Oct 30, 2007

Hai long time nvr post liao!!!!!!
Im so sry XP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Anyway did i told yu bout my sch results?????
While i hope i did,,,,,,if didnt thn i'll say it rite nw!!!!!
I gt 1-A1, 4-B4 & 1-C5..........
Hehex nt gd @ all hor but i still gt top 10 in both class & lvl position!!!!!xP
Can yu believe it even though i think i don get such gd marks for EOY but i still gt such gd positions in both class & lvl!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Cant say much cuz nid go out wif frenz to celebrate her b'dae!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
E nxt post i probably'll post bout my sis's PSLE results,,,,,,,,,
C if i can help her to choose which sec schs is best for herself & her results xP

Oct 10, 2007

My exam izz finally over....
Do yu noe tt i ave been w8 4 dis daez 4 a long tyme.....
Anyway nid 2 go c 'Why Why Love'!!!!
So nxt tyme thn blog/post more!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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