Jan 29, 2010

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Jan 28, 2010

Back to update.
Currently still workin @ TFM.
Yesterday got our posting results.
The result was that most of us got posted to NYP.
As for me, im posted to NYP too
But takin a IT course.

Did consider to appeal but the COP is just way to difficult for me to appeal.
So, i striked out that consideration.
Will be re-taking my english, which i failed
& probably my POA too.
If i re-take POA,
will be 'fighting' with my sis more as she took my POA textbook xP

Still under consideration of re-takin POA.
But if i really re-take,
i will definately change my attitude towards that subject
as i have a bad impression towards POA in my secondary scholl days
which, right now, i regret it... very much.

Only 2 of my friends posted to NP, which i currently know.
4 to RP- better appeal or else you will be stick to presentation everyday of the week.
4-6 to TP-most of them were posted to Business course
& the rest...
While NYP (:
2-3 to SP-which i think is set as their 2nd choice.

For those who are appealin or have already appeal,
good luck & hope you are happy if you got selected if not,
you're stick to the damn current ones.

Have a great day guys (:

Time for some fashion trends xP

Chinese New Year & Valentine's Day falls on the same day for this year.
Therefore a lot of retail shops & restaurants are thinking ways to attract more customers to buy/consume their new items/dishes.

here are some blogshops. which i came across,
have good bargain sale & discount just for the last-minute-shopping girls/ladies.


Featuring lots of flowy dresses and also a few tops for casual /dressed down days.
Lookout for a white crochet dress with a black bow ribbon of extremely high quality workmanship and also Classy silky gradient frocks that is great for work and after!
There will be a sweet lovely light pink dress for e sweeties which is perfect for e coming Cny/ V 'day!
Last but not least , a gorgeous tiered dress in 2 colors!
Cherry and deep rum !
there will be no bkorders for this collection
as e the factories will not be able to re-produce all these in time before Cny (:
Happy shopping!
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Jan 24, 2010

Finally,as promised,
here are the pictures which i took from the weddin dinner on 9Jan
@ JB.

Enjoy (:
*Note: some of the photos are blur as i always have shaky hands.
& some of dishes name i have already forgotten so,
do bare with me (:

the Menu

my table number

the gift
inside is some traditional cookies & sweets

the bride & groom

the waiter&waitress of the day

seriously i forgot the name xP
but in mandarian, it is known as 'cold dish' (i translate from chinese to english)

the singer also known as the entertianers from some famous freelance singers.


its not abalone but small mushrooms
we thought its abalone )':

forgotten xP

fried 雪鱼 (sorry as i dont know its name in english)

my relatives & the groom's parents & the bridesmaid & best-man


& here are some photos taken quite a long time ago.

my dagu's birthday cake which we celebrated on the eve of New Year (:

photos taken when i went over to Malaysia using the damn old train
which linked from S'pore to cities in Malaysia & also from S'pore to Thailand.

Jan 23, 2010

This few weeks have been busy with data entry.
& thats the job im currently workin as.

For this week,
my office had been busy distributin red packets & red packet bags.

Tuesday went for my dental appointment,
after which went to bugis for my lunch.
Went over to Wastons & saw lots of makeup products from Za,Maybelline,Fasio,Rimmel & Majoriko Majoriko [sorry if i spelt wrongly but i really dont know how to spell]
&,just @ the right time when im going to buy those products,
Today newspaper had published out a 20% discount advertisment for selected makeup brands & selected facial wash brands.
Was so happy & overjoyed when i saw the adv.
So once i got my pay,
i'll definately go & purchase them...
*makeup wait for me............

& the promotion last from 21/20 jan to 12/14 feb.

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Jan 20, 2010


For this CNY Collection,
KristineYunny has an overwhelming respone.
Therefore,all backorder slots for most of the appearls are filled up.
But there are still a few which are nice.


Dandzelia is having thier 1st CNY Edition Collection.
Lots of nice dresses & a few blouse for you this season.

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Jan 18, 2010


The owner have updated a few new posts just for you
Like Taiwan famous EPop mag, bags
& a p/c of blingbling dress which i  like (:
Considerin to buy thta xP

Visit her blog now,
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These few days have been busy working...
Right now im still workin,
but im havin lunch break xP

Currently workin @ The Furniture Mall @ Beach Road.
They are havin a 15th Anniversary Sale, winnin a cash prize up to $100K.

let's see what i have did from last last week (which is e 1st week) to last week.

On the 5-7 jan i went around all polys except for RP&TP,
for their open house.
5th jan went to NP.
6th jan to NYP.
7th jan went to SP.

9th jan went over to JB, Malaysia for my relative's weddin dinner.
Heard she's my daddy xiaogu's youngest daughter's weddin dinner.
I took a few photos & to tell you the truth,,,
she's beautiful.
Once sayin;
All bride will always be the most beautiful lady in that wedding dinner (:
& i agree to that saying...
Will update the photo if i can to have the chance to xP

11th jan,
the 'doomsday'.
The day where everyone is waitin for...
The Release of GCE O Level Leaving Examinations.
I did not scored that good.
But congrates to Samson who is the top scorer for the Sec5 level (:

12-15 & 18th jan,
you know already la...
If you did not know,,,
then please scroll up...

This is a very short post...
Currently playin FarmVille in fb.
Add me as your neighbour if you want to (:
You're mostly welcome.

& later on may be watchin Hi! My Sweetheart esp 1
as i have this habit, ever since the 2nd day @ work,
for the last one hour i like to watch taiwan dramas.
Last week i finished watchin Momo Love & KO3.
Going back to work le...
Hope that till next week,
i happy with my work & also the $$$

Jan 11, 2010


KristineYunny has launched her very first collection of 2010.
This collection is meant for you workin girls out there.

Watch out for lots of pretty dresses from casual frocks to dress suitable for office ladies.
She have a peplum styled floral frock especially imported from Japan, and a few specially imported Korean designs as well as a gorgeous lace dress.
So, visit her site for more fabulous clothing just for you (:
Today, is the release date for o level.
Damn nervous,scared & excited.
Not knowing how good or bad my result will be.

All i can do is to pray to god.
Pray to him to shower with all his blessin to me & my classmates& friends who will be takin their results as well.
There's nothing i can do if my result is out of expection.
I cant blame others but myself.

Hope that today will be a greatful & happy day.
Where all my classmates & friends, includin me, will smile widely when they get their results.

I shall bless all who are takin their o level result, later on @ 2pm.
& also to my very self, too.

Jan 9, 2010

For this whole week,,,
only 2 words to describe...

Monday actually should be reporting to work but they changed to next week.
So i have to wait till next week monday.
But, out of the blues, mon will be the most important day for me
As its the release of O level result.

Damn scared&excited.
Not sure what to expect for my result.
I have already prepare for the worse marks which is ...

So my 1st day of workin will be next tuesday.

Thursday---Ngee Ann Poly
Went over to NP for their open house.
Damn lots of students, wearin school uniform.
Saw Raffles, Bedok North & a few not-sure-what-school it is.
Went to look for my mum, who worked @ np.
Walk from IT school-Makan Place-FMS-Media School
& finally to Chemical & Life Science School.
Was damn tiring as we have to walk up 2-3 slopes & lots of stairs.

But i managed to ask, all thanks to my mum, what i wanted.
& i've selected CBE(N56)
Look for yourself if you want to know what's that course xP
& from the lecturer, i know how to differentiate Biomedical & Biotechnology.

If you like to study about how to cure illness like cancer,
You can choose to take Biomedical Science.
If you like to study about plant cells & anything related to plant,
You can choose to take Molecular Biotechnology.

Fri---Nanyang Poly
Asked & persuaded qin to company me to her sch, nyp.
When we reached nyp,
first went to the south wing library to look for her classmates.
Then walked around by our 'tour guide', zw.
Luckily, its not like last year.
He showed us around & quietly waited for me (:
As im askin 'qns' to answer my doubts on Pharmaceutical Sciences.
& the lecturer actually explained all the science courses in a so-called mindmap version.

& through this,
I've selected C73.
He said that if you like to do research on medicine or other kinds of medical treatment research,
You can choose to study Molecular Biotechnology.
If you like to do clinical tests & stuff to see if the medicine is suitable for any age range people or etc. ,
You can choose to study Pharmaceutical Science.
If you like to make the medicine,
You can choose to study either Biologics & Process Technology or Chemcical & Pharmaceutical Technology.

Its good & fun to hear & speak to all this nice lecturers.
They are friendly & very patient in answering every single qns which i asked.
Thanks to all Chemical & Life Sciences lecturers,
all of you have answered my qns & ease my doubts.

Later may be going to Singapore poly (sp)
Still waitin for my dad to bring me over xP

Wish all o level graudates to score well.
& get into your desire courses in either poly or JC or institutions.

Jan 6, 2010

GCE O level result date.


Is on the 11Jan, next Monday, @ 2pm.
Veune: in your school.

Jan 4, 2010

Happy back-to-school everyone.
I know everyone, exclude adults, are still havin their holiday mood.

But as for me, im still tryin my best to look for a job.
But for next week i'll be workin under The Furniture Mall.
all thanks to jiayu jiejie.

This will be a short post as i really don't know what to post.

All the best for all students to be back in school,
to all sec4 students good luck in preparin your N & O level examinations
& to all waitin for their O level result, includin me, best of luck (:

All five polytechnic will be havin their open house from this thursday to saturday.
For Ngee Ann poly, the opening time is from 11am to 6pm, as for Night Jam, im not very sure.
For Nanyang poly, the opening time is from 11am to 6pm, Night Jam is on 8Jan, Friday, from 6pm to 9pm.
For Singapore poly, the opening time is from 10am to 6pm, Night Jam, not sure.
For Republic poly, the opening time is from 10am to 6pm, not sure of Night Jam too.

For Temask poly, the opening time is from 12pm to 5.30pm for 7&8Jan, for 9Jan is from 11am to 5pm.
Night Jam not sure as well.

If anyone know about Night Jam for NP,TP,RP & SP
please mail me or tag me.
Thanks (:

Jan 1, 2010

Happy New Year everyone.
This is the very first post for the New 2o1o Year (:

Yesterday had a wonderful time with my dagu & her friends.
Went over to Marina Square to 'book' a place to catch the fascinating fireworks from the Marina Bay.
The firework were so....
Nice, excellent, just all the words which you can think of the represent 'nice'.
The fireworks lasted for 8mins
& the finale part were the best.
Contiunous bright silver/white fireworks in 5 rows followed by 3 green fireworks
& ending off with a few red ones.
After which was a a big 'boom' from the fireworks which ends off the show.

Yesterday was the best day of my live (:

Sorry jiaxin & rest for not going to vivo to look for all.
Just like i've said, '我会被烟花给动摇的。'

Eng Eng, who is my dagu's friend, has captured the fireworks in her phone.
If i could get from her,
will post for all to view (:

Signin off,
damn hungry right now after a nice warm bath.
Its 1.45 in the afternoon.

Here's wishin all a Happy New Year & a successful year in either your work or school work (:

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