Aug 13, 2014

Travelogue: in the outskirt of Kyoto

A span of 3 months after my June Holiday trip to Kyoto, Japan, this is my experience I would never forget.
Thanks to my third uncle who've planned all the itineraries.

We took an evening flight and transit in Malaysia.

In between flights, we've about 2 hours and so, we went to explore KL International Airport.
Airplane firgures right next to the skytrain.

Skytrain which connects KL's terminals

Chilling out in Starbucks

This picture doesn't really has much 'meaning' of posting but the MAIN ATTRACTION WAS...

The USB port
A very thoughtful idea for travelers who needs an extra 'charge of power'.


Ohayo - Good Morning in Japanese.


Monorail connecting to our gates and Kansai International Airport, KIX.

Heard from my dad that Kansei Airport was built on reclaimed land, and i guess that explains why there's a lot of factories which stores sand while driving up along the expressway.

Our first expressway resting area - 道之站 [can't find the name in English]

Japan has the sparkiest restroom I've ever experienced from all the holidays I've been to.
[Proof for my verdict]

Second expressway resting area - 菩提寺, Bodaiji
A little information - 菩提寺 is located in Gaya district.

My mum and Bodaiji's Mascot

Check out its high-tech toilet facilities and the ambiance.

3rd and final expressway resting area - Gifu-Yamato

The landscape scenary along the entire 7 hours ride.
Supposedly was about 4-5 hours, but the considerate driver took a detour, taking a long route to our final destination as to avoid the traffic jam. He said that the jam can/may last up to 3 hours, which is way beyond our planned schedule.

After a backache, headache, butt-ache & etc., we have reached our destination at about 2/3pm, Japan time.

*Note: Japan is an hour ahead of Singapore.
My whereabouts will be revealed somewhere in the middle or the end of the post(;
Our hotel of the night - Yamakyu

Our hotel is directly next to a temple called 法華诗

After we've checked in and settled down with our luggage, we went to explore the neighborhood.

A local snack recommended by online travelers.

Mascot of the district.

A MUST-VISIT temple recommended by online travelers. Seems to be of about hundred-year-old temple.

Main Gate. (we walked in through the side gate xP )

Time to revealed my whereabouts:

Bus Terminal

Information Counter with English translator too.

Neighborhood's Mayor premises

Here's a little 'walk-through' of the hotel
I'm not sure what's this called but in every temple there will be one of this for you to wash cleanse your hands and face.

The view of the entrance

On the left is where the Geta, a form of traditional Japanese footwear. The red slippers are for ladies while the gents are in dark navy blue/black.

If you're watched this anime, you'll have known how Takayama looks like.

Some of the displays and artworks which beautify the corridors.

Our rooms

Room Numbers

Can you guessed what this is.

Massage Chair situated above the hot bath

You can check out this hotel which runs by a lovely pair of owners and a group of amiable workers.

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