Dec 30, 2010

Here's the post that sums up what we did in Sentosa.
After we got off the tram, where we alighted at the 4th which is the last station,
the place seems rather new to me.
If i've not forgotten, the last time i've been to Sentosa was like 10years back ?!?!
So, im like a 'new born kid' who just step onto the world of 'Sentosa'.
Im so excited that i immediately asked desmond to 'surrender' his phone,
which is a BRAND NEW PHONE [X

Do you know why i asked him to 'surrender',
as i super fall in love with the camera after using for the first time xP
Its a Sony Ericsson X10 (Xperia 10).

Coming back to Sentosa,
Clinton & the guys were discussing whether are we going to Siloso Beach or Palawan Beach.
Due to the closure of Siloso Beach for tomorrow's New Year CountDown Party.
But we still 'use our time' by walking to Siloso Beach.
Seriously, my 'new birn kid' mood is back again (X
I start taking a few shots of the entire place we've been.
Here's the pictures:

The tram & the station indicated on the top.

The Cruise which i took on the tram.

The veune for tomorrow's CountDown Party.

Top 10 TIPS for Beach

I know not a lot.
But, seriously you have to experience it yourself.
Its gonna be super FUN!!!

Have going all the way to the end,
it really is close for tomorrow's event.
Thus we head back, boarding the free shutter bus which is going from the Tram station to the Hotel, i guess, which is next to Siloso Beach.

After which, we went to find the shutter bus to Palawan Beach.

Our shutter bus was kinda 'cute'.
As the design was a bit like SMRT bus,
instead with a cover on the top, its open & its like Hippo Bus if you go all the way to the 2nd floor.
I didnt take the picture of the shutter bus.
& we took snap shots too (;

Me & wenting

The Bachelors'
Edwin, Desmond & Lennie

Wenting, Clinton, Edwin, Desmond & Lennie

As usual, we took all the way as we try to look for a space which does not have lots of people being occupied.
&, mosy importantly, NO DOGS AS I HAVE A PHOBIA TO DOGS!!!

Once we have found the PREFECT SPOT,
we settled down, edwin&wenting warm up by playin the volleyball.
While desmond played with clinton's kite.

After which a match of frizbee.
All thanks to the hot blazing sun,
it makes tha sand super hot, making us feel like we're walking on a 'boiling sand' & not 'cooling sand'
I kept telling myself, 'its not hot, its not burning off my foot.'
I think i might have repeat it for about 5/6times.
After which, i gave up & ran to the shelter where we placed our belongings.

Here's the picture when we're bored due to the blazing sun
& also them warming up:

Clinton's stingray kite

R.I.P Clinton's right feet )'x

Too much programming stuff.

Around 4plus,
the sky became 'unfriendly' to us.

& we started packing.
Pack, Packing, Packed...

Water droplets fell down from the sky.
& we hurried up & rushed to the nearest beach-stop (bus-stop) station.

Took while waiting for the shuttle bus to arrive

We waited for about 2 - 3shutter buses
& we finally boarded the 3rd bus.
Wenting, clinton, lennie & me went to front seat which, just nice, there's 2 people alighting
& we squeezed in.
Desmond&edwin went to the back which is the tram that we board to go to Palawan Beach

When we reach the tram station,
my legs were numb as i sat on wenting's left leg & clinton's right leg
but, instead of sitting with all my weight, i used my legs to withstand my weight.
Thus, its like im doin 马步
Im not the one who's the-poor-thing-person.
Its desmond.
He got a free shower as in between rides, something happen
thus he got a free shower.

This is the skyline which i took while waiting for the tram to arrive.

Head back to Vivo
& its still slightly early before meetin xiaogu/
We head over to Toys R Us
Seriously, all our childhood came backt to life while we're 'window-shopping' in Toys R Us xD

Here's 2 picture which i took while going back to vivo
(as im bored xP )

& ends off with a few sentence:
Happy New Year to everyone,
in a few hours time, it will be 31Dec (:
Yesterday went out to have my 1st outing with classmates (x
They are:
- Wenting
- Desmond
- Lennie
- Clinton
- Edwin

Suppose to have:
- Liangyi (who's sick with a 'grantitc' headache)
- Eve (her parents didnt allowed her)
- Viona (i not sure what's her reason)
- Amanda (not sure too)

From about 10,
the number of people escalate down to 6.
But still, its FUN(x

went to look for everyone.
Spot lennie at Habourfront station.
Desmond, who came last.
Met him at the Information Counter in Vivo.
Went to Daiso to look for pump as my dad's volleyball is 'dead' thus need to pump it to 'regain' back its 'energy'.
Went to arcade to look for wenting, who is sitting next to clinton.
& both clinton & edwin were playing the car racing game.

we went to have our 'brunch' which is located at an unexpected place.
Its at level 4, near Carpark 4A.
The restaurant is called 'Ban Heng Pavilion, 万兴楼'
I once heard of this restaurant from my aunt
& now, im 'experiencing' the taste together with classmates(x
The restaurant has a lunch buffet, which is available on weekdays
& the price is $11.80++ per pax for adult & $9.80++ per pax for children age 3 - 11years old
The business hours for the lunch buffet is from 11.30am - 2.30pm & the last order is @ 2pm.

When we went in, we thought there's a wedding going on as the display & everything feels like there IS a wedding going on.
But its not crowded & a few people went in like they are here for the buffet as well.
After i went ot check around, there IS a wedding dinner but its on the 26Dec...

& wenting joked around when we were served,
'If there's really a wedding dinner, dont you think our attire are a bit off ???'
We looked at each other & giggled.

Here's the picture on the design (only the ceiling) & our 'dinner table no.'

Here's the picture that we've ordered

There's Steamed Shrimp Dumplings, Steamed Meat Dumplings with Crab Roes, Steamed Pork Ribs with Minced Garlic, Steamed Barbecued Pork Buns, Deep Fried Wanton, Steamed Seaweed Rolls with Shrimp Paste, Barbecued Pork with Honey, Shrimp Paste Wrapped with Beancurd Skin, the last 2, i think should be Deep Fried Shrimp Dumplings x2
It has the same English name but different Chinese name.

Steamed Meat Dumplings with Spicy Sauce

Szechuan Style Beancurd with Minced Pork & Steamed Custard Bun

The fillings for the custard bun
heard that its made out of egg yolk & milk/cream

Pan-fried Carrot Cake with Chinese Sausage & Homemade Spring Roll

Want to know the total bill ???
Here's the receipt

Can you see the numbers ???
If cant, zoom in please xD

Next we went over to Giant hypermarket to buy drinks as, the next place we're going, sells drinks at an 'impressive' pricing.
After which went to buy the tram tickets which cost $3 & it looks like this:

Have you guessed it after so much clues ???
Here's the answer:

(sorry if its blur)

Yup, we're going to Sentosa(:

Want to know what happen in Sentosa ???
Stay tune to the next post ^.^

Here's end off with a picture of Edwin enjoying the dim sum xP
*whoo, yummy... (X

Dec 27, 2010

The Gogoma Couple from WGM
English Translation

S: It’s so hard for me to say ‘thanks’ or ‘bye’ to you [t/n: these are informal words in Korean.]
All I can say is “thank you” or “thanks so much” [t/n: these are formal words in Korean.]
Everything is brand new to me, so I’m a little unsure
How should I say it? It’s still really awkward
Even today, I worry about it

YS: hopefully we can be a banmal relationship
though still unnatural
Y: rather than saying “gomawoyo”
let me hear more intimate words

Y: When we met for the first time
Even our smiles were shy
After today we should be closer to each other
I’m both excited and looking forward to it.

YS: hopefully we can be a banmal relationship
though still unnatural
Y: rather than saying “gomawoyo”
let me hear more intimate words
YS: we can have a banmal relationship
one step at a time, slowly walk closer
Y: look at me in the eye
can you tell me
YS: “I love you”

*Credits to ahjie's blog(:
As promised,
here's the present that all 14ofus(except for the little ones) make for dapang gugu
as her belated birthday present(:

Nice ????

Dec 26, 2010

Yesterday marks the Christmas Celebration for our family.
Actually, we're not supposed to
but we make it as though we're not celebrating
instead, take it as a family gathering (x

Went over to dapang gugu's place for the 'gathering'
& i was the first to 'report' to the veune among the 4ofus
which is me, shuang(who is currently oversea), ahjie & qin xD

I reached there probably around 2 which is the earliest time of all
as, every 'gathering', mostly i will reach at about 5plus to 6
So i will take it that its the ealriest time for this year xP

Ohh,,, jiayu jiejie had given dapang gugu the "SURPRISE" present from all the kids(& teens & children) in the family.
A total of 14 of us.
Want to know "our" names ?????
*eyebrows goin up & down

You got the "PERMISSION" from ME xD

Will be numbering down from age.
- Jiayu jiejie
- Ahjie (huiting)
- Me (minghui)
- Qinn (huiqin)
- Shuang (minshuang)
- Ahpig (minghua)
- Weiwei (hanwei)
- Laohu tan (mingzhen)
- Xiao lao bao (ziying)
- Honghong (hongying)
- Ahying (wanying)
- Caisheng
- Kaiwen
- Ruirui (zhirui)

Im not the eldest xP
Envious ???
A lot of cousins right ???
Well, actually there's 3 more.
Just that its not included in the present that we gave to dapang gugu
There are:
- Jiaming korkor
- Kexin jiejie
- Kaihao

So, if you out 'all of us' together,
the position should be: (in short form)
(If you're wonderin, i've delete the orderin)
(if you've seen it, good for yu,
if you've not, make a guess (: )

17 of us(:
Im proud of having so many cousins
As we can share joy&laugther together.
As a family(x

You guys got to wait for jiayu jiejie to upload photos for the present.
So, will upload soon(:

Happy Boxing Day, Everyone(x

Dec 24, 2010

Am so Bored Now
Trying To Occupy Myself With Something
That Is,,,

Watching WGM,
FYIP E-Quiz,
& DSA...

Why Does A Student's Life Have Been Scheduled Properly By Their School/Teachers/Lecturers/Tutors.

WHY WHY WHY WHY WHY WHY WHY WHY WHY WHY !!!!!!!!!!!!!! .......................

*sigh x10000000000000000

Dec 23, 2010

An Early Merry Christmas To All My Readers
As You Know, In 2 Days Time, It Will Be Christmas.
So I Try To Make My Post A Bit Different...
Which Is Making The First Letter Of The Word In Upper-case
& Also In Green & Red Colours For The Wordings(:

With A New Year Ahead,
I Have A New Hair Cut As Well(:

(have photoshop away my pimples xP)

I Know I Look Ugly
But, @ Least I Make An Attempt To Cut A Shorter Length Version
& Even More "DARING" To Blog About It xP

This Photo Is Meant For My Passport Photo Which Is Going To Expire In Another 5Months Time.
So, You Got To Imagine/View How My Passport Photo Going To Look Like (x
Nothing Much To Do For Thess Few Days
Besides Projects & Much More Projects

Even Though Have Cleared Cmath & ITEng,
But There's Still DSA, Innovation Project & FNET.

Currently Helping Out On Making Something For DaPang GuGu(:
Lets See How's The Final Look Gonna Be Like
S0, 请拭目以待吧 (x

Dec 18, 2010

Back from my Orchard Shopping Spree(x
Its been like 2 or 3 months since i lasted went to Orchard
you know...
School work, projects, quizes, tests...
Thats the reason.

Seriously, Orchard is packed with last-minute-shopping-for-gifts people.
Example, Takashimaya.
Damn lots of people rampage around the 'Gift' section.
& the price for the gifts are ranging from $9.90 - $30.90(which is what i've seen/spotted)
& i got to go there its because of my xiaogu.
She wants to buy a gift which is meant for her church exchange-gift-section.
In the end, after many rounds in the Gift section,
she've chose the alarm clock, which has a mirror.
Thus its a 2-in-1 clock which cost only $10.90(:
A very good bargain price(x

Next to Mango which has a 50% SALE storewide.
&, seriously, its super squeezy as the price is also quite affordable.
(to the rich ones is SUPER AFFORDABLE)
Top starts from $15,
Blouse starts from $39,
Pants, Jeans starts from $49,
Dresses starts from $49,
Cardi starts from $15
& also belt, vest & handbags.
Got to go straight if you really are a Mango Fan(:

Also went in to a few stores but didnt really look/search in detail as theres nothing much for me to see/try on.

Also went to Wastons to purchase the Acnes Pimple Spot something, Maybelline's Mineral Cake Foundation & Concealer.
& xiaogu bought Liese Hair Wax in 05(Firm)

& guess what,
also went to check out the Chirstmas lightings which cannot be missed.
Here's a few which i took using my camera phone
(a few quite blurry, i suppose)

This is from Paragon

The Christmar Bear-Tree is from Taka
The left pic is taken outside Taka
& the right pic is taken instde Taka

The 'Old' Christmas Tree from Taka.
Its located at L1
The left pic is taken w/o flash
& the right pic is taken with flash.
Any difference ???

Another pic with(right pic) & w/o(left pic) flash
The Orchard Street Chrsitmas Lightings which is a no-missed during Christmas season.

Spot this while going to the Ladies.
Not sure what it means
but its found outside U.R.S in Taka.

This year's Taka shopping bag.
With flash(left pic) & w/o flash(right pic)

Isnt it fun shopping in Orchard ???

Here's a few pic which i took while dining in Istean, Shaw Plaza.
Its located on the 4th level.
& i forgot the name but its on the left side of Crystal Jade.

It has a lunch set which is super cheap.
Set A should $9.90
while Set B - i forgot
& both Set C&D are $15.80.

The sauce which goes togother with the Chicken if you order Set C

The sauce for the Tempura if you order Set D

My xiaogu posing with her Set C

& my Set D
(opps... Sorry, i was damn hungry by the time the food arrived & it supposed to have 5 different kind of Sushis. Freom left to right - Tuna, Salmon, Egg, Prawn & California Maki)

That's the end lovelies(:
Time for bed(:

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