Jan 26, 2012

Late Lunar New Year


I know that today is the 4th day of the Lunar month
but still, it's not too late to wish everyone a Happy 龙(dragon) Year(:

Jan 20, 2012

Page 20 of 365

I cant believe 20days have passby like a flash and everyone is busy with spring cleaning for Chinese New Year which is in 2days time.

Today's post will be more on my pissed off side of the day.
If you guys are reading this,
i know you might hate me or dislike me but THIS IS WHAT IM GOING TO SAY.

You may think that i dont have any GUTS to say all these IN YOUR FACE
but im telling you, i DONT WANT TO REPEAT HISTORY.

Even since 'we' start to 'leave' her alone, in a corner,
'we' have been eating out or eat together in school together.
Not to say that i dont like or 'welcome' friends in,
but sometimes, i just feel like having plain and oil-free food.

I have break my vow when we went to have our lunch at this fast-food place
& i was REALLY about to walk away like what 'she' did
Due to our togetherness and friendship-bonding time, i stayed.

You may think that its because of friends that forced me to stay.
What i wanna say is NO.
Never ever put words into my mouth.
Those words arent spoken by me, its just friends own-side speech.

Starting from yesterday, which is the same thing,
we have lunch at this crispy restuarant.
When i went to withdrew out $$, i went over to ask if she has change and in the end she gave back 4 instead of 6.
Luckily, i went to ask ly or else i thought i've been conned.

Last night, i thought through a lot.
Have prepared my courage to tell you guys that im not going out to have lunch if you guys want to.
But never would i realised that you guys chose to have in school (save my breath)
For the entire lunch period,
its quite obvious how i feel through my gestures and facial expression.
I guess that you might have told someone you 'serach results'
my sixth sense tells me all.

You might say i start to lit the firecracker,


minghui *angry face*

Jan 16, 2012

CNY Shopping

Hey people, im back to blogging.
I know its been more thann 10days since i last update my blog
But nevertheless, today's post will be a 'last minute' CNY Shopping post(x

I promise this post will definitely be a tradition and 'blossom' of colors [even though mostly is red]

To benefit international readers [cause i know there's some reader from the States and Canada], i will explain briefly on the meaning of CNY - Chinese New Year.

CNY is a festive season AND holiday for the Chinese around the world.
It is a time where families get together to have a chat and etc.
This festive season is especially important to those who are working or studying oversea and didn't have much time to be with their family.

The most important date, for CNY, is known as Chú Xī (除夕) or "Eve of the Passing Year" or Chinese New Year's Eve, which is a day where Chinese families gather for their annual reunion dinner.
In China, it is known as "Spring Festival," the literal translation of the Chinese name 春節 (Pinyin: Chūn Jié)

If you want to know more about Chinese New Year:
Here's a link on wikipedia about CNY - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Chinese_New_Year

FINALLY, the MOST ANTICIPATED 'section' [for ladies xD]

Lets start, Shall We xP

1. HennesVal

HennesVal, previously is known as Deaffaire Damour, has opened their CNY Collection.

My favourite piece from this collection is their Auspicious Two-Way Dress in Cerulean
As it's one piece with 2designs.

They are having a promotion for this collection, all you have to do is to "Like" and "share" their Hennesval Oriental CNY 2 album to receive free normal mail.
Links: http://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.362920963722679.107277.257852324229544&type=1
Do a printscreen of your shared post and attach it to your payment details
to qualify for the discount!

You can check out their web page as follows:
Or their FB page

2. Beaubello

Beaubello has lauched their CNY Colletion on 8Jan and most of the items are sold out [Sorry]

But there's still a few more pieces which you can grab.
Example the Floral Spag/Tube Dress.

This piece comes in Blue and Black.
What i love about this piece is that you can wear it as a tube dress or a shag dress
What's more, it comes with a FREE belt.

You can visit their web page:
Or their FB Page

3. The White Alley

The White Alley is one of my favourite blogshop for the second half of 2011 as it brings in unqiue and simple pieces which is great for school, work or shopping.

Thw White Alley's latest colleciton - Collection 11,
is full of unique design prefect for CNY.
When people think of CNY clothes, they will definitely think of Cheongsam or Qipao.

This is one of my favourite Cheongsam for this colleciton.

They are going to have a mass meet-up on 21 Jan (sat), 4-6pm at 313 Somerset Coffeebean B1.
Isn't it convenient if you're afraid that your package maybe somewhere 'drifting'.

They have lots more design for both Cheongsam and Qipao, do check out their web page:
The White Alley
Or their FB page for more giveaway or promotion discount vouchers

4. Gelliz

Gelliz and Thw White Alley are 'sisters' in the blogshop world
and both blogshops never fail to bring in unique design as mention for The White Alley.

For their CNY Colletion,
i presonally fall in love with their Dello Oriental Two Button Dress.

If you're not sure what to wear when visiting your grandparents,
Dello Oriental Two Button Dress works well just for you.

You can also check out their web page for more unqiue design
Or their FB Page for more promotion and latest updates.

5. Escapan

Im quite new to this blogshop but their CNY Colletion is different from other blogshop (what am i saying, all blogshops ARE different)

I personally like their ORIENTAL LACEY DRESS.
It comes in orange and black.
What i like about it is the unique embroidery design on the dress..

They have also updated their Sales page!

Head down to their webpage:
Or visit their FB Page

That's all people.

Stay tune for my next post which i cant predict what kind of post i will update xD


The White Alley is having a CNY III giveaway.
All you need to do is to like their FB Page, you can skip this step if you're their 'members'
Like & Share their CNY III Collection - https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.10150540674673324.413164.208866003323&type=1

Jan 5, 2012

Thailand Trip Day1&2

I cant recall the name of the hotels or some of the veunes that i've went
Do be prepared that i will have a lot of 'i forgot what's the name' or other lines.
Cant find my travel plan list, i think should be somewhere in the rubbish dump.

Was having a test on the 16th, the day im off for my 9D8N Thailand trip.
Was panicking all over when im working on my test.

I remember i told 40mins to finsih the paper & rushed off like a mad dog back to my place to get changed & off to T1.
Everything was on schedule as what i've planned but the only 'glitch' is the plane was delayed by about 15-30mins.
When we were about to reached Thailand's SUVARNABHUMI airport,
the flight stewardess distributed lovely orchids to all passengers.

Is it lovely ??!!

Will be staying in a Hotel somewhere near Suvarnabhumi airport as will be taking a domestic flight to our scheduled destination, Udon Thani, Northern-East of Thailand.

My verdict for this hotel is that its comfy the only bad thing i dont like is there dont have the slippers and extra pillow):
I always have to take the extra pillow to be my bolster.

Board on the plane at around 9.15am, Thailand Time
We are going to Udon Thani, Thailand.

Someone wrote a poetry on the air flight book

The first veune, we went, is the Friendship Bridge between Thailand and Laos.
There is also an agreement between both countries and Australia.

This is my proof for walking the entire half of the Friendship Brigde.

The next veune we went is more of like a Buddha Sculpture kind of park.
Cause the entire park was full of different kind of Buddha.

WIP - Work-In-Progess to maintain the sculpture.

Look at how high the sculpture is

This is the most famous sculpture.
The Thais believed that, in the past, there's a Cobra protecting the Buddha in his journey to the West so most, or should i say 'ALL', the sculpture are paired up with a Cobra.

We went to stay in Prajaktra Hotel.
I can only tell you out of ALL the hotels we stayed thorughout the trip,
Prajaktra Hotel is the BEST!
Their room is definitely 5Star standard, in my opinion.
I really really recommend Prajaktra Hotel if you're touring Udon Thani.

If you would like to see more of my Thailand trip photos,
you can go over to the sidebar, on the left, click on my facebook tag to view all the pictures(:

P.S the reason why i say to go over to my facebook is because, im lazy to blog the rest of the trips xP
Have fun in understanding all the pictures i've took & the captions i've wrote


Jan 1, 2012

HAPPY 2012 xD

Its a brand new year and a brand new chapter for either your career or studies.

For those who will be receiving your O Level results,
good luck.
The tentative release date is 9Jan, 2pm.

For those who are starting school on Tuesay, 3Jan,
Have a fruitful year in class and your stuides.

For those who are studying in poly,
You will have good result for your sem2 studies
As for year3s, Congrates for graduating & hope you will get a job or a place in University.

For those who will be taking major exams - PSLE, O Level, A Level,

For those who are working,
Hope that 2012, your boss will be nice to you
have a nice relationship with your fellow colleauges
most importantly,


P.S Not sure when is the releasing date for A Level, but, Good Luck for you guys(x

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