May 18, 2010

Ohh my,,
cant believe im actually stayin up 'late'...
all thanks to photography...

went to Esther's blog again
& i cant believe it she actually 'put/apply' Laneige makeup products...

So i did place a comment
& hope after that comment/post (by her) more people are more familiar to Laneige products
as i've be their shopper for almost a year or so or maybe 2years.

as i've said in her comments,
i maybe 'reopenin' the Laniege samples giveaway.
Thanks to Esther.
So, right now,
all i can do was to thank her a hundred, thousand or maybe millions times (: (: (:

This is the picture taken from Esther's blog (:

From what i know,
she maybe either using Skin Veil Foundation in Snow Shimmer or Oil-Free or the original, or
the new foundation called the Snow Crystal Dual Foundation, White Plus Renew.
All the mention foundation contain whitening effect & UV protection.

You maybe wondering, "should be concealer, not foundation ?"
My answer is that Laneige foundation has the same effect as concealer, so you can save on concealer (:
besides that, you can also apply Satin Finish Loose Power or Satin Finish Pact (Sebum Control) if you're oily skin as the loose power contains fine power particles which can cover the oil (:

If not, you can apply makeup brighter to brighten up your radiance skin or Satin Finish Pact which is suitable for normal to dry skin people.

Stay tune for the 'reopen' sample giveaway.

Happy 20th Birthday to Desmond
Happy 18th Birthday to Kenneth
both falls on the same date, 17May.

~~Signnin off now xP

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