Sep 22, 2009

First day for school after the Selamat Hari Raya holiday (:
Its okie,to me...
Full of papers to do,
maths,chinese & eng.
But i think,for today,phy is the terrifying ones.
As we're supposed to explain how to we get the answer for selected qns that have be chosen by my phy teacher,Mr Lim.
But luckily,my qns were easy to explain.
So is sabrina (:

Had the walk with Principal but raining while takin pictures together ):
So have to cancel it.

After the Hendenson Waves walk&lunch,
Stay @ home to wait for my younger sister to finish her chinese compo
& headed down to Tamp Safra.
Pool xD
Its such a long time since i last played...

Reached @ about 4.30pm,
Melmei,her bf,fk&boiboi(: were playing bowling after waiting for their queue.
During the waiting time,
they played pool & fk won once & boiboi(: won twice x)
All of them said he was acting to be the winner & melmei asked me to 'curse' him.
'cruse' him not to get a strike,& he really didn't & hit 6pins.
1st round,he was the winner.
2nd round,the taiko fk scored 110+ & became the winner.
Melmei bf fought over with fk but he hit none @ his 7th & 9th turn,
& therefore,fk won xP

Melmei & boiboi(: asked me to choose my present as there're 2.
1 for me,other for vanisha.
Miraculously,i chose the correct ones.
was shocked @ 1st & as i kept lookin @ both of their faces,
they gave me those kind of 'astonished' face.

Tks melmei & boiboi(: for the present,
appreciate very much (x

After that went to play pool with my sister as i've promised her.
Played 5 rounds,in total.
2nd round was boiboi(: & fk.
Fk was seriously very humourous as he kept laughin,smilin,giggling while playing.
xD, cant tahan him can... xP

End the game @ 7.45pm as fk need to rush back home for 'dinner'.
I went back home to eat while boiboi(: took away 'western food' for his dinner.
Was fun,ytd,as it's the first going out with melmei & her bf (:

Photo time.

My present (:

Together with the nice friends forever bear wrapper ^_^

That's all...
Have to finish up my homework,
esp. english....

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