Oct 30, 2009

im back to bloggin xP

Seems rather stupid for sayin this.

Since last Thur(22/10) till yesterday (29/10) had been a hectic day for me.
Preparing for O level exam like crazy.
Have been doing lots & lots of practice papers & ten-year series as well.
Not to say that im been modest,but im afraid i may fail humans,even though the paper falls on next mon&wed.

Lets see how do i spent my days 'fruitfully' xP
(shall write in point-form)
-Science practical exam
-Chemistry was sucking difficult
-Physics was easy as its electricity (x

-Graduation Day 2009
-was a pathetic & joyous day (=
-Everyone wad delightful to graduate,again,as im a sec5 student (:
-the buffet was nice,better than last year xP
-all my friends were takin pictures with most of the teachers to remember them.
-but overall,i enjoyed Graduation Day,very much.

-studying for bith maths & english paper,which falls on mon-wed.
-did memorise a lot of desscriptive wording for places,physical activities & more.
-did does help out a lot,honestly speakin.

26/10-mon,EL paper
-letter was a bit,blur as its askin us to write a letter to 'past pupils' & must write in a polite tone
-which was like mixin up formal&informal format ?!!?
-i just mixed both formats together
-paper2 was slightly easy
-passage 1 was simple,as in easy to understand the passage
-passage 2 was a bit tough
-overall i hope i can pass english (=

27&28/10-tue&wed,Math paper1&2
-unexpectedly,paper 1 didnt test out sketchin graph like completing the square graph,angle&prependicular bisector & also inverse&direct proportion
-paper 2 didnt test out vectors & mensuration which is the surface area & volune formula
-& all my friends were like 'A1 了 A1 了'
-hahax,but i guess for me if i really can get a dist. for math,im over the moon (=

29&30/10-thur&fri,Addn Math paper1&2
-i didnt take Amath so im not how's the paper
-but i've been studyin & preparin for ss & geog paper,which falls on next mon&wed
-wanted to go out to study but cant find anyone to accompany
-finale decision,stay @ home to study

& that's how i spent my time through this few days.
will update more when im free or after o level (=

Good luck to all who are studyin very hard for O level.

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