Sep 23, 2014


Today's post shall be a bit of sentimental.

What's Family to you ?

What's Relationship to you ?

What's Bonding to you ?

I really don't know what are all those for ?!

I felt like I'm not part of my maternal family anymore.
I really DO felt LEFT OUT from everyone, or was it just my own thinking ??!!
I've never cared about how they treat me when I was young as I know they still loved me, even though there's about 9 of us - my cousins, siblings and I.

I happened to came across my a post which I wrote a few years back and I wrote:
    I cant believe i actually lived in such a wonderful, bliss, joyful family♥
    I wont demanded nor complained about my family. I really thank GOD for giving such a warmth and blissful family♥
    I will never hide from my friends I will tell them straight in their face their i was born in a ♥"HAPPY FAMILY"♥
I presume Family should be like this:

Do I still feel the warmth and love from the family ?!
Can I still TELL my friends how blessed I am to have a blissful family ?!


Sep 21, 2014

Travelogue: Kyoto Day 2&3

The start of the 2nd day was rather packed but carefree as we have a tour guide to bring us around her hometown - Takayama(:
First Stop is Ainokura (相倉) Gassho-style houses in Ainokura, Gokayama region, Toyama Prefecture.
    Ainokura is a protected National Historic Site and was declared as the UNESCO World Heritage site in 1995. It is also the largest of the villages with nearly 20 gassho-zukuri farmhouses. The oldest is said to have been built some 400 years ago with the majority as 100 to 200 years old.

The information centre

We also went for a hike along the padi field.

There was a family who were changing the roof which 'is lashed together with rope and twisted hazel boughs called 'neso'. No nails are used'. The roof are rethatched every 15 to 20 years.

Look at how thick the roof is

I've spotted this childhood bottle and even brought back home as a memory of childhood =D

Next we went to visit Shirakawa-go (白川鄉).

    Shirakawa-go was declared as a UNESCO World Heritage site in 1995 and it's famous for their traditional Gasshozukuri farmhouses, some of which are more than 250 years old. Gassho-zukuri means "constructed like hands in prayer", as the farmhouses' steep thatched roofs resemble the hands of Buddhist monks pressed together in prayer. The architectural style developed over many generations and is designed to withstand the large amounts of heavy snow that falls in the region during winter.

The village's head's premises.

The Kanda's House has 4 floors which housed different equipments to make it's very own sake - 米酒. But the top floor is too squeezy and can only fit 2 humans. But the view, from the top, was breathtaking.

While we're on our way to our hotel, we stopped by a Soba Noodle Factory and have a taste of the noodle.

Finally, we reached out hotel - 長作之宿中田屋 ~ 長作の宿なかだ屋

The owner wrote down the names of its guests for the day. Total there are 3 families staying for the night.

Let's have a tour of our rooms(=

There's onsen !YEAH!!!!!!

I did lost a kilo after enjoying the onsen(x

Indoor and outdoor onsen.

Went for a stroll around the nieghbourhood with my third aunt's family and fourth aunt before dinner. Not long after, my parents joined in.

It was drizzling when we got to our hotel.

Mickey & Minnie were spotted directly opposite our hotel(x
It's a outdoor foot spa, and from the looks of it, seems to be FOC as the shop was closed but we didn't take the opportunity to enjoy due to the cold.

Bus stop

Side view of the hotel

The area we're currently at - Okuhida.
    Okuhida is a rustic region of Gifu Prefecture in the mountains of the Northern Japan Alps. Technically part of Takayama City, Okuhida is a one hour bus ride outside of central Takayama, just across the border from Kamikochi and Nagano Prefecture. The area is famous as a hot spring destination and offers many attractive outdoor baths with views of the surrounding mountains.
We spotted a waterfall from a trail of trees.

Also this 'enchanting, magical' underground tunnel which links to the other side of the river.

With and w/o flash. Isn't it magical as though I'm about to explore city of Christmas mood(x


Our journey begins the next day (Day 3) where we will be exploring Matsumoto City. Before that, I went to explore the 'Gents' onsen. The owner actually swapped the onsen after 10pm. I didn't REALLY stepped IN to the Gents onsen. Please DO NOT be mistaken.

The address of our hotel if you're interested to visit the area.

The next lots of pictures feature walking trail of Kamikochi (上高地).

A tour of the museum

Rest stop

Welcome to Mastsumoto Castle.

I really can't see where's the samurai's face

The pictures are according to the trail of touring the castle.

No nails are used to attached the poles together. Great craftsmanship.

My brother posing as a mini samurai with the adult samurai =D

Really apologise for the hiatus in uploading my holiday in Kyoto. I guess i will posted the remaining 8 days after my exam or when I'm free from studying. Stay Tune

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