Dec 18, 2010

Back from my Orchard Shopping Spree(x
Its been like 2 or 3 months since i lasted went to Orchard
you know...
School work, projects, quizes, tests...
Thats the reason.

Seriously, Orchard is packed with last-minute-shopping-for-gifts people.
Example, Takashimaya.
Damn lots of people rampage around the 'Gift' section.
& the price for the gifts are ranging from $9.90 - $30.90(which is what i've seen/spotted)
& i got to go there its because of my xiaogu.
She wants to buy a gift which is meant for her church exchange-gift-section.
In the end, after many rounds in the Gift section,
she've chose the alarm clock, which has a mirror.
Thus its a 2-in-1 clock which cost only $10.90(:
A very good bargain price(x

Next to Mango which has a 50% SALE storewide.
&, seriously, its super squeezy as the price is also quite affordable.
(to the rich ones is SUPER AFFORDABLE)
Top starts from $15,
Blouse starts from $39,
Pants, Jeans starts from $49,
Dresses starts from $49,
Cardi starts from $15
& also belt, vest & handbags.
Got to go straight if you really are a Mango Fan(:

Also went in to a few stores but didnt really look/search in detail as theres nothing much for me to see/try on.

Also went to Wastons to purchase the Acnes Pimple Spot something, Maybelline's Mineral Cake Foundation & Concealer.
& xiaogu bought Liese Hair Wax in 05(Firm)

& guess what,
also went to check out the Chirstmas lightings which cannot be missed.
Here's a few which i took using my camera phone
(a few quite blurry, i suppose)

This is from Paragon

The Christmar Bear-Tree is from Taka
The left pic is taken outside Taka
& the right pic is taken instde Taka

The 'Old' Christmas Tree from Taka.
Its located at L1
The left pic is taken w/o flash
& the right pic is taken with flash.
Any difference ???

Another pic with(right pic) & w/o(left pic) flash
The Orchard Street Chrsitmas Lightings which is a no-missed during Christmas season.

Spot this while going to the Ladies.
Not sure what it means
but its found outside U.R.S in Taka.

This year's Taka shopping bag.
With flash(left pic) & w/o flash(right pic)

Isnt it fun shopping in Orchard ???

Here's a few pic which i took while dining in Istean, Shaw Plaza.
Its located on the 4th level.
& i forgot the name but its on the left side of Crystal Jade.

It has a lunch set which is super cheap.
Set A should $9.90
while Set B - i forgot
& both Set C&D are $15.80.

The sauce which goes togother with the Chicken if you order Set C

The sauce for the Tempura if you order Set D

My xiaogu posing with her Set C

& my Set D
(opps... Sorry, i was damn hungry by the time the food arrived & it supposed to have 5 different kind of Sushis. Freom left to right - Tuna, Salmon, Egg, Prawn & California Maki)

That's the end lovelies(:
Time for bed(:

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