Apr 30, 2007


Thought can pass mine chi..but righi nw..hmmmmmm.i don thin i can make it anymore..
E comprehension mine chi cher set izz hard lolx..but..e hardest part was passage 2 e writin out e comprehension one..nt passage 1 e numbers one...
Wa...thn e passage 2 was so straight forward lol e main points..
E main points 2 e ans izz 'money..can buy buy lots of tingz..includin our own tyme..!!!!!!!!!!
But e paper 1 izz nt tt hard la..but paper 2 dame dame dame dame dame dame dame dame hard lol..
Well.anyway.im nt comin ere 2 tok bout mine CL papers..but tokin bout him again..
Juz nw durin break tyme when gettin reali 4 paper 2..diana,sabrina.an ting & mi r on e way bak 2 an ting's class<@ e 2nd floor> thn we saw someting cuttin along our way..it was actually him lolx..wa lao thn when we saw him diana they all say 'ai..hu izz tt arh..oi it'z minghui's honey..noi wonder look so akin 2 us..we better don disturb them la hor...'

Thn an ting went bak 2 her class thn we walk 2 our own class.. After tt..mi.diana.sabrina & ain playin 2gether wif dini's ruler thn after tt diana shouted..'oi..'r'..minghui gt smth wan tel yu!!'

Thn both of us don wan look @ each other thn after he reply bak..'wat bout yu,diana..wan mi go cal alastair up??'thn diana say..'tt doesnt matter la e most impt ting izz she wan tel yu smth which izz S.L.Y...' @ 1st he don under thn sabrina go whisper 2 him thn he under..@ 1st itizz nt wad i reali wan 2 tel him but after he msg say..did they juz jokin or real..thn i don reply..thn i msg again..actually i oso I/L/Y..i @ 1st don believe thn he msg again & r last tyme..'jus JOKIN..hehex..'
Peww..i juz ave a close shock but luckly he didnt take it sreiously..
*-* *-* *-* *-* *-* *-* *-* *-* *-* *-* *-* *-* *-* *-* *-* *-* *-* *-* *-* *-* *-* *-* *-* *-* *-*

Apr 21, 2007

Hie all..i finally bak & wan 2 write someting which izz happi & lame..
3 tingz happen..

1st::::ben's blog was so lame lolx..he change new handwritin oso wan 2 post it out..bo liao lolx..
But i thin itizz opkie 4 him as his new handwritin dame nice lolx..
(But i go post his tagboard & say L.A.M.E in it!! Hehex..)

2nd::::'R' (4 those hu understands wat it means) was dame bo liao one lolx..ytd after recess when goin bak class..everytyme we'll walk from e front door includin 'R' & mi..but he's so special tt he go walk through e back door & 'accidentally' walk 2 mine seat (which izz near e back door @ round e concer) & say 'y pack tingz??wan go whr??' cuz ytd last period was chi & i go other class 2 study so nid 2 take bag along thn straight away go hm after tt..thn (even though 'he' noe whr i goin) keeps blockin my way thn after i shout softly say go away in front of him thn he happily gif ways..
I don noi wat he thinkin but i thin he shd b dame happi cuz 4 around 1-2 months he didnt tok 2 mi @ all cuz he dare nt face 2 world of tellin himself tt in his heart..he still ave a space 4 mi..which izz true..& 4 e ppl hu read tis post don thin wrong idea of mi 'like' him..cuz in mine heart izz full of studies..4 e tyme bein..

3rd::::which happens quite sometymez ago but i still rmb izz on fri(thin on 16th of march)when takin a bus goin hm..itizz a long story but cuttin it short & understandable..
On 16th of march 2007,,,,i took bus 66 goin bak 2 mine hus..& someting suprised mi;;;;;;;
I sit @ e bak of e bus b4 e end..which i ave a empty space nxt 2 mi..means i sit @ outside of e seat which izz 1 seat away from e window;;;;;;& 2 my suprise..'he',zhao hui & alastair sit all e way 2 e back sit which izz behind mi..& derh izz onli 1 seat..so zhao hui siy on it & alastair sit beside a uncle which izz opposite mine seat..nw left 'him' standin..thn he ask mi whether can i sit inside thn i say noi & he reply bak by sayin he sit inside lolx..
Thn i gif way 2 him 2 let him sit wifout sittin bak 2 mine original position..thn @ 1st both of mine hands r on e bag..thn i thin i wan take out mine phone so i place mine right hand on e seat itself..thn don y both of us start 'holdin' our hands 2gether..which makes mi dame happi lolx..
After tt dae,,i understand hw does a 'couple' holin hands wif each other feels like!!
2 mi,,it feels like when yu'r in winter places & yu wear a pair of gloves,,it feels so warm..tt's e feelin 2 mi which i feels when both of us holds our hands 2gether...hehex..so happi..

Ttis e end of mine story & e happi & lame tingz..hope i can write more after mine exam izz over..wishin all mine classmatez & frenz pass their exam wif flyin colours..<<33

Apr 12, 2007

3llo all...v long nvr post liao...hope all nt angry wif mi~o~...
Tmr was interfrenship dae!! so...mine sch 2dae celebrate it 1st & they had e so-cal 'best' performance among all..
But i don thin so cuz makes mi feel like goin 2 slp lolx...
Whlie..anyway...2dae goin say bout hw stupid i am..cuz juz nw round 3.40pm izz e end of mine assembly thn actually can go hm but e principal wan 2 tok someting on our malay dance ppl cuz tis tyme round <4> they won a sliver 4 our sch..which izz okie 2 us cuz 2 yrs bak they gt e same prize as while..
But our principal thin tt they olady did their best & oso hope tt e rest of e performin arts group can maintain their standard juz like e malay dance group..thn after 'she' finish her tok..itizz rainin again..
Thn 'some' of us cnt go hm cuz of e rain..thn @ 5pm i gort tuition thn nid go hm & take mine tingz..so i don care thn run across e road without umbrella wif mine frenz 2 e bus-stop..thn from top 2 bottom..all wet lolx..but still kind of fun la..hehex...
Nid go slp liao..end of mine xperience 4 2dae...
Gdnitez & sweet dreamz...<<33

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