Sep 21, 2010

GOod news...
Good NEws...

I have been offically 'discharged' for my dental checkup.
So, this is such a pleasant surprise for me
when i went for my appointment, just now, early in the morning...

Im so super pleased about my teeth alignment,
well, overall of course.
& i dont know why but feel like thanking my dentists,
yup, its not one, but two.
As in between there's a change of dentist & i dont know why, for heaven sake...

One is Mr Kaval,
& the 'new' one is Mr Lim/Lin (which i dont know what it is)
Was quite unpleased with the arrangement,
in the first place,
as i feel out of place when there's a guy attending to me.
But once i get used to it,
i dont feel out of place anymore.
Instead, i feel more carefree than before.

But, until this year i think April or June,
i have a change of dentist.
I dont know the reason & i dont bother to ask,
what's the point of knowing the reason when it's not of my concern,
even though im his patient.

So, a change of dentist.
but Mr Lim/Lin was a funny guy.
I dont know how to describe the 'funny' in words,
but he really is a funny guy who does not like to see people feeling unhappy or moody.
Well, that's what i think of him
As ever since im his patient,
he kept asking me, 'why dont you like to smile ?' or 'why do you looks so moody today ?'
He's quite a nice,
& i believe those people under his care will feel or think the same as well

thanks to both of them(:

Here's a photo pf my past&present appointment cards.
(just for me to remember it)

just to say that 'My Sister's Keeper' is super a nice show.
I know im slow but at least i've watched it(:

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