Jun 20, 2010

I think after today's incident,
im so gonna hate & ban myself from buying bubble tea from SweetTalk.

Lets 'rewind' back to friday,
shall we ???

Friday, 18th June,
Early mornin was supposed to go back to school for c# project
thanks to randy & suresh, i've "Almost" finished the project.
Just with a few 'cuts & polish', it will be a nice&wonderful masterpiece (=

Afternoon, went over to AMK Hub to look for xiaogu for lunch.
Shop awhile & i finally went to the dessert shop again.
Super nice!!!
This time round, i tried the Honeydew Sago while xiaogu tried a mango dessert.
The mango were sweet & yummy.
As for mine, the honeydews were quite sweet but the size of it was a bitten to 'big' pieces for me, wearin braces plus 'rubber band', to bit on.
But overall, i gave it 3.5/5.
As for the mango dessert, 4/5 cause its tasty & i like the mango (x

After which, around 3plus,
went over to Orchard for some 'Mango' shopping...
(not the fruit but the store name 'Mango')
But didnt bought anything from Mango, even though it had a 50% discount storewide.
Ended up, purchasing a loose powder from Laneige.
The loose powder really works well on my face which 'earse' off the oil&'shine' from my face instantly.

Edit-ed 21/6
*was damn sleepy thats why i miss this part xP

Sunday, 20/6,
Went over to vivo for photoshoot.
But turns out, its such a disappointment.
Went to view the new Olympus Pen series camera.
Damn expensive...
Cheapest is like
$899, expensive is $1600++
I need sponser for that.
I damn freaking loving & adoring EPL1 camera.
It comes together with LIVE! Guide & shooting tips for beginners but i also love EP2 as it has 8 art fliters which is very nice.
I NEED SPONSERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Do you want to try out some of Laneige products to see the effective change ???
Now's the chance!
I have 2 samples of Laneige Globally, best selling product.

The sample packs

The details & the sample

Its called the Water Sleeping Pack_EX.
Reason for being the advantage of Asian Women's favourite 'Sleeping Pack' is because

  • String Moisturisation & Hydration
  • Exfoliation & Brightening
  • Sleepscent for Deep Sleep Effect
    Sleepscent helps you have a deep sleep so that your skin can rest & with a unique aroma that invites you to a comfortable sleep.

    Here are some of the comments which was published in Laneige Summer/2010 Magazine Issue.
  • Quickly to permeate into skin, no sticky feeling, keep moisture in the next morning.
  • Feel comfortable of the scent, keep moisture in the net morning, decrease of sebum excretion, skin becomes soften.
  • Convenient to use, can go to sleep without rinsing off.

  • Here's how the actual product looks like. (if you're thinking of buying it)

    Not very sure what's the price.
    You can visit their website Here

    Here's how you can win:
    Just write 'Laneige Sample' on the 'subject'
    & send it to laneigeluv@gmail.com
    together with your name, phone number, email & home address.

    The 1st & 10th sender will get to win this Globally Popular Product from Laneige (=
    Entry ends when reach 20th sender. (as this is my 1st time, so want to try out first)

    Last but not least,
    Here's wishing all the fathers, worldwide, a Happy Father's Day (=

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