Sep 29, 2009

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S'pore's famous blogger,esther has updated her new Collection 3.

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Sep 28, 2009

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Kristineyunny has launched its Collection 26 yesterday.

A few of her new pieces which she had bought from overseas.

My favourite piece (x

My study week,the whole of last week.

Last week was the most 'terrified' week for me.
I have never seen myself study so hardworking till i can 'switch off' my brian @ 12plus am.
Saturday,went back to school to study till 1pm.
Where i went out to had my lunch with my family @ blk16.

Went back home,not long,go out to study again.
& went to look for them,again, @ 6.45pm to T2 Swensens as its my mum b'dae (:
Bought a regualr swensens cake back to ahma house.
To celebrate the September babies xP (i was one of them too)

B'dae cake from Swensens

My mum (too blur xP)

Kaiwen,caisheng & their dad (=

Nothing much happened on sunday.
But watching F1 via channel 5 xB
So nice but there's a few accident occured (again)....
In total,6 players were out.
& Lewis Hamilton won the S'pore F1 Grand Prix.

That's for today,
Need to study for my work (:

Sep 24, 2009

Have changed my blogskins (:
Saw this kind of suits my mood & feelings.
So that i don't have to clash with joyce.

Today school was usual.
Nth 'special' happen but lots of papers waiting for us to attempt.
Have being staying up late for the past few days as i have to finish up all papers by the next lesson.

Afternoon Humanlities lesson was a bit different as we're bended according to our prelim scores.
Think those who failed will be in Stephanie Choo's class,
Poa students one side,pure geography students another side.
So left with us,the 'SS passer' xP
will be at the hall.

Did SBQ & teacher was nice to go through all the qns instead of 1.
That's what he said when all of us stepped into the hall...
Go through all the way till 3.25pm which is end of lesson & school.
Class rep. to collect the worksheets & the boys to arrange back the chairs where it's supposed to be,which is @ the back of the hall.

Met 'uncle'.
Was supposed to eat ljs with him & bing xiang but didn't.

After that spot melmei & went back home together when she's going to tuition while i'm going home.

That's all for today.
Need to go back & finish up all the papers or else have to stay up till midnight again....

Sep 23, 2009

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MySecretRose have launched their 2nd collection.
A few of their clothes which i like (:

This material is my favourite.
After washing,the colour tends to fade away slowly
when you wear it,you will feel very comfortable like wearing a piece of cotton dress.

I like the design of the layered dress.
As it looks cute & feminine.

Hurry send your orders as there may not be any backorder available.

Sep 22, 2009

First day for school after the Selamat Hari Raya holiday (:
Its okie,to me...
Full of papers to do,
maths,chinese & eng.
But i think,for today,phy is the terrifying ones.
As we're supposed to explain how to we get the answer for selected qns that have be chosen by my phy teacher,Mr Lim.
But luckily,my qns were easy to explain.
So is sabrina (:

Had the walk with Principal but raining while takin pictures together ):
So have to cancel it.

After the Hendenson Waves walk&lunch,
Stay @ home to wait for my younger sister to finish her chinese compo
& headed down to Tamp Safra.
Pool xD
Its such a long time since i last played...

Reached @ about 4.30pm,
Melmei,her bf,fk&boiboi(: were playing bowling after waiting for their queue.
During the waiting time,
they played pool & fk won once & boiboi(: won twice x)
All of them said he was acting to be the winner & melmei asked me to 'curse' him.
'cruse' him not to get a strike,& he really didn't & hit 6pins.
1st round,he was the winner.
2nd round,the taiko fk scored 110+ & became the winner.
Melmei bf fought over with fk but he hit none @ his 7th & 9th turn,
& therefore,fk won xP

Melmei & boiboi(: asked me to choose my present as there're 2.
1 for me,other for vanisha.
Miraculously,i chose the correct ones.
was shocked @ 1st & as i kept lookin @ both of their faces,
they gave me those kind of 'astonished' face.

Tks melmei & boiboi(: for the present,
appreciate very much (x

After that went to play pool with my sister as i've promised her.
Played 5 rounds,in total.
2nd round was boiboi(: & fk.
Fk was seriously very humourous as he kept laughin,smilin,giggling while playing.
xD, cant tahan him can... xP

End the game @ 7.45pm as fk need to rush back home for 'dinner'.
I went back home to eat while boiboi(: took away 'western food' for his dinner.
Was fun,ytd,as it's the first going out with melmei & her bf (:

Photo time.

My present (:

Together with the nice friends forever bear wrapper ^_^

That's all...
Have to finish up my homework,
esp. english....

Sep 21, 2009

Just realised that i've got lots of photos to upload.
Starting from my b'dae,16sep

On my b'dae itself,jiaxin is the 1st person to wish me (:
Tks girl xP
After that pig,nel & etc.
In sch,annchee is the 1st to wish me
as think she'll confirm remember my b'dae as she is older than me by 8 full mths xP
Ohh,,,& tks joyce for wishing me 3times.
First is facebook,in sch lastly in my blog xP
Thanks all friends & cousins for their wishing,appreciate very much (:

My parents bought a mini choco banana cake from DJ Bakery.
Its nice,should try it.
Will rate it 4.5/5 (x

Next,present time ^o^

Choco banana cake from DJ Bakery (x

With hearts paper bag from huiqin,ahjie & minshuang
With a plastic wrapper & nice ribbon from sabrina.

My mum,2nd sis & baby bro (:

Dress/blouse from 3ofthem (huiqin,shuang & ahjie)

Precious Thots photo frame & mouse keychain from nel

Thanks all for these wonderful presents (:
Even though there's some who own me,
But i won't pester for it.
Let you choose the 'suitable timing' to give me xD

Just went for a 'forest walk' @ Hendenson Waves.
It took us full 2hrs to walk to-and-fro the whole place.
Seriously its tiring & warm too...
After that went over to Tiong Bahru for lunch @ Aikira Restaurant (or was it Ahkira).
Heard that its always fully booked.
But luckily,when we reached,there's a few tables for us to dine.

Their sashimi is the best from all (x

Photo time.

The only restraurant & the height of the bridge.

The only monkey we saw.
& the scenery (:

The food from Aikira Restraurant.
Nothing seems right for this few days
But thanks to pig!
Im full of joy...

He's always there for me when im in 'mood-less' position
Even though he dont really understand my words (as he cant understand most of the chinese words)
& keep typing 'even i though understand lol' or 'why neh'...

he seems funny in his words but,,,
okie la...
I can still teach him a few words (:
Thanks pig for those words...
Appreciate ur 'counsole'...

Cant really get to sleep,
so took out all the papers that my subject teacher had given me for the holiday...
Have got lots of motivation from raymond,
who is a nutter during tuition.
You should see how CRAZY he was in doing those papers,
after we knew our prelim results.

Din went out during weekends as its time for last preparation for o level...
I know the sec5s' aren't doing very good for their prelims,
but i think,most of us,wanted to prove to the school that we can make it

Off to bed.
Tomorrow,early in the morning will be going to alexandra bridge.
Going to be a tiring day tomorrow xP
Nights earthlings...

Sep 17, 2009

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Europhialley has updated their newest collection
Collection 12.
A total of 31 pieces of appeals for you to choose from.

Here are some of the pieces which i like.
Do visit & free normal postage with min. 2 purchase and above.
*Take note that item 5 & 12 have been pending/sold all the pieces available.
All subject results are out.
Failed 3.
Passed 3.
Nice right?
L1B2R2-> 32 ):
My target & prelim scores are so afar....

Must work,seriously i have to.
Need to cut down things as follows:
1. Computer (to tempting)
2. Drama shows
3. Going out (but this week special as its my b'dae xP)
4. Thinking of unreasonable stuffs

Have been tryin hard to cut down on 'those' things
but 'temptation' is always the killer to me.
Any good advice xP

Some may suggest:
1. Draw up a timetable
2. Study groups
3. TYS
4. Do more practice papers
5. etc.

Timetable->cross out
Study groups->cross out
Practice papers->half checked,half crosse out

Think my target score will be left there,alone.
Just like my incident...

Im not sure why i tend to keep everything to myself
Keep everything away from them
& suffers alone...
There are friends & family to help
But im stupid of not telling.
Nothing in this world seems to 'accept' my presence.
pieces of fragments flying everywhere.
... say what ... like,
... say what ... like.
Different people have different comment on different people.
Like attitude,
Way of saying things,
Way of doing things
& more.
But what i hope is to end this period of time
& enjoy like peacefully & easily.
That's the kind of world i want.
That's the kind of world i need,now.
All my mind has set for is to finish my EOY exam
& never bother about all 'these things' again.
*Sorry if i've hurt people's feeling
But i didn't state anything about the 'people'
i don't want to cause any trouble
But just stating down my thoughts only.
No offence.

Sep 16, 2009

Here is a new dazzling trailer for MJ's 'This Is It' movie.

Sep 15, 2009

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Kristineyunny has launched its Collection 24.
This time the owner had a few Poise brand dresses.
& are selling out fast.

Chiffon/mesh layered Dress in White & Pink
Both colour left with 1pc.
Korean Dainty Pearlie lace Cardigan in Mint & Light Pink
**Designed and made in Korea
Both Mint & light pink left 1pc.

Here are a few dresses exclusively imported.

Flirty Military Monotone
Ash-Violet Shirtdress
Last pc
The Classic Ruffle Blouse in White & Black.
Both colours,left with 1pc.
What are you waiting for.
Click on the site while stocks last (: 
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Hey everyone,
EUROPHIALLEY is going to launch their Collection 12
This Wednesday @ 1.30pm sharp.

A sneak preview of their collection

Do visit their site for more details (:

Sep 14, 2009

Saw this website which is a remix version of all MJ's famous songs.
Eg. like I'll be there,Beat It,Billie Jeans & more.

Do sit back&enjoy (:

Sep 13, 2009

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Kristineyunny has opened its mini collection 23.
Lots of appeal are selling out fast.

This Pocahontas Empire Frock is left with 3pc.
1 Pc Anchor Oversized Top with zipper bottom
Korean Inspired Baby-Breathe Frock in Baby Blue & Pink.
Pink has been sold out.
Left with baby blue in 1 last pc.
All the pcs that are uploaded in this collection are exclusively imported by the onwer.
Grab these pretty dresses before its gone.
& important thing is that there will not be any backorders.
There will be a new collection up this mondat,14 september.
@ 8.30pm sharp.
A sneak preview on the collection
Do wait till tomorrow for a new fabulous collection (:

Sep 10, 2009

Back from my b'dae dinner with xiaogu & dagu.
Went Kovan to eat.
& the stall is rather 'unique' as you can choose to sit @ either in a air-con room or w/o air-con.
This is the first time i've seen this kind of arrangement (:

In the afternoon,
went TM to watch movie with b'dae girl,joyce.
Promised to meet @ 1.45pm,
guess what...
They reached @ 2.15plus...

Nvm,as im 'patient' *hehex.
Went over to gv cinema,
none of the movies interested us.
Went over to shaw brother & chose 'the time traveler's wife'.

Its a nice&touchin show.
Me&joyce cried.
Not jiaxin as she's 'heartless' xP

Overall rating,i give 4/5
The other 1mark is missin is because some of the scene are quite blurrin & you're not sure what had just happened.
But,its a nice show.
Do watch it (:

After that,bus-ed to Kovan to look for my dagu who is working in a Chirst Bookshop.
Closed @ 6pm,do accounting&packing.
After that went over to Heartland Mall,as dagu want to cash out a few bucks $$$.
& went in to popluar to wait for xiaogu as she worked quite far away from Kovan.
7pm,walked over to bus-stop to look&wait for xiaogu,
after that walked over to the stall.

I cant really explain what it's like.
But it sells lots of small dishes.
& its tasty&affordable too.
6 dishes plus 3 bowls of porriage,1 bowl of rice & 2 cups of barley cost $20.
Cheap ??

That's all for today.
& tomorrow
will be openin a mini collection @ 9pm sharp.
Do support her (:

Sep 8, 2009

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Kristineyunny has opened Collection22.
Lots of new dresses to choose from.

Visit this lovely website (:
Today went ION Orchard the 2nd time.
Was even more fun than the 1st time,
get to shop more places xP

1st,went to NDC for app.
Went to extract out a baby tooth & it hurts ):
After that,trained to Orchard with my mum as she companied me to NDC.
Meet up with si yi & my sister,piggy xP
Swensens for lunch & was super happy to let out more ice-cream flavours
as ION Swensens was having a  Opening Promotion which is ice-cream buffet.
Over 50 flavours to choose from& there are also a few pastries like cakes,pies&etc.
Didn managed to try out the pastries.
Here are a few flavours&toppings which the 4 of us tried.

My mum's creation
Si yi's creation
My sister's creation
My own creation,simple&nice (:
After that,went shopping.
The 1st shop we went into is Sephora.
Which sells a lot of cosmetics&perfumes&cleansing products.
Like Mac,Kose,Lanegie & more.
& there's also a lot of new brands which cant be found in any department stalls in S'pore.
Like,if im not mistaken,Princess,Sephora & more.
I think there's a total of over 40 kinds of makeup&skin care products.
Here's a few pictures for you to see how 'wonderful' Sephora is.

The shop,which is located @ level 1,next to the directory.

Sorry for capturing so little pictures as the security guard are guarding around the shop.
Next,went to Istean @ Shaw House.
Shop around a few minutes,
Went in these&that shops.
After that,went out & saw a few small stalls which sells clothes,bags,accessorises&hats.
Bought 2hats,1 for my sister,the other for someone's birthday present xP
The stall,outside Shaw House.
My sister&me trying out the hats.
Si yi,my sister&me
My mum joined in after that xP
Walk to Far East.
Didn expect level 3 to have so much unique shops like Mimosa,Neutral Shops,Fashion Bar & more (:
All recommended in magazines like Seventeen! & Teenage .
Took bus 518 home,
reached home @ 6.45plus.
Dame tired.
But was happy i finally bought the present for the special someone (:
Hope he will like it. 
& the restroom in ION is way cool.
In B1,
you need to walk through 3doors,after that once you see the sign which shows you either the left or the right is the guys or the ladies,
you need to walk a 'long' hallway before reaching the restroom.
In the restroom,its so 'mirror' & black as i think the theme should be easy&plain colours.
So the colours are basic black& think a bit dark brown.

The door which you have to walk through,
sorry for blur picture.
The display sign
'Hers',the ladies
'His',the guys
Didn capture the guys >.<
The 'mirrors' inside the restroom.
& mirrors are adjustable.
Only the center once.
& the high-tech directory which is located @ the information counter.
That's all for today (:
Hope you enjoy. 

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