May 22, 2009

Ru Guo Wo Bian Cheng Hui Yi 如果我變成回憶 - Tank

Found dis nice song while doin random tings xP


累了 照惯例努力清醒着



心跳在梦中 不听话的 就停止了

听着 呼吸像浪潮摆动着



如果我连自己的脉搏 都难掌握

如果我变成回忆 退出了这场生命


我冰冷身体 拥抱不了你


我会恨自己 如此狠心

如果我变成回忆 终于没那么幸运


蹒跚牵着你 看晚霞落尽


若有人可以 让他陪你 我不怪你

快乐 什么时候会结束呢



可知你是我生命中的 最舍不得

如果我变成回忆 退出了这场生命


我冰冷身体 拥抱不了你


我会恨自己 如此狠心

如果我变成回忆 终于没那么幸运


蹒跚牵着你 看晚霞落尽


若有人可以 让他陪你

如果我变成回忆 最怕我太不争气

顽固的赖在空气 霸占你心里 每一寸空隙


这样不公平 请你尽力 把我忘记

A few random pics which i was gng to post on my blog for
a Loooooong time ago xP

Ps la,
i seems to forget til nw (:

Pics below r some food which i went to eat @ Hotel Rendezvous!
Wa ^O^

Diff flavour ice-cream xP

my parents favour

my favour (:

This pics were taken when i was 'visitin'
Marina Barrage.
Its such a nice place
& there's a place when yu cn play e 'pool' (:

Nice colour rite
left is e water in s'pore
right is e sea
tts all for today.
nw waitin for report book to c my mid-yr overall results
(hope its nt tt bad ~```~)

May 13, 2009

omg !
gt back a few of my mye papers.

e result...
dame trouble.

out for...4
5 sub,
3 fail,2 pass.

don wanna tel which r e above sub,
leave til e end of all e papers (:

Promise [:

saw e website in sm particular blog.
& their clothin is pretty nice.

& quote sm phrase fr it.

Tokyo is one of the Trendiest places in Japan,therefore TokyoPink's mission is to bring the prettiest and trendiest items to You.
All items in Tokyo Pink are Painstakenly choosen and Imported from Tokyo.
Every piece is Unique, of High Quality and only available in 1 or 2 pieces.
These Limited pieces ensures that You will Own the Most Exclusive Items.

here r some of e items tt is 'new'

Isnt these belt cute {:

Like all these ??
You've gt to visit

Tts all for today (:
Hope i'll nt failed TT badly for those 3sub.

May 7, 2009

Its such a long time since i last posted.

Sry bout it,
recently busy wif exams & lots of schwork as well
as preparin for o lvl (x

CONGRATES to Mr lim new born daughter.
Her name is called jolin.
cute rite.
chi name is lim yi xin.
& did saw e photos taken by mr lim himself.
via his phone wallpaper.

Dame cute.
Thin cn 'fight' wif my didi xP

Exam endin soon...
& im left wif sci paper1.
which is tmr.

E whole class have mistake how 'easy' both math paper2 & phy paper2 r...
dame difficult to do.
Thin there might b less dist. in e class.
& mr lim might b worryin bout us,
as...our phy...
hahax, *sigh.....

times pass,
like e wind.
but memories of us bein tgt seems to b like its happenin ytd...
i thin im gettin insane...
im e one hu asked,
but in e end,
im one hu regretted e most...
i've tried all kinds of ways to forget,
bur e result,
thin of bein back.
but thinkin bout how diffcult we cn meet up,
makes mi lose hope immediately.

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