May 18, 2012


Hi girls,
Summer is round the corner.
Are you prepared for the beach or wear your favourite comfy clothes to beat the heat ??!!

If NO,
here are some of a few 'ideas' from local blogshop to prepare yourself for the most trendy summer wear♥♥♥

1. Prints
Have seen a lot blogshops showcasing different types of prints.
Even though you may think that the top may not be 'cooling' enough for summer
but, what i suggested, how about some prints for your SHORTS/SKIRTS ??!!

Couture Lane

The Stage Walk

Magenta Monday

Paperbag Soldier

Isn't it lovely and pretty ??!!

2. 'Cooling' tops and summer color tops
If someone asked you, 'What kind of top would you suggest which is suitable for summer?'
I guess, some may say sleeveless tops, cami top & etc.
If you want something trendy, a lot of girls may say 'knit top' or a throwover.
But not to forget, the nice sunny summer colors - yellow, orange, pastel colors

The Stage Walk


Earl Grey Party

Earl Grey Party

Construck Online Boutique

What do you guys think ??!!

3. Maxi Dress
Let's skip the words but on with the clothing(:



Love Bonito

I hope you may have a rough idea on what kind of dress code you'll be preparing for this summer.
Here's wishing all a Happy June Holidays and a Happy GSS Shopping for 2Months


all various mention blogshops♥

May 16, 2012


Hi readers,
i know it's been awhile since i last updated
Was super packed with new projects, assignments and homeworks which filled up almost my entire 1month of studies since the term starts.

Just wanna share a small little store which started operating in my school's Koufu.

Brand new Mexican Cuisine Stall(:

Got to try one of the cuisine called Macaroni Cheese with Chicken Sausage

Even though im not a fan of cheese but i can accept for the macaroni cheese.
The taste of the cheese is somewhat similar to Nachos, cinemas snacks.
At first, it's quite a nice dish to start,
but, when i've finished half bowl,
im tried of the taste.

I will still dine in probably around once per week.
To try out different cuisine(:

Will do a sponsored review soon, stay tune <3


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