Sep 27, 2010

A quick update.
Heard from my cousin.


*To Clinton is 1AM according to America Time xP

Good Luck To All(:
Hope All Of Us Won't Get To Retake Any Modules @ ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!
Yesterday was my mum & qin's dad's birthday.
you may be asking yourself some questions.
both of them are of the same age.
they are 龙凤胎 which means twins as in a boy & a girl twin.
But they don't look alike nor are they identical in terms of looks & personality ???!!!

Here's a few photos i took, yesterday @ ahma,
my grand's place.

The Birthday Woman

The main focus of the day (:
Mango Fruit Cake

My brother & my ahma(:

Group photos

Here's a list of the September babies(:
Caisheng - Sep1
Me - Sep16
Qin's mum - Sep23
Wongyin's parents - Sep24 & 25(dad & mum, respectively)
My mum & qin's dad - Sep26(both)

Happy Birthday to all September babies
& next up
is October babies
which includes qin, shuang's dad & 四姨 aka loveyou

Sep 21, 2010

GOod news...
Good NEws...

I have been offically 'discharged' for my dental checkup.
So, this is such a pleasant surprise for me
when i went for my appointment, just now, early in the morning...

Im so super pleased about my teeth alignment,
well, overall of course.
& i dont know why but feel like thanking my dentists,
yup, its not one, but two.
As in between there's a change of dentist & i dont know why, for heaven sake...

One is Mr Kaval,
& the 'new' one is Mr Lim/Lin (which i dont know what it is)
Was quite unpleased with the arrangement,
in the first place,
as i feel out of place when there's a guy attending to me.
But once i get used to it,
i dont feel out of place anymore.
Instead, i feel more carefree than before.

But, until this year i think April or June,
i have a change of dentist.
I dont know the reason & i dont bother to ask,
what's the point of knowing the reason when it's not of my concern,
even though im his patient.

So, a change of dentist.
but Mr Lim/Lin was a funny guy.
I dont know how to describe the 'funny' in words,
but he really is a funny guy who does not like to see people feeling unhappy or moody.
Well, that's what i think of him
As ever since im his patient,
he kept asking me, 'why dont you like to smile ?' or 'why do you looks so moody today ?'
He's quite a nice,
& i believe those people under his care will feel or think the same as well

thanks to both of them(:

Here's a photo pf my past&present appointment cards.
(just for me to remember it)

just to say that 'My Sister's Keeper' is super a nice show.
I know im slow but at least i've watched it(:

Sep 17, 2010

Yesterday was my 18th Birthday.
The first thing i thought was...
"Hahax, i finally can step into the lottery station & purchase beer&wine xD"

that was really the first thought i told myself.

Let see,
how did i spent my day, yesterday...

Woke up @ 9plus,
do the usual routine in the bathroom.
on my lappy,
till 12plus,
dine with my dad @ the coffeeshop 5-9mis walk away from my house.

After which went out with qin, ahjie, shuang, ziying & piggy to Upper East Coast Road
to try out a, rather, quite new ice-cream shop called UTTERS/UDDERS.
Its sound like others, but they did not spell it in the actual spelling.
So, i ordered a chocolate flavour but with a bit of something special.
& that's the alcohol.
This flavour i've chose contains 4 wine glass of alcohol, not sure how much its for 1 wine glass.

After which followed shuang & ziying to KFC
as shuang & piggy haven had thier lunch before the dessert(x

After which to my secondary school,
not much teachers were left as its quite a late period of time.
But nevermind, am going back next week friday a gathering with friends, seniors, juniors & teachers(=

& that's all for on birthday.
Dont be shocked if there isnt any celebration,
im used to it.
Didnt celebrated for the past 3years,
so this year isnt really that shocking to me.
But did have a mini celebration in my own house.
My dad bought a ice-cream cake from Swenses'
as my brother love ice-cream cake very much especially chocolate.

Here are a few photos which me & my sister took
for the mini celebration for my birthday(:

*There are still a few more but not sure what happen to blogger...
Don allow me to upload... ):

Sep 12, 2010

Even since tuesday,
which is the last day for my last, final paper,
have been using my lappy...

I have been planning to revise back my poa & maths,
which im going to take my o level in less than 2 months time,,,
but instead, im NOT...

HOW ?????
Ohh My Goddess...
(since, like my dad says, our family believe in guang ying, so cannot say 'Oh My "GOD"' xP)

But, a good thing is,
i have bought his present
So, its done,,,
@ least i managed to finishes this task which does not really bothered me xP
but, its important!!!!
Now, left with mine...
So, in total, he owed me $80 which is the same as 4years (including this year)
So, i guess, you guys should be super 'smart' in maths,
i doubt you wouldnt know how much per year xP


Skipping that topic,
but to the major ones...

But @ least i started trying out a few math paper.
Cant believe, in the past, im struck in qn6/8,
but now, im struck in the very FIRST qn...
Can you believe it,,,
THE FIRST QN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Not sure how am i going to survive
if i dont start revising right now...
Need something or someone to 'motivate' me to revise,
or else, i'll be turning on my lappy everyday
& wont even touch any piece of math/poa to revise & refresh my memory...


Probably will update what i've did for this week,
after tuesday,
cause have been to a lot of places & did a few things which have not been done for quite a time with the family...

SO, Stay Tune (=

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