Oct 29, 2010

Been a period of time since i last post.
Recently was busy with O level papers,
the English & Maths papers are over which falls on 25 - 27Oct.
The next & last paper is POA, Principle of Accounting.
which falls on next Tuesday, Nov2.
Have prepared for it & read through all the topics from Sec3 -5.
& im quite happy & satisfied that i managed to understand all topic's important concept & formulas.
But, the most hardest topic, which i cant really cope, is Analysis & Interpretation in Accounting.
It has a few concepts & theories on how you can look through a particular details to see which investment is best for you.

So, good luck for on my last paper(:


Next is coping with school projects.
Cant believe that this semseter is more on project based work.
In total of up to 3 or 4 projects.
Have been working on one project, titled, innovation project, since the first week of school which is last week.

Yesterday had a four hours break in between lecture.
Went to play pool with friends.
Clinton, Desmond, Edwin & Irwan played in pool table 26,
while the ladies, WenTing, Kamini, Juli, Amanda & ShiMing on pool table 37.
I just watched the guys, played.
Irwan & Clinton made a nice move by 'shooting' the cue ball off the pool table.

Had a lot of fun & laugther(:
But, didnt really went over to watch the ladies played.
You know...

Is in school thinking on my team's inventions(:

Have a nice day everyone(=

Oct 19, 2010

Lesson Learnt:

Never say THE TRUTH.
Even if you dont mean to do it.
Final Conclusion:
Never say apologise.
Even if its your fault or not.
If you try to talk things through,
it does not mean that they will forgive you.
Notes for yourself:

Oct 15, 2010

*Drums beating....
The result of my new sem timetable.
I have never seen such a 'pervertic' timetable before.
Mon (save, but not quite) - from 12pm - 6pm
Tue (terrible) - from 8am - 5pm
Wed (cca day) - from 9am - 12pm
Thur (THE WORSE) - from 9am - 6pm [straight without any breaks in between lessons]
Fri (quite ok) - from 8am - 4pm [with 3hours break in between lessons]

So, what do you think ???
I have nothing to say
as this is the most INSANE timetable i have EVER HAD in my ENTIRE LIFE!!!!
But, better than qin,
who has lesson from 9am - 9.30pm, straight on thur...

All i can do, right now, is...


Oct 14, 2010

Went out with the class, yesterday,
to Marina Barrage for my first ever picnic(:
Met up @ 12pm,
but was late for 10mins.

Spot edwin, hanny & shiming @ the train station.
Reach Marina Bay station & wenting&desmond were there, waiting for everyone.
After which were the 4-guys, but mingqian wanst with them.

Walked all the way to the bus-stop & waited for the shuttle bus
which we'd all waited for about 15plus mins.

Played the Monopoly card game.
When some of them fly the kite,
which was hanny's kite.

when kenneth arrived,
it was lunch time(:
Wenting ordered beehoon (which is nice(x) nuggets, momosa ??? & spicy hotdogs.
After which me & wenting went over to the bus-stop to fetch lennie,
who walked all the way to Marina Bay Sands,
& took a detour back to Marina Barrage.
Bought a few cold drinks & ice-cream,
& held down to the water plaground.

Its freezing cold,
but fun as the weather was a bit warm,
during the afternoon period.

All thanks to wenting, my back was almost drenched/wet.
the 2nd round was with shiming,
as there's nothing to do when the guys were playing Black Jack.
Followed by wenting, hanny & lennie,
where they waited to buy ice-cream & drinks, again.
After which,
the 4 'gangsters' arrive, (when they were walking towards us, their movement look like a gang of gangsters)
& we started playing.
By kicking & splashing at one another.
Shiming & edwin never stoped running & chasing one another (x

shiming, edwin, me & desmond & irwan were drenched, (desmond & irwan were ok, just on their face)
edwin's face was soaked with water, as he, somehow, dare wenting to pour water...

& i spotted a total of 4 couples taking their wedding shoots.
2 in the afternoon,
1 in the early evening
& 1 in the early night.

The picnic day ended with a few photoshoots & a game of frisbee.
Which is me, desmond,irwan, shiming & edwin a team,
competing with aaron, ppo, haiqal, wenting & hanny.
The game ended with a 6-all score(:

Here are some of the photos i took(:
the rest are with hanny&wenting as they took their cameras to take all the shoots.

Any difference ???

The night scenes

My favourite MasterPiece (:

Spot the 2 couples ???

A plastic of rubbish full of AnTs!!!

Oct 9, 2010

Actually was thinking of posting a new post yesterday,
but i dont have the time,
so am posting up today...

For the past one week,
if you're a Singaporean or currently staying/studying/living in Singapore you might know what im going to post about.
Since last Saturday till this week Wednesday (Oct2 - Oct6)
Singapore's Minister Mentor Lee Kuan Yew's wife,
Mrs Lee Kwa Geok Choo had past away last Saturday peacefully in her place in Sri Temasek.

Sri Temasek was opened to public on 4Oct & 5Oct.
About 15,000 people includinf Singaporeans, PRs, foreigners, government officials, neighbouring countries Prime Minister & etc.
had been there to pay their last respect.

A personal funeral was had in Mandai Crematorium.
Where only invited guests & family members will be there.
An eulogy by MM Lee, their children, PM Lee Hsien Loong, Wei Ling and Hsien Yang,
their grandchildren, Xiuqi and Shengwu.

A quote from Xiuqi's eulogy, 'In Tokyo my granny went to Tokyo Hands, a 7-storey DIY store. She has always been on a lifelong quest for the Perfect Hairbrush. She found a nice hairbrush there. It wasn't expensive. But even purchasing it was a struggle for her because Nainai has always been frugal to a fault. In the end,the hairbrush won. Nainai said, "Well, I'm already so old, I can afford to buy it"and put down the money. She went home smiling, hairbrush in hand.'

A quote from Shengwu's eulogy, 'She passed to her grandchildren a love of learning and reading, as well as the kind of knowledge not found in print.'

A quote from Lee Hsien Yang, 'The following year, in 1986, Fern delivered our second baby, yet another boy, Huanwu. Mama rushed to the hospital obviously thrilled and delighted, declaring "Thank goodness it's a boy. If the baby had been a tiger girl, just think what difficulty we would have had marrying a tiger girl off!".

Our third son was born a decade after the first two, and is much younger than all Mama's other grandchildren. When Shaowu arrived in 1995, Mama was already 74 and had given up hope of any more grandchildren. In corporate parlance, Shaowu was an unexpected bonus issue. Shaowu was greeted with great delight and she pronounced that she now had one granddaughter and six grandsons; that there was a Chinese saying about a moon and seven stars, so all we needed to do was to produce another grandson to complete her family! Sadly, neither Fern nor Ho Ching obliged.'

A quote from PM Lee, 'Once when I had almost learnt to swim but not quite, I got into difficulty using goggles and a snorkel, and nearly drowned. Mama had to plunge in fully dressed to rescue me. She was not amused.

When the boys went away to university, she fussed over us at long distance. She was a skilful knitter, and knitted us sweaters to stay warm, one after another.

I still have one of them, a favourite rust-coloured one, patched many times at the elbows but still warm.'

A quote from MM Lee, 'Her nurses, WSOs and maids all grew fond of her because she was warm and considerate. When she coughed, she would take her small pillow to cover her mouth because she worried for them and did not want to infect them.

Her mind remained clear but her voice became weaker. When I kissed her on her cheek, she told me not to come too close to her in case I caught her pneumonia.

I assured her that the doctors did not think that was likely because I was active. When given some peaches in hospital, she asked the maid to take one home for my lunch. I was at the centre of her life.

On June 24, 2008, a CT scan revealed another bleed again on the right side of her brain. There was not much more that medicine or surgery could do except to keep her comfortable.

I brought her home on July 3, 2008. The doctors expected her to last a few weeks. She lived till October 2, 2 years and 3 months.

She remained lucid. They gave time for me and my children to come to terms with the inevitable.

In the final few months, her faculties declined. She could not speak but her cognition remained. She looked forward to have me talk to her every evening.

Her last wish she shared with me was to enjoin our children to have our ashes placed together, as we were in life.

The last two years of her life were the most difficult. She was bed-ridden after small successive strokes; she could not speak but she was still cognisant.

Every night she would wait for me to sit by her to tell her of my day's activities and to read her favourite poems.
Then she would sleep.

I have precious memories of our 63 years together. Without her, I would be a different man, with a different life. She devoted herself to me and our children. She was always there when I needed her. She has lived a life full of warmth and meaning.

I should find solace at her 89 years of her life well lived. But at this moment of the final parting, my heart is heavy with sadness.'

All quotes were from AsiaOne.com

Sorry if its a long post but i really want to share with everyone including Singaporeans & non-Singaporeans how or who is Mrs Lee.
As a Singaporean, myself, at first, i honestly didnt know who she is.
Untill reading through all the Newspaper especially Today!,
they have this Comment&Analysis forum.
They really dug up all the achievements, dedication & etc she had made to/for her husband & Singapore.

Right now,
updating this post was to say
Thanks, Mrs Lee for doing so much for Singapore.
Especially the water agreement with Malaysia.
Thanks again, Mrs Lee, hope you can RIP & enjoy yourself in another world
& look after your children&grandchildren & also your husband
where everyone is quite worried about him after your passing.

RIP, Mrs Lee(:

*Photo from Google Search!

Oct 2, 2010

Been helping out with an annual event,
the Silver Infocomm Day 2010
which is an annual event to help the older people to have a better understanding on how to use the computer & the internet.

On my 1st day of work,
(actually im only working for 1 day)
(& its a volunteer work, no pay is given)
reach school @ 7.40am, late, actual reproting time is 7.30am
but waiting for irwan in the train station.
Edwin damn pro,
take cab to school, as he woke up late xP

So, only me, wenting, liangyi, edwin & irwan 'being nominated' by Mr Sum,
to volunteer for this annual event.
In the morning,
our role is as usher, while, in the afternoon,
we're the cyberguiders which is to guide the elderly how to use the computer & etc.

i finally know how hard to be a sales person,
as its damn tiring to stand the whole day telling people where to go
or answer to their doubts.
But actually, i didnt regret on taking this volunteer job.
Looking at all the puzzled & full of learning spirit elderly walking up&down, here&there
makes me feel happy & full of energy ushering them.

If you want me to describe how the elderly are.
One word to describe,
For the entire day,
me & liangyi keep saying them 'so cute'
hunderds & millions time.

As they arent familiar with NYP's campus location.
Thus we have got to tell them a few time.
Like 'walk up & turn right', 'turn left for registration' & etc.
Really, they are so CUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUTTE!!!!!!!!!!

That's all.
Thanks to all those elderly who are in the Basic Computer & Internet class of L425(:
Love all of you.
& thanks to all of you & my friends as well(:

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