Nov 13, 2009

Back to posting after a tiring day working in my gugu's friend's book store.
Its an easy job for me as im helpin in packin up for the books together for the church's schools
& also helpin out in a few stackin books.

All the workers are nice to me as its not my first time helpin out (:
Had a few cuts on my finger which is painful
but i baer with it till the end of workin hours after which i told my gugu.

Yesterday was a hectic day as the store closed @ 8pm.
Lots of customers flooded the place around 6.30-7.45pm.
But all of us managed to 'survive' xP

If any Christians are lookin/findin/wantin to purchase any bibles or any Christ related items,
tag me & maybe i shall tell you my gugu's friend's book store (:

P.S If im allow to.

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