Feb 11, 2009

Seems tt Valentine's Day is near the concer,
which is like...3 more days...

I saw dis post on ... blog & its bout e meanin of roses.
Sounds cool rite ?
Its sooo sweet when e guy gif yu roses,wif e meanin in it. (:

Colour Codin.
Red Rose- symbolise traditional love & romance.
& a time-honored way to say 'i love you'.
The red rose has long symbolised beauty & prefection.
A bouquet of red roses is the prefect way to express ur deep feelings for smone special.

Pink Rose- a symbol of grace & elegance,
The pink rose is ofter given as an expression of admiration.
Pink roses can oso convey appreciation as well as joyful.

Yellow Rose- envokes a feeling of warmth & happiness.
The warm feeling associated with the yellow rose r often akin to those shared with true frenz.
As such,the yellow rose is an ideal symbol of frenship.

White Rose- represent innocence & purity & r traditionally associated with marriages & new beginnings.
Thw white rose is oso a symbol of honor & reverence,
& white rose arrangements r often used as an expression of remembrance.

Orange Rose- the embodiment of desire & enthusiasm.
Orange roses often symbolise passion & excitement & r an expression of frevent romance.

Lavender Rose- unqiue beauty of the lavender rose has captured many hearts & imaginations.
With their fantastical appearance,
Lavender rose r prefect symbol of enchantment.
The lavender rose is oso traditionally used to express the feelings of love @ 1st sight.

No. of Roses
1. On the 1st date,a single rose symbolise love @ 1st sight.
It can oso b given in yrs to come to say,'i love you'.

2. Give smone 2 roses to represent ur mutual love & affection.

3. Representin the couple & their shared love,
A bouquet os three rosesis traditional one mth anniversary gift.
Or a simple meanin: I Love You (:

6. Whether its a sch crush or a more mature passion,
Six roses symbolise infatuation.
Or a simple meanin: I Want You To Be Mine.

9. To send the message,'We'll be tgt forever,' & send a bouquet of nine roses.
Or a simple meanin: Eternal Love

10. Let them know tt their love is prefection with a bouquet of ten roses.

11. You're my teasured one, the one i love most in my life, & you're my one & only.
Chi sayin: Yi Shen Yi Shi, Wo Ai Ni.

12. A prefect dozens shouts 'Be Mine!'

13. Tell smone tt they'll b ur fren forever with a bouquet of thirteen roses.

15. Need to let smone know tt yu're sry ?
Send them fifteen roses.

20. Send the message 'my feelings for yu r truly sincerce' with a bouquet of twenty roses.

21. Twenty-one roses say,'Im dedicated to yu'.

24. Two dozen of roses shouts,'im urs'
'i cnt stop thinkin of yu,24/7'.

25. Send a message of congratulations with twenty-five roses.

36. Three dozen of roses says,'Im head over heels in love'.

40. Forty roses says,'My love for yu is genuine'.

50. To express a love tt knows no bounds,send a bouquet tt's eaually as limitless - filled with fifty (or more) beautiful luxurious roses.

---Isnt it amazing how roses cn mean (:

Wish Everyone Happi Advance Valentine's Day
(In case i don ave e time to update xP)

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