Aug 30, 2013

Disney’s Planes

Been a fan of Walt Disney's cartoons since I was a child.
I've never, I guess, miss any major films introduced/created by them.

Recently, there's a film which will be screened in Singapore on 5th of September.
It's Disney's Planes.

After a spontaneous production of 'Cars 1 & 2', comes 'Planes'.
'Planes' is a film which showcase how Dusty, a good-natured, fast-flying crop duster, dreams of competing in the most exciting round-the-world air race in history.
But everyone knows that in the journey of pursing your dreams, there'll be lots of obstacles to overcome.
And Dusty major barrier is the fear of heights!

Through this entire journey, he met lots of encouraging friends and some not-so-encouraging ones too.
*what's a film without villains right

Before you embark on this advertours journey, let me introduced to you a simple game called 'Say It With Planes'

Before you start playing, remember to 'Like' Disney's FB Page!

Here are some of 'Planes' exclusive prizes to be won!!

Here's how to play the game:
1st, you'll be given 6 characters from 'Planes' to choose.
This is my choice:
You get to read up their 'biography' before making your final selection.
I choose Ishani is because Dusty is one of her student and she does take care of him very well.
You can watch her in action here

After selecting your plane, write a lovely message to your loved ones or bestie.

Finally, you can have a relax journey with 'Planes'.
Before taking off, here's the Dos & Don'ts while flying with 'Planes'.
*it's the same logic like do not smoke on the planes & etc.

Catch “Disney’s Planes” in Singapore cinemas this 5 September 2013!
For more updates, 'Like' the Official Walt Disney Studios Singapore Facebook Page, follow @disneystudiosSG and subscribe to the Official Disney Studios Singapore YouTube Channel!
Before all of this, you may wanna watch a little trailer of 'Planes'.

Aug 27, 2013

Here's to Massive August Birthday Celebration

August was definitely the best month so far for 2013!!
and also the best family gathering we ever had.
Family Night Dinner on Hari Raya - 8August
In conjuration with Hari Raya, National Day, we had a scrumptious dinner at Momoya Japanese Restaurant.

The main idea wasn't to celebrate Public Holiday but to the August's Babies.
In total, we have about 6-7 of them ranging from toddlers to adults.
Momoya serves two types of dinner - buffet and the other is the normal dinner menu.
This was my second trip patronizing the restaurant even though the food remains the usual water-licking standard, but their waitress service never gets 'enhanced' at all.
That's really a minus point for them.

If you're interested to give it a try,
they are located at 16 Jalan Pari Burong along Upper Changi Road.
You can give them a call @ 6245 3303 for reservation.
I know I didn't recommend much on their food and everything,
but you can have my trust on their fresh sashimi and a few fried delicacies.

4 Birthday Celebration within a week - 17August - 23August
Don't be shocked but, yes, I have tried out 4 birthday cakes within a week.
And I sincerely fell in love with 2cakes.

I will do one proper post for 1 cake, so stay tune xD
I'm not gonna say much but 'picture speaks a thousand words'

Cousin Caisheng's Lunar Birthday

My baby 6-year-old brother's birthday
I know I'm a bit biased as compared to Caisheng, during my brother's birthday,
I brought along my camera *Opps

Here's wishing all the cute little ones
    good health
    stay lovely & cutie
    don't always wreak havoc in the family
    erm...what else??
    be filial to your parents when you guys grow up
I guess, that's all I can think of.

Aug 26, 2013

Mentholatum Acnes Ultimate Ulzzang Contest

Are you a SUPER BIG FAN of Acnes product?
Or are you a FAN of Acnes fackbook page?
If your answer if 'Yes', you might have heard of a contest organized by Mentholatum Acnes.

That's right!!

It's the 'Mentholatum Acnes Ultimate Ulzzang Contest'

So, how can the Ultimate Winner win without YOUR SUPPORT?!
Go over to Acnes FB Page, REMEMBER you HAVE to LIKE their FB page first.
and click on the contest link

or you can directly click here.
And vote for your favourite contestants(:
Besides supporting them, you may get to win a pair of movie tickets for supporting the winner(:
Isn't it GREAT!!

Alternatively, if you have what it takes to be the Ultimate Ulzzang
You can participate in their Instagram Ulzzang contest if you met the following criterias:

And 3 winners will get a Polaroid Camera each!

Head on down to either Acnes FB to be a voter or Acnes Instagram to be a contestant!
*You may wanna send me a picture of your contest and I will vote for you too xD

After having a look at all the contestants, do you wish to achieve such flawless skin?
You can do so to redeem Acnes 3 Steps Kit Sample here
Just fill up the form and the kit will be delivered to you in 2weeks time(;
*It's a bit long, but you have to step into their shoes.

Good Luck to all the Ulzzang Contestants and also to YOU aka Ulzzang Instagram Contestants!

*Updated as of 26Aug 13:45
I have did my part to vote for the contestants, here's my top3 choices:

You're eligible to vote 3times/day.
Hurried now to vote and support your favourite Ulzzang contestants(:

Aug 6, 2013

Thousand Apologizes!

Hi readers,
I'm absolutely sorry for not posting anything for the past 1 month.

Here's a little 'insides' for the past 1 month (hehe.)
    - School started back on the 8th of July and lasted all the way to the 20th
YES, I do have lesson on Saturday which seems IS rather TYPICAL for university students (right?).
    - In between my actual lecture, I have a 2weeks 'break'
which seems rather nonsense and redundant to me.
    - Went back to work in np for the final 'stock taking' for graduation
Only went back for a week, it does seems ridiculous to some but at least I get to earn A WEEK'S OF POCKET MONEY since expenses have been a-pain-in-the-ass since I graduated from NYP.

I guess, mainly that's all I did for the past month.
Seems boring and lifeless right?!

Well, what else can I do beside all the usual routine I had on lesson days?!
Any suggestion care to share with me?!
I welcome any suggestion from all walks of life
whether was it
  • food-tasting (been craving for dim-sum and Korean cuisine [buffet too (haha)])
  • scenic places in Singapore (been tempted to visit Punggol Waterway)


    Serious speaking, I do have a few posts which I've wanted to share with all
    But, time forbids. (typical excuses xP haha)

    Here's a list of posts you can expect:
      - Restaurant review located at Sunset Way (you can google where it is)
      - Advertorial (finally after alien months)

    Do stick/glued your eyes on my blog for the EXcitement.

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