Jun 27, 2014

Post-Japan Syndrome

I've been back from my June Holiday in Kyoto 2 weeks ago and I'm so freaking lazy to post up all my photos to facebook. But, nevertheless, I'm sorting out to share with my readers.

Instead of my Japan post, this post gonna have a new title: Virgin Trip to MOF@AMK Hub.
All of you must be shocked, MOF was founded on 2006 and i get to taste it after 8 years of operation.
I went over to AMK Hub on Wednesday for dinner with my da gu and xiao gu.
Supposedly we're going to have Teochew porridge over at AMK Street 32 and turns out IT HAS CLOSED DOWN.

In the end we walked back to AMK Hub and settled down in MOF の My Izakaya. It located in front of Wastons, surrounded by many stores including Singtel, Samsung and more.
I was kind of tempted to try out its Red Bean Matcha dessert, due to Post-Japan Syndrome, but I rejected xiao gu's offer and head on to picked my main course as I was super famished after all the walking.
(But still, it's a great pre-dinner exercise)
In general, food should have arrived between 10 - 20mins after ordering, but both xiao gu and I have waited for approximately 45mins.

What's more, the reason that the waitress gave was, 'It's on it's way.'.
By then, xiao gu was too furious as there's a saying: 'A hungry man is an angry man.'
She went to check out the kitchen herself and found out her dish was placed in a corner without the kitchen crew's knowledge.
Turns out, the chef had placed it there after placing the ingredients as the dishes were served as according to the orders.


Wasn't the bowl BIG enough to spot or was it because the corner was too dark and the bowl 'enjoyably' camouflage well.

This was my xiao gu's expression till we left the restaurant with a apology-20%-discount by the staff.
And my the anger die down after a 'Cooling Sensational' Topless 5 moment at Swensens.
Thanks to them, my virgin trip to MOF definitely have a

on my mind now. Same for Manhattan Fish Market @ Bedok Mall.
The incident had happened about 3-5years ago and I'd their signature dish - Fish & Chips, and the platter was too greasy that the paper, which is placed below the food, was transparent.
Today, i saw a Twitter post by my poly-mate and she had a bad experience at BBQ Chicken@Tiong Bahru Plaza.

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