Nov 30, 2009

Sorry for not posting for a long time.
Had been busy helpin out @ my dagu's friend's bookstore.

Right now im free from work
As i've finished my given 'assignments'.
So im slackin @ home,
watchin VCDS, MOVIES, EATIN & more.

& im tryin my best to look for a job
But with1 problem,
im afraid of interview especially when im going to the veune myself.
Im not sure why, but damn afriad.

If do need any part-timers or temporary helpers,
feel free to tag me (:

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KristineYunny has launched 2 collections for last week
& all the appearls are exclusively imported from overseas.
So that you're not afraid of wearin a same piece when you're shoppin (:

Europhialley has launched their End of Year Season Sale.
There's a total of 3 sections ($15.90, $17.90 & $19.90)
Plus, for every 8 apparels you purchase in a single receipt from the "End Of season Sale" section,
you are entitled to one free apparel of your own choice( The lowest price ).

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Nov 21, 2009

Seriously i think my blog is dyin soon.

I don't really know what to blog.
All i know was to look for jobs.

Anyone can recommend me as i'm in need to kill time.
Can mail me or tag me.

Mail @
Thanks (=

Nov 20, 2009

Currently im readin a book by Sean Covey, which is a National BestSeller.
His dad is Stephen R. Covey who wrote The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People.
So he wrote a book on The 7 Habits of Highly Effective Teens which is a nice book,actually.

There's a page which says that we,teens, always place our important last when they are meant to be first.
&, we always blamed the people around us who caused a particular incident/matter & keep thinkin its not our fault & be a victim.
Some see their life as a vicious competiton whereby you always wanted to be competin with you friends or school mates but sometime, when doin teamwork, you seems to not gettin along with your team mates & think you have the best ideas so you can did it yourself. Be in your own island.

All those examples are actually quite true in our everyday life.
Here are a few quotes from the book, written by Samuel Smiles
Sow a thought, and you reap a act;
Sow an act, and you reap a habit;
Sow a habit, and you reap a character;
Sow a character, and you reap a destiny.

Here comes the 7 haits that can help us in our everyday life.
- Get control of your life
- Improve your relationships with friends, peers & family
- Make smarter decisions
- Get along with your parents
- Define your values and what matters most of you
- Get more done in less time
- Increase your self-confidence
- Be happy
- Fins balance between scholl, work, friends, and everything else.

There's still more...
But i just started readin & that's all i can share with you (:
Hope its a good keys for you to help you.

Nov 16, 2009

Europhialley has launched Collection 15
Free normal postage with min. 2 purchases and above (:

In this collection,
it's filled with floral prints, bareback dress and some popular apparel back by your request!

Visit now(:

Nov 15, 2009

There's an event which allow age 16 & above to join in the fun.
Click on the link to find out more
& if you're interested to go,tag me as im selling out the tickets (:

The veune is @ The ButterFactory on 24nov.

Nov 13, 2009

Europhialley is having their very 1st sale.
Free normal postage with min. 3 purchases & above.
Do support them (=
Back to posting after a tiring day working in my gugu's friend's book store.
Its an easy job for me as im helpin in packin up for the books together for the church's schools
& also helpin out in a few stackin books.

All the workers are nice to me as its not my first time helpin out (:
Had a few cuts on my finger which is painful
but i baer with it till the end of workin hours after which i told my gugu.

Yesterday was a hectic day as the store closed @ 8pm.
Lots of customers flooded the place around 6.30-7.45pm.
But all of us managed to 'survive' xP

If any Christians are lookin/findin/wantin to purchase any bibles or any Christ related items,
tag me & maybe i shall tell you my gugu's friend's book store (:

P.S If im allow to.

Nov 10, 2009

Finally im left with 1 last final paper which is MCQ paper.
Cant wait for tomorrow (x

For the past whole week had been studying like mad.
As,all i hope for was to not to get an 'C' except for EL which i think may have a possibility xP

Will be back with more photos & stuffs
as after my o level i'll be eating & eating & shopping & eating & etc.

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KristineYunny has launched her new collection which is full of casual wears.
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CheapWeekends is clearing out her stocks
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Nov 6, 2009

Kristineyunny had just launched with a mega clearance post with stuffs ranging from
$8 to $20 from past collections!
Prices are slashed to clear !
Most designs are left with 1 or 2 pcs so do act fast to secure a piece !
Visit now to grab a piece of her elegant dress.

Nov 2, 2009

Europhialley has launched Collection 14

In this collection,All Summer apparels are directly imported from taiwan etc.
Its a gurantee that you wont see any similar pieces around.

& not forgetting the price,
all apparels cost not more than $26.
Here are some which i like in this collection.

Vest Chiffon Top

Dont you just fall in love with this dress cum top Lined Bodycon
I loved it ver much as i don't really like wearing dress
but for this piece,i can fold it up,just like the above piece, & it will be a top rather than a dress.
Cool right ?!

This piece is back by popular demand.
Tier Ribbon Dress.

Do visit Europhialley & support them (=

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