Nov 17, 2007

As promise,,,
i've e photos rite nw.....
Enjoy urself xD

e smokin water-air e design of e departure hall SIA havin a demo trail

'mountain of water' @ arrival hall chairs found in departure hall "did you know??!!"

e onli shop tt's open in T3 e ceiling of T3

e drawing of e mini park found in departure hall
Hie,,,im back again!!!!
Let's think back,,,,
On e 15th,,,,
I've been to Changi Airport Terminal 3.....
Actually to mi,,it's okie la e design & everyting inside T3....
I've taken a lot of photos @ T3 but i nt nw but later...
I promise,,,i'll put e photos which i've taken in T3...
Which is juz nw,,,,
I've saw a minor accident happen nxt to e coffee shop near my hus,,,near Seng Siong (donnoi if i spell correctly xP)
But luckily,,,e motorist did ave any wounds & cuts
So,,,he's dame lucky as when e car crash or mayb bump onto e motor,,,
E bus juz went beside e motorist & we thought is e bus driver fault!!!!
But e motorist is reali dame so lucky la xD

Nov 16, 2007

Ytd went to cut my hair,,,
But i think it's quite okie la!!!!!!
But shuang say nt nice,,,,
Thn qin say nice wat....
Wat is impt is tt i like it thn okie liao lolx.....

qin & mi,,,our new kind of hair style xP

Nov 15, 2007

Hi im back,,,,,*hehex*
Anyway,,,ytd went to meet anqi they all @ Bugis MRT @ 2pm....
But when i went derh,,noi body w8 for mi :'(
But i went to w8 for them near e Bugis entrance...
Didn w8 for too long,,,huixian & anqi appear....
Thn i follow them to e arcade & anqi ask mi whether wanna play e driving car game thn i say *okie* cuz long time didn play liao....
Saw sabrina,jiaxin,diana playing e don wat machine like nid to find 3 e same kinds of fishes thn can clear e stage....
All 6 of us together go press thn e machine like a bit siao siao cuz too many ppl @ e same time....
Thn we go upstairs to eat lunch but too xpen. so went to Mac
Anqi & mi went to buy Milk Tea...
Anqi say nt nice but i think nt bad cuz i think i use to e taste liao ba!!!!! =P
Thn we from Bugis walk to National Library & suddenly we started to play e lift...
We press e highest floor,,,thn e lift like rollar coaster v fast lolx....
Thn play hide-&-seek in B1...
Everyone staring @ us lolx so paisen xP
Thn we go to e lift went all e way up thn down again...
Anqi was so scared tt she hold on to e handle as she afraid of heights!
Thn walk back to Bugis
Mi & huixian thinking whether shd we buy e ice-cream or nt as v xpen. lolx
In e end,,,we buy e ice-cream!!
Huixian buy dark chocolate
I buy nice lolx....
Thn went to e fountain saw 2 boi boi play e water so cute liao....
Thn took photos of e 2 boi boi...

So cute lolx e 2 boi boi....xP

Nov 8, 2007

Went City Hall MRT station to meet Diana,huixian,annchee & sabrina!
Sry i was late xP
Went to The Adelphi for interview & rejected the job cuz nid to sign contract & we oso scold loudly at those 3 teenagers b4 going off but i was fun tooo xP
Who ask them to laugh at us?Is it cuz we had no guts to sign the contract or yu think we nt suitable @ all?
Later shop at Funan The DigitaLife Mall & had lunch at Food Court!
I ordered Beef Don at $4.90 but e beef i think cook tooo lpng so v difficult to bite it & oso we rest for awhile before continuing with our shopping.
We walk all the way to Bugis Junction & had our shopping again xP
We had Sakura ice-cream!!!
Mi & sabrina had Bubble Milk Tea flavour,,,
Diana had...forgot liao *hehex*
Annchee & huixian had choclate flavour!!!
& we oso had lucky draw XP
Thn we settle down and enjoy our ice-cream & decided to do a last round of shopping so went to BMG ro forgot wat e name liao la,,,,
& went upstairs for toys but annchee run to play arcade so we all follow her tooo!!!
Huixian, Diana and annchee were super unlucky
as when they play e '1000' game,,,,
Diana gt '999' & '1001',,,,
Annchee gt '9*8' forgot wat e 2nd no. is,,,,
& huixian gt oso got '999'!!!!
& we all feel v pissed off with e no. we ave hit on!!!!
But was fun la *hehex*
Thn we trained back to Bedok at around 6.45pm,,,,all except for Huixian as she is heading towards Boon Lay de direction!!!!
Went back home around 7.30pm!!!!!!!!!!!
Today went to City Hall MRT station at 2pm

To meet Diana,Sabrina,Ann Chee & Hui Xian

Sry i was late xP

Went to The Adelphi for interview.

But rejected the job cuz need to sign contract so don wan but after we left 3 teenagers laugh @ us thn we scold back loudly at those teenagers before going off! It was fun tooo hu ask them to laugh at us cuz we had no guts to sign the contract or is it yu think we're not suitable for e interview ar?!

Shop at Funan The DigitaLife Mall & had our lunch at Food Court!!!!!

I ordered Beef Don at $4.90 dame nice but e beef @ bit cook tooo long so v hard to bite it,,,,,,

Anyway,we rest for awhile b4 continue with the shopping thn we walk all the way to Bugis Junction & we ave shopping again xP

Thn we ate Sakura ice-cream,,,,

Mi & sabrina ordered Bubble Milk Tea,,,taste a bit.....*yuck*

Diana had.....Forget liao *hehex*

& annchee & huixian had chocolate & we oso had lucky draw but v unlucky didnt get e BIG prize!But we settle down and enjoy our ice-cream.

After tt we decided to do a last round of shopping & went to BMH & went to e top floor for toys.

& we oso play arcade xPPPPPP

Huixian, annchee & diana were super unlucky when we play e '1000' game!

Diana gt '999' & '1001' which is e highest & closest she gt!

Annchee gt.....i think is '9 someting 8' & sabrina,huixian say she gt it 2 or 3 times!

Huixian gt oso gt '999'!

After tt we play lots of e games & around 6+pm we trained back to Bedok at around all except for Huixian, hu is going to e direction to Boon Lay!

Went back home around 7.30 cuz e bus takes around 15mins to depart my hus!!!!

Tt'a all for today nxt time will post more!!!!!

Nov 3, 2007

Juz nw was e greatest day i ever had!!!!!!
I went to ave bbq @ steph's hus!!!!!
But steph says tt Mrs Tan,our Maths teacher,will be derh @ 7pm
& when i heard tt i wanted to scold her as i reach derh in 4.30pm which is 2 & 1/2hrs earlier!!!!
But we waited & waited thn diana,ann chee & e rest came & we start e bbq
We were happily playin e swing when e security guard says e playground is allow for 2-5yrs old child to play but we onli older by 10 so we can oso play!!!!!!!!!!!!
Thn after tt when all e boiz ave arrive they decided to 'throw' qing hui into e pool but don noi y when all e galz went to visit Mrs Tan hus all e boiz r all wet fr top to bottom xP
V funny lolx all e boiz thn after tt when 1 of them says 'throw' all e galz into e pool thn chee hao says 'don wan la later they cry XD'
Thn mei mei,mrs tan de nuer keep playin wif mi,diana,annchee & white colour jiejie,which is sabrina!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Mrs tan call all of us to go to her hus to c e cd tt ruzz & sean make for her to make her rmb us,e 3A class ppl!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Thn mei mei wan to play e pool de shi hou,peng & cheng yang & mayb sean,kaijie r derh playin e water thn peng accidentally splash water on annchee & mei mei call peng brown colour monster cuz he make annchee angry & make her wet too!!!!
But around 10+ we play truth & dare!!!!!!!!!!!!
E bbq ends @ 11+ whr all of us went bak hm expect for steph,melvin,syrual & kevin to clear up e place!!!!!!!!!!!!!
We all ave a v fun day but we'll all rmb yu de mrs tan xP

Nov 1, 2007

Today happen a lot of tingz!!!!
Juz nw went to Giant-Tampines as gt eng project to do!!!!!
Thn after tt went to find yong ding & others as when we say wan go Giant together,,,, mi,steph & elaine went to take a cab thn yong ding get pissed off!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
But we manage to find him & others @ Bedok inter. xS
When we reach 'Sheng Siong' steph suddenly screamed loudly,,,,
as she say e prawn suddenly jumped out fr e 'container' & fell onto e ground!!!!!!!!
But steph still thought e prawn is dead but it still can move about slowly & lifely xP
So scared tt when i saw e prawn,,,,,it was so poor ting lolx!!!!
But anyway,,,,today i ave a great day wif steph & otherzzzz XD

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