Oct 29, 2010

Been a period of time since i last post.
Recently was busy with O level papers,
the English & Maths papers are over which falls on 25 - 27Oct.
The next & last paper is POA, Principle of Accounting.
which falls on next Tuesday, Nov2.
Have prepared for it & read through all the topics from Sec3 -5.
& im quite happy & satisfied that i managed to understand all topic's important concept & formulas.
But, the most hardest topic, which i cant really cope, is Analysis & Interpretation in Accounting.
It has a few concepts & theories on how you can look through a particular details to see which investment is best for you.

So, good luck for on my last paper(:


Next is coping with school projects.
Cant believe that this semseter is more on project based work.
In total of up to 3 or 4 projects.
Have been working on one project, titled, innovation project, since the first week of school which is last week.

Yesterday had a four hours break in between lecture.
Went to play pool with friends.
Clinton, Desmond, Edwin & Irwan played in pool table 26,
while the ladies, WenTing, Kamini, Juli, Amanda & ShiMing on pool table 37.
I just watched the guys, played.
Irwan & Clinton made a nice move by 'shooting' the cue ball off the pool table.

Had a lot of fun & laugther(:
But, didnt really went over to watch the ladies played.
You know...

Is in school thinking on my team's inventions(:

Have a nice day everyone(=

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