May 24, 2007

Oi mine god...i juz cnt believe it...
2dae i get bak mine report book..& @ 1st izz e boiz hu get their report book 1st thn after follow by e galz.. lim (mine form cher) say out e top 5 ppl cuz he cnt rmb e rest but onli e top 5..thn i was hopin tt i can b 1 of e top 5 but in e wasnt mi..

Thn slowly 1 by 1 went 2 take thier report book & after tt (as i was dame bored) i saw sabrina 'cryin' thni went 4ward 2 ask her but she gets gd result..she gt in e top 10 but she was hopin 2 b in e top she cry..thn when i gt bak mine report book i cnt believe i oso in e top 10 4 both class & lvl position..i juz cnt believe it @ all..

Thn both mi & sabrina hug each other & she started 2 cry again..even though i make a joke in front of her sayin 'hor..yu wet mine uniform so yu ave 2 help mi wash arh..' thn she starts laughin again..
I juz cnt believe it lolx..i thin mine parents'll b dame happi bout it cuz i didn even had a chance 2 b in e top 10 position since sec 1&2..but still i was so happi bout mine 4 last yr final yr resultz i gt in e top 15 but dis yr i gt in e top 10 so i was oso feelin v happi bout..
So..hope tt all my frenz out derh can get e same improvement like mi (but nt tokin bout class position..hehex...)

May 22, 2007

(mi & 2nd sis)

(mi,mine 3rd sis & mine 2nd sis)

So sianx arh..
A few daez bak gt nth 2 do so i took out phone & anyhw photo a few shotz wif mi 2 younger sisz..
but actually gt better photoz thn thoses but otherz photoz r personal one so..i cnt post it 2 all..hehex!!!!
& e top pic izz mine 2nd sis & mi whrby mine 3rd sis went out whrby mine mum wan her 2 brush her teeth..hehex..bad hor say out tt mine mum actually remind mine sis 2 go brush teeth..

May 9, 2007

Finally mine paperz r all over..



& oso mine form cher which izz oso mine physics cher say tt i gt distinction 4 mine physics midyr..


So happi atfer hearin tt..& oso mine maths paper 1..mine maths cher all ppl hu study a-maths pass even mi whrby i don take a-maths oso pass lerh...but e rest i thin all fail lolx..

But anyway..@ least i pass...

WA..isnt it a piece of gd disinction thn onli mi pass maths paper 1 even though i don take maths...

WA...i dame so happi lorhz...

Hope can share wif all of yu mine markz when i gt bak mine paperz okie??!! itizz a deal thn...byez!!!!

(one more tingz..don believe e date post on mine blog cuz mine last paper izz wed which izz 2dae..yeah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

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