Don't be afraid to succeed (to succeed, yeah)

Someway, somehow (Come on, everybody)
The time is right now (It's our time, yeah)
Don't be afraid to succeed (to succeed, yeah!)

(Orchestra Sequence)

Hold your dreams
Don't ever let it go
Be yourself
And let the world take notice

You'll find strength
When people bring you down
They will see
If you will only, only believe.

(End Orchestra Sequence)

KristineYunny has lauched its Collection 27 yesterday.
Lots of imported dresses by the owner.

Do visit (x

Oct 2, 2009

Just came back from TM after watching 'Fame'.
The movie was absolutely wonderful.
I like the choreography,it is amazing.

This is a viewer's review on this movie:
'Choreography is amazing, there I admit it. Unfortunately, Fame is no more than a performing arts drama. Unlike Step Up, Fame is more about the ups and downs of being in a performing arts academy. It's all more about the coming of age story, about friendships, love, heart-break and how to achieve your dreams when the others don't want you to do so. Although Fame's idea is very bright, it's a very tough sell nowadays. This was made worse by the fact that Fame doesn't have a single central character therefore none of the stories in the movie are deep enough for the audience to involve themselves into the movie. Moreover, the stories are jumping from one to another, creating a jumpin' jellyfish sensation that makes you... bored. Fame is no more than an average performing arts drama. But if you want to see a choreography different than Step Up, go watch this one.'

I would say that this movie is a 'must-see' for those who like the performing arts.
I'm going to rate the movie 4/5.
There's a few parts,whereby its that neccessary.
But the finale has saved the entire movie.

You chould watch it (=

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