May 30, 2010

Went to had my lunch cum breakfast in a "high-class" hawker center...
okie, not hawker center, but a restuarant.
A neighbourhood restuarant in Upper Boon Keng Road.
Its actually a buffet lunch which is quite good (as you can waste food xP )
Erm...not being bad here,
but, of course, DONT WASTE FOOD!!!
As if i waste food, i'll always think of those kids in 3dr wrold countries & also those countries hit by natural disaster like China, Taiwan, Indonesia & etc.

I think, we total had 28 dishes of food...
plus a few dishes which we called in small amount.,size...
So, im not sure what's the actual number of dishes we've tried.
But all i can say is that, the waiter/waitress must have got a shock from us for ordering 'so much' dishes...
hahax, 11 of us went to dine in.

Here's for you to share, only can share the pictures, not the taste xP

This is the 'endin part' for today's lunch (:

All the desserts they served.
I like the Logan Pineapple (:
Honeydrew sago is okie but too watery.
For the above 2, not sure what's the name but i don like both.
The black one with white juice (coconut cream) should be hot
but they served cold ones, so not very nice.

Deer meat
Not bad, the meat is very tender.

*in chinese
you tiao with fried dofu

fried mee *a thumbs up for this dish

Different kind of prawn dishes.
We tired the cereal prawn & the left pic, im not sure what's the name.

spring roll

Left is tom-yam soup.
Not spicy nor sour.
Right is kang gong

Goose meat
*warning, don eat too much as you may die.
That's accordin to chinese doctor, in the past.

But its nice (:

Steam&fried fish ???

One of my favourite.
Hot-plate tofu (egg tofu in circle shape) with egg (x

Both chicken/ one chicken one duck

Coffee pig-something
don really like it as the coffee (sauce) is bitter.
To me.

Sea cucumber

Shark fins
with addn $2


Not sure but its nice (:

Century eggs
didnt try, don really like century eggs xP

Sea snail
that's waht my parents told me.

Fruit salad with prawns (:


After which,
went over to visit grandpa.
Its been a few weeks since i last visit him in SGH.
Now, he's in Dover Park Hospice, near TTS (if you know where's the place)

When my dad drove in to the place,
makes me remember a scene in Ghost Whisperer.
The place is actually very nice&cooling.
When i went in to his ward,
i cant believe my eyes...

Now, i finally understand why qin&ahjie saw him,
they will feel like crying...
Or maybe,,,cry in front of him.

Not going to describe how he looks like,,,
but really, lookin at him you'll feel&understand the pain he's been all this weeks.
My ...... said he's going to be blind, soon...
Not sure of the reason.
But we can see that, when he saw my brother, which is his grandson,
he's so happy.
Seems like all the pain within him is gone & is recovery soon.
I even cried 2times, without lettin others know.
I shed my tears so that i dont show my 'real' expression out in front of my grandpa.

I know that everyone hope he can get well,
but i guess its not possible anymore...

Please let my grandpa be ok.
Please let him be painless.
Please let him be happy.
Please let him be able to leave the ward-room
& able to go back home.
Please let him be ok.
Let him be able to celebrate his birthday
with happiness & joy.
Let this be a memorable part for him & everyone of us
which will never be replaced...
Birthday post time...
Happy 18th Birthday to nil (30/5) (:

May 29, 2010

A lot of things happened...
Have studies,
have family things,
have personal things
& what's more awaitin for me to handle/deal with...

Since i've already 'conquer' the toughest problem in my entire life,,,
what other difficult/challengin stuff i have not attempted,
do 'pop' out now or else i wont entertain you as its time for me to put 100% attention&hard work on to my modules project.

Have told you before on my previous post...

  • c#

  • web design

  • effective presentation skills

  • cmaths& c# test next week

  • ...

    I think that's all till term breaks(:
    Cant wait for term-break(x

    Next is im goin to introduce to you a nice buffet dinin place in Shaw Plaza @ Balestier Road
    Actually its nothing special to you,
    as its Sakaru Buffet & i think should be $22/adult for lunch buffet.
    Even though i know its damn expensive,
    but its worth it, for me, in gerenal xP

    Here's a few pictures which i took, quite little xP

    Fruit salad with honydrew & honeydrew & honeydrew,,,still its honeydrew (x

    Satay (pork/chicken)

    'shark fin' soup

    bbq beef

    On the left is pekkin duck
    on the right is salomn,cooked ones

    grilled chicken

    fresh own-made mushroom soup


    Pizza, not nice >.<

    is that how you spelt ???

    Sushis (x

    Tom yam soup
    its hot&sour, not very spicy
    That's all i had.
    Didnt really took the desserts concer xP
    They even served laska, ice-cream, jelly, pudding & more.
    Do visit!!!
    Shaw Plaza @ Balestier Road.
    & here's the birthday concer...
    Happy 18th Birthday to Alvin,secondary school friends(29/5) (:

    May 26, 2010

    Finally week5 had just past,,,
    now comes to week6...

    Week6 shall be, whereby, all projects, presentation, tests criteria suddenly 'pops' out from no where...
    So here's a whole list of what's happenin for this week which is week6...

    digital electronics

  • Was told that week7/8 or both, there will be a lab quiz&test.

  • c# = prinicple of computing (POC)

  • Project topic for various groups.
  • & my group got LabBooking which we have to hand in the structure chart & pseudocode/IPO table by week7/8.

  • Web Design
  • Group design/presentation is up & we have to do a web page or something that's similar by week15/16 which is the end of semseter.

  • Tues
  • week7 have logic test

  • photography
  • all i can say is that this module is a torturin module

  • right now my group is not located in the 'save zone' as we have not present yet

  • EPS
  • presentation topic, we've chosen to do research on Venice

  • Basically,that's all...

    & on mon(24/5)
    is Kamini's b'dae.
    We've planned a surprise celebration for & the cake, Black Forest, is bought from Icing Room which is famous for customising your own, unqiue cake(:
    Shiming, Julianah &me gave Kamini a phone chain as her prsesnt(:

    Here's an update on b'daes...
    Happy 18th Birthday to Kenneth
    Happy 20th Birthday to Desmond
    Happy 17th Brithday to Edwin
    Happy 18th Birthday to Kamini
    Happy 18th Birthday to Wendy,primary school

    I remember there's more...
    But this is all i can recall xP

    Better slot my time properin so that i can touch up on a few on my projects/presentations (:

    May 18, 2010

    These pics are supposed to be uploaded a few weeks ago
    but i don have a chance to plug the usb cable into my lappy.
    here they are.
    A bag tag by mel(:
    She bought it in Mickey shop in T1, Tampines.
    Not sure this present is supposed to be for this year or next...
    For photography,,,
    its a "SAVE" time.
    As, due to time constrain, teacher so-called 'delay' the presention to the next lesson which is next week.
    But, still we got 'scolded' by her as we're not able to send her out presentation work during class
    as we have not done our individual photoshoots.

    Here are two pictures which i took using camera phone.
    Did turn on the flash for both shoots (:

    In yellow function (not use what's that word, starts with s)

    In black&white function

    Have a view & you could give me a few comments too (:
    Ohh my,,
    cant believe im actually stayin up 'late'...
    all thanks to photography...

    went to Esther's blog again
    & i cant believe it she actually 'put/apply' Laneige makeup products...

    So i did place a comment
    & hope after that comment/post (by her) more people are more familiar to Laneige products
    as i've be their shopper for almost a year or so or maybe 2years.

    as i've said in her comments,
    i maybe 'reopenin' the Laniege samples giveaway.
    Thanks to Esther.
    So, right now,
    all i can do was to thank her a hundred, thousand or maybe millions times (: (: (:

    This is the picture taken from Esther's blog (:

    From what i know,
    she maybe either using Skin Veil Foundation in Snow Shimmer or Oil-Free or the original, or
    the new foundation called the Snow Crystal Dual Foundation, White Plus Renew.
    All the mention foundation contain whitening effect & UV protection.

    You maybe wondering, "should be concealer, not foundation ?"
    My answer is that Laneige foundation has the same effect as concealer, so you can save on concealer (:
    besides that, you can also apply Satin Finish Loose Power or Satin Finish Pact (Sebum Control) if you're oily skin as the loose power contains fine power particles which can cover the oil (:

    If not, you can apply makeup brighter to brighten up your radiance skin or Satin Finish Pact which is suitable for normal to dry skin people.

    Stay tune for the 'reopen' sample giveaway.

    Happy 20th Birthday to Desmond
    Happy 18th Birthday to Kenneth
    both falls on the same date, 17May.

    ~~Signnin off now xP

    May 16, 2010

    From this week onwards,
    it would be a terrible & tough week.
    As its 'class test & presentation' week...

    'Week5, im gonna hate you !'
    *Opps xP

    Anyway, Monday will be free...
    Tuesday will photography presentation on both group work & individual work.
    But the best thing is that i have not started on any @ ALL...
    Next right (x

    1. We have not found our 'master' photographer

    2. I have not taken my port-folio photo

    3. We have not started on our presentation work

    4. & of course, we have even discuss anything related to our photography project work

    very pathetic right ???
    Cant believe my group is so damn lazy uncooperative.
    What to do...
    When ever we went into the class,
    its like 'its the end of the world' days...
    (Even though its just an hour lesson)

    Wednesday have makeup lesson for com. skills as week6 friday is Vesak Day which is a public hoilday.
    So lesson for the day is from 9am - 1pm.
    & will be handin in our script for com. skills role-play.
    For com. skill lesson will be writin Proposal...
    & our tutor said that for the next ICA,
    we will have to write a 8-page full proposal. (*WA)

    Thursday will be our cMath test 2 & its on sets theroy...
    Hope that i can pass for that when i cant seems to do well in this topic xP

    Friday will be database ICA 1 which is equal to class test 1.
    & the whole class , except for a handful, dont even listen durin lecture
    & also dont know anything even if we're "Attentive" durin practical class...
    So its like no hope for my class xP
    & also, we will have our role-play for com. skills on Conflict Management & Interpesonal Communication...

    That's for week5 schedule...
    But i think for Tuesday & Friday...
    will be in a mess.

    Wish me luck (=

    May 9, 2010

    Forgot to post something...
    Happy 18th Birthday Teddy B3Ar (:

    Just finish doing my Web Design & some are a bit difficult to do...
    Especially the CSS text.
    But managed to finish it thanks to Desmond (:
    & Edwin too.

    Next is c# = Priniciple of Computing.
    We has to do the quiz1
    & we're given 3 attempts to do it.
    But for both 1st&2nd attempts,
    i've got 60%.

    So probably after asking my friend tomorrow,
    maybe the last & finale attempt i can score more than 70%.
    (cant aim that high like 100%,
    as i may get 70% is a good score but 75% & above is the best [= )

    Seems like my preivous post on the "Weekly Giveaway"
    doesnt have a good respone...
    So i think,,
    better don open a post for it...

    But i really like to share some of the Laneige samples with all the ladies/girls out there (:

    That's all,,,
    just a short post (:

    nothing's prefect for me
    i wanna share it to all
    but everyone doesnt seems to like "it"...
    hope that more people can recognise me
    through bloggin!
    recognise me for givin out the samples
    & the product be popular among teens or OL out there (:

    May 7, 2010

    Saw this nice label via the above mention blog (:
    She's quite nice
    & was thinking should i have a weekly or maybe monthly giveaway ???
    But from what i know,,,
    i dont have much readers per day...

    Not like the above mention blog,
    she has about a few hundred or thousands of readers per day,,,
    that's why she's known as "Singapore's top blogger"
    But not that famous as xiaxue.

    The idea of settin up a giveaway is because i have lots of Laneige samples when i went to purchase my skincare products.
    If you think that i should open one so that you could try out Laneige products,
    feel free to tag me on my tagboard or mail me.

    May 6, 2010

    Seriously i start to hate Photography more
    even since the 1st presentation,,,
    i guess...

    It seems that all the lessons,since the 1st day in photography,
    it likes like the 'major teacher' had already plan to ask
    the students, which is 'us', to do presentation,,,
    for ALL lessons.

    Rigth now,we've got 1 major project presentation
    which will also be consider as our portfoilo for Photography
    & the due-date is week5/6 which is 2weeks later, staring from tue.


    May 5, 2010

    Randomly came over to Xiaxue's blog
    & this so-called qoute,,,attracts my attention when i just scroll the page down
    as there's too much photos to view...

    This is the quote,
    from her blog

      Adidas Action 3 Groominh Tips:
    • Always use deodorant!

    • Girls love men who smells good!

    • Deodorant comes in many forms including liquid, invisible solid, and spray.
      Spray is the most effective ones!

    • P1 Blogging Tips:
    • Update regularly.

    • Be shameless.

    • Post as many photos as possible.

    After looki @ this,,,
    i was thinkin "is that how most of the bloggers got famous from the internet& 'real life' ???"
    That's what im thinking...
    & maybe they got famous due to thier experience on some particular things or even share thier makeup tips via bloggin or youtube...
    If you're askin 'what's P1 ???'
    I think is some knid of campany in Malaysia...
    as there's a program called Project Alpha...
    You can source through thier web

    This shall be a short post,,,
    as im currently crackin my head to finish up my c# homework...

    May 2, 2010

    Ok to say the truth,
    i had a so-called 'terrible' week...
    All i can say is that a few bad misfortune things happen, recently.

      One is, of course, that my cousins & sisters are having their MYE = mid-year-exam
      & so after that they will be free...
      As it June holiday...
      But for me, why i call it a 'bad' thing is because when im having a break, in the first month, while thier studying, preparing for class tests & so.
      But right now, its the opposite way...
      So, ok, i cant say its unfair as Poly study calendar is different from the original school calendar.
      & all i have to say is,,,
      all the best for your exam to my cousins & sisters & also to ahjie, who is also one of cousin too,
      can got into SIM (:
      & most importantly, last long with your 'johnny dear(x'

      Next is that 'we dont have any extra holiday break for tomorrow'.
      &, as told from my PEM = personal mentor, we dont have holiday on Teacher's Day.
      Which is so UNFAIR to the tutors, lecturers & etc.
      They, too, are known as teachers but why didnt they have a rest day on Teacher's Day
      which is supposed to be a special day FOR them...
      Dont you think its so unreasonable to them ???

      After which, is qin...
      I dont know what really happen to her during school/class lessons
      as, according to her blog which is Qin ,
      she had some mis-conception or was it mis-communciation with her friends/classmates...
      (Should be friends right ????)
      Anyway, i guess probably of this .... particular person who this this & that
      which became a misunderstanding to a lot of people, including qin
      Thus, she proclaimed that she cried inside her house toilet i guess, alone....
      "Alone" is the saddest part ): ): ): ): ):
      But it seems that the situation is solved/cleared,
      & right, for thier project (i guess), should be right on track (:
      & im happy for her as she dont have to start thinking back & cry & stuff...

      Lastly, i guess this should be the last one or maybe not xPPPP
      Im not sure...xD
      Something bad happen or should i said,,,
      something 'unexpectedly' happen to my grandfather,ermmm the maternal side...
      & none of us could ever imagined, right his condition,,,,,
      is becamin.... 'great'...
      After he had his operation, which ,as i've known, is cancer round his stomach area,
      he's finally ok & back to the original grandfather all the family members used to know...
      erm,,,how should i say...
      ok lets say that,,,this cancer is a bit 'unhappy' as grandfather is safe & healthy...
      & right,,, lets refer cancer as 'it' as i dont wanna say to many times & that makes to worried for my grandfather...
      'It' came back...
      & right now,,,its worse than before....
      Apparently, the doctor said that yes they really did take out/cut out 'it' & they thought grandfather was safe but what they didnt know is that 'it' is still inside his body
      & 'it' is spreading around his body which, right now, his condition is getting 'bad',,,
      lets not make it sound so serious
      From what i know right now,,,
      he CMI = cannot make it
      His condition is quite critical...
      & 'it' is in stage 4...
      Means my grandfather is in stage4 of 'it'

      all the family members, including cousins, relatives, his children, grandchildren & even my paternal grandfather went to the hospital to visit him.
      Can look from his face that his forcing out a smile on his face...
      But i can feel that his actually 'fighting' to stop the pain from his stomach.
      & today, all he did was to say his so-called 'last hope/wishes'...
      & all i did was try to joke around to cover up the moody atmosphere.

    That's all for today...
    I know it maybe a long post full of 'dots'
    but i hope you can appreciate everything i've said here
    & not makin any comments on this post (:

    Edit-ed 4/5/2010
    My mum told me not to 'post' up on my grandfather's issue...
    so i so-called 'white' it & 'minimize' it...

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