Jun 17, 2010

Today i had an extremely "FUN" day.
Thanks to ......
A guy called Suresh.

In the morning, did a few reserach for web design project.
Guess what's my breakfast for the day ??!!!
The usual ones,,,
bread with blueberries spread (its nice, though) & a cup of Nescafe 3-In-1 coffee.
I don like it as it contains too much milk, but still its nice (:

Bus-ed down to school, again, for web design.
Serious speaking, i dont like 'web design' @ all...
Seriously, he speaks like a bullet train.
That's why, i guess, my class like dislike web design.
But on the other hand, its still fun as we can 'complain' to him & he will repeat again
until he got pissed off xP

& for the whole day, ok la, not whole day
but for the whole afternoon,
we didnt touch on 'ANYTHING' for web design
turns out, we did our c# project.

After which, went over to Block L to look for qin & company.
I thought its a whole bunch of people working on their project.
But turns out its just qin, randy & suresh.
& sorry to kamini & juli (if you're reading)
sorry as i somehow 'ignore' you guys.

But at the end of the day,
i manage to finish&learn a few new ways for my c# project.
Thanks to randy & suresh(:
& thnaks to suresh again for making my day happy & full of laughter xD

GOing off for some FIFA World Cup Games!

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