Jan 1, 2010

Happy New Year everyone.
This is the very first post for the New 2o1o Year (:

Yesterday had a wonderful time with my dagu & her friends.
Went over to Marina Square to 'book' a place to catch the fascinating fireworks from the Marina Bay.
The firework were so....
Nice, excellent, just all the words which you can think of the represent 'nice'.
The fireworks lasted for 8mins
& the finale part were the best.
Contiunous bright silver/white fireworks in 5 rows followed by 3 green fireworks
& ending off with a few red ones.
After which was a a big 'boom' from the fireworks which ends off the show.

Yesterday was the best day of my live (:

Sorry jiaxin & rest for not going to vivo to look for all.
Just like i've said, '我会被烟花给动摇的。'

Eng Eng, who is my dagu's friend, has captured the fireworks in her phone.
If i could get from her,
will post for all to view (:

Signin off,
damn hungry right now after a nice warm bath.
Its 1.45 in the afternoon.

Here's wishin all a Happy New Year & a successful year in either your work or school work (:

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