Apr 21, 2007

Hie all..i finally bak & wan 2 write someting which izz happi & lame..
3 tingz happen..

1st::::ben's blog was so lame lolx..he change new handwritin oso wan 2 post it out..bo liao lolx..
But i thin itizz opkie 4 him as his new handwritin dame nice lolx..
(But i go post his tagboard & say L.A.M.E in it!! Hehex..)

2nd::::'R' (4 those hu understands wat it means) was dame bo liao one lolx..ytd after recess when goin bak class..everytyme we'll walk from e front door includin 'R' & mi..but he's so special tt he go walk through e back door & 'accidentally' walk 2 mine seat (which izz near e back door @ round e concer) & say 'y pack tingz??wan go whr??' cuz ytd last period was chi & i go other class 2 study so nid 2 take bag along thn straight away go hm after tt..thn (even though 'he' noe whr i goin) keeps blockin my way thn after i shout softly say go away in front of him thn he happily gif ways..
I don noi wat he thinkin but i thin he shd b dame happi cuz 4 around 1-2 months he didnt tok 2 mi @ all cuz he dare nt face 2 world of tellin himself tt in his heart..he still ave a space 4 mi..which izz true..& 4 e ppl hu read tis post don thin wrong idea of mi 'like' him..cuz in mine heart izz full of studies..4 e tyme bein..

3rd::::which happens quite sometymez ago but i still rmb izz on fri(thin on 16th of march)when takin a bus goin hm..itizz a long story but cuttin it short & understandable..
On 16th of march 2007,,,,i took bus 66 goin bak 2 mine hus..& someting suprised mi;;;;;;;
I sit @ e bak of e bus b4 e end..which i ave a empty space nxt 2 mi..means i sit @ outside of e seat which izz 1 seat away from e window;;;;;;& 2 my suprise..'he',zhao hui & alastair sit all e way 2 e back sit which izz behind mi..& derh izz onli 1 seat..so zhao hui siy on it & alastair sit beside a uncle which izz opposite mine seat..nw left 'him' standin..thn he ask mi whether can i sit inside thn i say noi & he reply bak by sayin he sit inside lolx..
Thn i gif way 2 him 2 let him sit wifout sittin bak 2 mine original position..thn @ 1st both of mine hands r on e bag..thn i thin i wan take out mine phone so i place mine right hand on e seat itself..thn don y both of us start 'holdin' our hands 2gether..which makes mi dame happi lolx..
After tt dae,,i understand hw does a 'couple' holin hands wif each other feels like!!
2 mi,,it feels like when yu'r in winter places & yu wear a pair of gloves,,it feels so warm..tt's e feelin 2 mi which i feels when both of us holds our hands 2gether...hehex..so happi..

Ttis e end of mine story & e happi & lame tingz..hope i can write more after mine exam izz over..wishin all mine classmatez & frenz pass their exam wif flyin colours..<<33

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