Jun 27, 2010

Back from Bangkok Trip.
Its fun & exciting for the past 4 & 1/2 days.
Have a lot of my first time experienece in Bangkok.

Will post more when i got the camera from my parents when they arrive back,

Jun 22, 2010

Damn freaking pissed off...
All thanks to web design.
Seems like most of the class have not touch anything on web design.
Everyone is doing their c# = POC = Principle Of Computing, just like ME (=

Yesterday went back to school, to do web design.
But ended up doing c# xP
Today, right now, say going to put 110% attention & concentration on web design...
But... i really did a few.
Like calendar, adding event for my calendar & (maybe) photo gallery.
But still, turn my attention to c# xP

I know i'm not good in web design, not like i'm bad in it.
But i seriously do not know where should i start from.
Lazy & shy to ask mr sum for help,
when randy said he's in school.

After which,
facebook 'hopping'.
Saw a few profiles & when i saw ...'s profile,
got ... photos on it.
Not sure why when i saw ... happy face,
i started crying.
Luckily its not that obvious, all thanks to 'pig' aka brother, kor kor.
Thanks (:

Now staring at my lappy,blankin.
But at least im sourcing out for weather & traffic updates.
They told to source for RSS.

Suresh & a guy called brain, were sleeping.
Andrew & adeline went somewhere to finsih/discuss their project.
Randy reading a book called Forbidden Game.
Qin watching her video.

~~~~~~~~~~signin off~~~~~~~~~~

Jun 20, 2010

I think after today's incident,
im so gonna hate & ban myself from buying bubble tea from SweetTalk.

Lets 'rewind' back to friday,
shall we ???

Friday, 18th June,
Early mornin was supposed to go back to school for c# project
thanks to randy & suresh, i've "Almost" finished the project.
Just with a few 'cuts & polish', it will be a nice&wonderful masterpiece (=

Afternoon, went over to AMK Hub to look for xiaogu for lunch.
Shop awhile & i finally went to the dessert shop again.
Super nice!!!
This time round, i tried the Honeydew Sago while xiaogu tried a mango dessert.
The mango were sweet & yummy.
As for mine, the honeydews were quite sweet but the size of it was a bitten to 'big' pieces for me, wearin braces plus 'rubber band', to bit on.
But overall, i gave it 3.5/5.
As for the mango dessert, 4/5 cause its tasty & i like the mango (x

After which, around 3plus,
went over to Orchard for some 'Mango' shopping...
(not the fruit but the store name 'Mango')
But didnt bought anything from Mango, even though it had a 50% discount storewide.
Ended up, purchasing a loose powder from Laneige.
The loose powder really works well on my face which 'earse' off the oil&'shine' from my face instantly.

Edit-ed 21/6
*was damn sleepy thats why i miss this part xP

Sunday, 20/6,
Went over to vivo for photoshoot.
But turns out, its such a disappointment.
Went to view the new Olympus Pen series camera.
Damn expensive...
Cheapest is like
$899, expensive is $1600++
I need sponser for that.
I damn freaking loving & adoring EPL1 camera.
It comes together with LIVE! Guide & shooting tips for beginners but i also love EP2 as it has 8 art fliters which is very nice.
I NEED SPONSERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Do you want to try out some of Laneige products to see the effective change ???
Now's the chance!
I have 2 samples of Laneige Globally, best selling product.

The sample packs

The details & the sample

Its called the Water Sleeping Pack_EX.
Reason for being the advantage of Asian Women's favourite 'Sleeping Pack' is because

  • String Moisturisation & Hydration
  • Exfoliation & Brightening
  • Sleepscent for Deep Sleep Effect
    Sleepscent helps you have a deep sleep so that your skin can rest & with a unique aroma that invites you to a comfortable sleep.

    Here are some of the comments which was published in Laneige Summer/2010 Magazine Issue.
  • Quickly to permeate into skin, no sticky feeling, keep moisture in the next morning.
  • Feel comfortable of the scent, keep moisture in the net morning, decrease of sebum excretion, skin becomes soften.
  • Convenient to use, can go to sleep without rinsing off.

  • Here's how the actual product looks like. (if you're thinking of buying it)

    Not very sure what's the price.
    You can visit their website Here

    Here's how you can win:
    Just write 'Laneige Sample' on the 'subject'
    & send it to laneigeluv@gmail.com
    together with your name, phone number, email & home address.

    The 1st & 10th sender will get to win this Globally Popular Product from Laneige (=
    Entry ends when reach 20th sender. (as this is my 1st time, so want to try out first)

    Last but not least,
    Here's wishing all the fathers, worldwide, a Happy Father's Day (=

    Jun 17, 2010

    Today i had an extremely "FUN" day.
    Thanks to ......
    A guy called Suresh.

    In the morning, did a few reserach for web design project.
    Guess what's my breakfast for the day ??!!!
    The usual ones,,,
    bread with blueberries spread (its nice, though) & a cup of Nescafe 3-In-1 coffee.
    I don like it as it contains too much milk, but still its nice (:

    Bus-ed down to school, again, for web design.
    Serious speaking, i dont like 'web design' @ all...
    Seriously, he speaks like a bullet train.
    That's why, i guess, my class like dislike web design.
    But on the other hand, its still fun as we can 'complain' to him & he will repeat again
    until he got pissed off xP

    & for the whole day, ok la, not whole day
    but for the whole afternoon,
    we didnt touch on 'ANYTHING' for web design
    turns out, we did our c# project.

    After which, went over to Block L to look for qin & company.
    I thought its a whole bunch of people working on their project.
    But turns out its just qin, randy & suresh.
    & sorry to kamini & juli (if you're reading)
    sorry as i somehow 'ignore' you guys.

    But at the end of the day,
    i manage to finish&learn a few new ways for my c# project.
    Thanks to randy & suresh(:
    & thnaks to suresh again for making my day happy & full of laughter xD

    GOing off for some FIFA World Cup Games!

    Jun 16, 2010

    Been working on c# project for straight 2days.
    Monday went over to Bugis Junction for lunch with wenting, shiming, clinton, desmond & edwin.

    After lunch, the guys went over to Sim Lim Square for edwin's 'wife'
    while the rest, together with liangyi, went over to NLB, National Library Broad, to look for seats.
    Sadly, there wasn't any available seats.
    Even those who went for lunch just left their stuffs on the seats & went off.
    Went over to Basement 1,
    no luck too.

    So, slack & think of other possible places to study.
    Thought of Mac, so we walked over to Bras Basah Mac which is a few metres away from NLB.
    After which, the whole afternoon,
    we did our work in Mac.
    We did cMaths, c# project & also c# e-quiz.
    & surprisingly, none of us knew that Mac had a 'special' promotion.
    Where you have to select any 3 items, whether its large drink, large fries, ice-cream & etc.,
    it will only costed you $5.
    Can you believe it ???
    That's so extremely cheap & affordable for light snacks.
    I bet you didn't know about this promotion right ???
    Same goes to all 7 of us.
    We didnt know until liangyi told us about it.
    (Not sure how they got to knew it)

    I'm not 100% sure that all Mac outlets have this 'special' promotion.
    Think you asked them first before you ordered for it (:
    If you get to try out, do feel free to tag me
    so that next time i can buy it for snacks (:

    Just now, went over to AMK Hub for lunch.
    But not "IN" AMK Hub but "OUTSIDE".
    Went over to S11.

  • Bus-ed down to school.

  • Went over to Cheers! as edwin was late, so it was meant to be his punishment

  • Straight to the library

  • By the way, (must make myself clear)
    actually, edwin was supposed to pay for our drinks
    but we're good people so we paid it, in the end.

    Finsihed up our c# project & e-quiz till 5plus.
    But, we managed to finish "a bit" of the c# project.

    Heard that my parents 'they all' are planning to go over to Bangkok.
    No interest for me @ ALL.
    So i decline them & probably will be staying in my grandmother's place or stayed 'alone' @ home,
    together with ahpig, my 2nd sister.
    She's not going too, reason being, she went before during her primary's excursion trip.
    & she claimed that there's all shopping & shopping & shopping...
    Most of it.
    Will be asking my parents to buy a few items, like watches, wallets, clothings & so & so...

    Just finished watching a 'free' broadcast of the Fifa World Cup on Portugal vs Cote d'lvoire.
    Guess what's the final score ???
    Its a 'DRAW'
    None of the team scored.
    Therefore, the final score is 0 - 0.
    Waste of my time to watch the game.

    Hope that Spain can win >.< (x xDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Tomorrow will be going to 'visit' my grandpa. Which marks the 15th 14th day after his death.
    Days pass by so fast
    like it just happened yesterday...
    Everyone told me tomorrow is the 3rd week
    & i still thought its the 2nd week!!!
    This means that...
    I'm still staying in the past,
    not moving on...
    I'm still lingering on the day which you left
    & not moving on like everyone did.
    Its be hard for everyone
    ever since you left.
    But we've tried to stay happy
    & contiune with our normal rountie
    without making you worrying about us.
    Hope that in your next life,
    you will stay healthy & happy
    & live old with your loved ones
    like us, your family.
    We will always be your family,
    always your happy & proud family (:

    Jun 10, 2010

    Never knew that four days can pass by so fast like a bullet train in Japan.
    After the cremation on mon,
    everyone remains strong in the outside, but i know that they are soft on th inside...
    They felt upset & unforgettable memories will be in our hearts...

    Want to know what we did for the past four days (last friday [4/6] to monday [7/6])???!!!
    its gonna be wordy...
    But i can summarise for you (: (:

    Thursday night,,,
    got to know the 'big&sudden' news from my auntie who called back to grandma's house.
    After the call,
    everyone switched off the television & remain slient...
    As for me,
    i joke around saying, "how come all the newspaper have the 死 (means die in chinese) word ???"
    After everyone came back from the hospi (疗养院),
    everyone start to 'decorate' the house with red pieces of papers...
    Not suppose to switch on the television, look into the mirror, bath or even switch on the radio ??? ...
    While that's all we cant do for the next four days.

    Wake up @ 8plus to get ready for the ceremony...
    'the arrival of grandfather (ahgong)'
    Most of us cant stop our tears from flowing down, including me.
    After that, everyone is back to normal
    & the adults gave us instructions in what to do.
    But me & qin went off to school as we have lessons.
    After we came back, its time for some work.

    As planned,
    from friday afternoon to sunday morning/saturday night,
    there will be a lot of visitors comin over to give ahgong their respect&prayers.
    There are seriously a lot expecially on saturday...
    There are NP, NTU colleagues, bosses & ex-boss, relatives, friends, neighours & more.
    So its very busy...

    But the saddest part is sunday night & monday morning.
    Sunday night is when we have to 'bring' ahgong to the 'bridge',
    & there's a distance to walk before reaching.
    After that,
    is to 'give' ahgong all his assets.
    & during the process, we have to use a bamboo stick to hit the floor, which is actually the road,
    to call for ahgong to receive it, to prevent 'others' to snatch away from him.

    Monday morning, wake up @ 8am.
    Getting ready to go to school,
    i have to attend DE (digital electronic) test.
    To ahgong, he feels that test & exam are the most important things to do.
    So i've listened & remember his words, thus i went over to school to take my test
    & miss the early prayers for ahgong.
    But i know ahgong will understand my planning.
    After my test, which i finished @ 11.05,
    i rushed out to hail a cab.
    & ask the driver to use the new Bartely expressway, which is the fastest way to reach back home.
    & i cant believe it that the driver actually took 10mins to reach
    when previously i remember it took me half an hour...
    Unexpectedly, but still, thanks uncle (:

    Ahgong is sent over to Mundai Cremation.
    That place was the worst part of the day.
    Everyone just let out their emotions & cried out, without controlling
    but actually, we're not supposed to.
    After which, we went back for lunch
    &the entire 'event' had come to an end.

    Yesterday was the seventh day since ahgong left.
    He has suffered for approximate 3&1/2 months.
    We know that he was taking the pain himself without showing any sign at all.
    But everyone, in the family, were suffering together with him.


    even though you're not here with us anymore

    but still your presence will still remain in the family.

    i know that its hard for you during those recoverin days

    but i know you've tried your very best to stay healthy & happy,

    in front of everyone.

    Very happy to see you resting happily after long periods of pain& treatement.

    But i can assure you that i will stay healthy & concentrate on my studies.

    Jun 3, 2010

    suddenly everything seems to have change...
    all the normal, usual things that happened around
    have change...
    sheets of red paper 'decorating' the whole room
    the room used to be full of laughter & noise
    but today was rather peaceful & quiet.
    the eyes of the people are so watery like the Pacific Ocean,
    the movement of the people are faster & cooperative like a swarm of bees.
    the sound of paper cutting,
    mumbling voices,
    stiffing sound,
    cooperate spirit
    a sense of calmness...
    Nothing is going to stop,
    nothing is going to contiune,
    nothing is going to change
    that the event is here...
    Everyone does not dare to speak a word,
    does not dare to say a word,
    does not dare to move too much,
    does not dare to irritate people
    but just sitting down,
    thought things through before you speak.
    All i wanna say is...
    "You're the best!"
    "You will always be in our heart."
    "We will listen to your words & do it, to achieve the highest reward we can."
    "We will take the step carefully & slowly so that we won't fall into the trap"
    "We will always be there."
    "We will always be happy"
    "As this, is what you always want..."
    "A Happy Family,Staying As ONE!!"

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