Nov 3, 2007

Juz nw was e greatest day i ever had!!!!!!
I went to ave bbq @ steph's hus!!!!!
But steph says tt Mrs Tan,our Maths teacher,will be derh @ 7pm
& when i heard tt i wanted to scold her as i reach derh in 4.30pm which is 2 & 1/2hrs earlier!!!!
But we waited & waited thn diana,ann chee & e rest came & we start e bbq
We were happily playin e swing when e security guard says e playground is allow for 2-5yrs old child to play but we onli older by 10 so we can oso play!!!!!!!!!!!!
Thn after tt when all e boiz ave arrive they decided to 'throw' qing hui into e pool but don noi y when all e galz went to visit Mrs Tan hus all e boiz r all wet fr top to bottom xP
V funny lolx all e boiz thn after tt when 1 of them says 'throw' all e galz into e pool thn chee hao says 'don wan la later they cry XD'
Thn mei mei,mrs tan de nuer keep playin wif mi,diana,annchee & white colour jiejie,which is sabrina!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Mrs tan call all of us to go to her hus to c e cd tt ruzz & sean make for her to make her rmb us,e 3A class ppl!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Thn mei mei wan to play e pool de shi hou,peng & cheng yang & mayb sean,kaijie r derh playin e water thn peng accidentally splash water on annchee & mei mei call peng brown colour monster cuz he make annchee angry & make her wet too!!!!
But around 10+ we play truth & dare!!!!!!!!!!!!
E bbq ends @ 11+ whr all of us went bak hm expect for steph,melvin,syrual & kevin to clear up e place!!!!!!!!!!!!!
We all ave a v fun day but we'll all rmb yu de mrs tan xP

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