Dec 31, 2013

Tai Chung Nov2013 - Part 1

You guys may or may not have known that I was away for a week's holiday to Taiwan, Tai Chung last November and here are some of the places and goodies we've had.

You can say that it's a summarized 'Pictionary' since 'Picture speaks a thousand words' has been a common phrase when you do not know what and how to describe photos taken either from your own camera or surf through the net.

*Edit-ed as at 29Dec:
Happened to realize I've close to about 1,800 photos, so I'm going to spilt into 2 posts.
In this post, pictures were taken from 22 - 26Nov
while the 2nd post will be from 27 - 29Nov.

The very first place we went since touched down.

A very blurred image of the foot path (left)
My little brother with his 'ka-ki', Mr Cow (x (right)

There's also a small little cow playing, spinning round in the water.

The name of the pavilion (top)
Did you spot the water wheel , not only does it used to generate the water for electricity, it also 'generate' power to move the small cow mentioned above. (bottom)

First Tai Chung's food we'd: Sweet Potato. Taiwanese called it 地瓜 not 番薯.
Do be careful where ordering in Taiwan(:

The European building found in the area.

This place was filled full of pigs figure from seats to small little pig's pen.

The name of the cable car station (left)
The cable car's schedule (right)

You get to choose the normal ones or the ones which I took where the floor are made of strong solid glass panel where you're able to view the ground when the cable car went past.
My little brother and I. (bottom)

There's also a fountain show at Taipei Zoo Station. There's 3 station for the cable car and I sat from the top to the bottom. You can google out this place if you're interested in mountain-type scenery.

Our 2nd destination of the day.

A very highly recommended ice-cream stall by the local teenagers and Taiwan's food bloggers.

The name of the stall which we'd for lunch. Overall, I must say, the food were quite average and nothing fanciful about the chicken from my own opinion.

3rd destination: 菁桐 Railway Station.

Sadly we didn't managed to board the train as it's been full)x

4th destination where we were entertained with putting up 天灯.

Various price for different combo. (left)
The meanings of each different colours. (right)

Up, up and away our 天灯 go (x

A glimpse of our terrace house on our first night.

You can contact them if you'd like to stay in such spontaneous and ROYAL terrace.
The owner is super nice and she really decorates the house beautifully and magically.

STRONGLY RECOMMEND to live in this terrace ONCE!!

Dessert stall right after dinner.

Nicely designed walls of the dessert shop.

Our first breakfast(:

First destination on the second day.

My 'part-of' family.

The oldest tree in the premises

2nd destination

3rd destination

Running man members run around looking for clues or something to finish their mission
but for us, we're going around looking for stamps to entertain the kids.

Lunch of the day.

Their serving were super humongous but this is one of my favourite ones(x

The lovely farming scenery around the restaurant.

We went to make our very own 葱油饼.

Their personnel will fried it for you (top)
Our creation(x (bottom)

You can give them a call if you'd like to experience for yourself.

My bedroom for the 2nd and 3rd night stay, and it's double storey xD

My Aunt's room and a special outdoor bathroom cum hot bath.

One of my favourite dish for dinner specially cooked by the owner of the Hostel, 民宿.

Breakfast served. These are the common spreads, for bread, we'd in all the hostel we stayed. (left)
I recommend this drink if you booked this hostel. (right)

Their contact details.

This is another hostel that I LOVED SUPER MUCH!!!

It feels like we're back at home and not going on a holiday or a short tour out of town.
Even though going over is a little bumpy as it's build up in the mountains, but every bump is worth the price for the scenery, cosy bedrooms and caring owners Cx

Before and after pictures on how the coldness is like on top of 太平山.

The magnificent view of the clouds flowing through the mountain. (top)
The kids favourite dish for lunch which is within the climbing trail. (bottom)

We went for a hot spring but not me.

Enjoying hot spring eggs C=

Sun rays welcomed us on our 3rd day.

A part of the dining area (top)
A overview look of the hostel (bottom)

Staying area for the 4th night. (Super suck, I'll tell you why later)

Overview look of the hotel for our lunch (top)
Steamboat for lunch (bottom)

The places we went that's near our staying area. My uncle told us that this area we known as 武陵国家区 and there's such lots of places to visit including pitching tents and stayed over for the night.
If I remembered correctly there's about 5 camping sites for visitors to pitch their tents and enjoy the starry night with their loved ones.

It's a double storey for most of the rooms they had but what I dislike about is the rooms can be described as 'small'

Buffet for both dinner and breakfast.

Stage performance and an expert explaining fluently in differentiating various stars and it's names.

~<<~ End of Part 1 ~>>~

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