Mar 28, 2012

Birthday Celebration!

Last weekend, my entire family celebrated my grandma's birthday.
My grandma only remembered her lunar birthday but we remembered her english birthday.

Her english brithday was supposed to be on Mon - 26Mar
But we celebrated her lunar birthday last saturday.

Went over to IMM for our dinner celebration.
The first thing, when we got there, is to locate for the restaurant.
As none of us know where it is, we searched around for the directory and searched for Japan restaurant & finally we found it.

Its located at #03-01 Hoshi Japanese Restaurant.

When we went in,
i cant believed my eyes - its NOT a self-service kind of buffet.
This is not the only one which i dislike about this restaurant,
contiune reading to know the next one.

Which means we have to wait for it after ordering.
But, since it's grandma's birthday celebration,
i didnt tell the adults about it.

Here's the buffet menu,

Sushi and sashimi

Fried dishes

Not forgetting,

They offered 4flavours, for ice-cream: lime, chocolate, vanilla& green tea.
If you're a fan of green tea, i sincerely recommend their green tea flavour.
From the taste of the ice-cream, i guessed, they really use pure green tea powder to make into the green tea flavour.
As for the other desserts, like mochi which has 3flavours - black sesame, green tea & red bean and red bean soup(if not mistaken).
The black sesame mochi is yummy and the mochi isn't sticky but soft and won't leave any 'residue' in between your teeth.

As for the rest of the dishes,
i recommend bbq squid and fried softshell crab.

Here comes the 'unpleasant' moment,
i'm not sure if this was their first ever 'big family' customers encounter,

If you're the customer and you're famished,
do you think you're able to wait for more than 10MINUTES ??!!
For me, I CANT

What's more, they even FORGOT what we've ordered
&my er jiujiu seems to know their manager & the manager kept avoiding us when we want to asked them where's our dishes.


Seriously, i was enjoying myself with the softshell crab
& would definitely recommend to my friends
i didn't & tell myself NOT TO COME OVER TO DINE AGAIN!

PEOPLE, if you can afford to wait for THAT LONG,
But, i guess, i will still go over JUST for their green tea ice-cream.
The rest, NO WAY!!!
& also, looking at all my cousins,
i guessed, im the one who wore SUPER casually over xP

Also, will be updating on my Just Noodle review reallllllllllllllllll sooon


Mar 21, 2012

Work - SmartKidsAsis Expo Fair

Last weekend,
i went to work in Smart Kids Asia Expo Fair under Bio-Oil.

Seriously speaking,
never know that helping out/working in event is so tiring.
Especially your poor legs and foot.

My poor little toe got injuried after the entire 3day long event from standing.

What i think, among the entire event, the most attractive thing/show is the Three Little Pigs performance on the second day and a special performance from a band and a group of kids playing the Ukulele on the last day.

The 2 Little Pigs

There's 2guys, at the side of the stage, flashing cards on the note that the kids are supposed to play during the performance.

The Ukulele

When it comes to work plus, when you're bored,
you'll definitely take pictures with your colleague
But sadly, i forgot to take with huiling, my colleague for the entire event.

The saddest thing i ever did is taking picture, alone, in the restroom.
Nevertheless, i tried out 2different looks.

What do you guys think ??
Which 'pose' or look suits me ??

During the event,
there's a few unhappy moments and a few enjoyable moments.
What's most important is that i met a few friends beside huiling(x

In total,
we sold 105bottles of Bio-Oil when there's 168 bottles
At least we tried our best to promote and sell it off to customers.

I really had a great time during the 3day event
and the worse ever experience of standing throughout the event which cause minor injuries to my poor little toe):

Mini Advertorial

Have you ever came across a time when you're not sure what to wear or how to match your favourite/wanna-try-new outfits when going out for your date,girls' outing or school ??!!

Well, seriously speaking, I DO have this kind of problem.
Whenever i'm going out with my friends,
i always like to plan beforehand what to wear.

But when i open up my wardrobe,
i start to panic.
Looking at all the different types, styles, colors and designs of clothings makes me wonder, 'what should i wear ??!!'

&it will always take up about 30mins of time on the day itself
(even though i've prepared beforehand what i wana wear)

What im gonna introduce to you, today, will DEFINITELY save ALL OF THIS PROBLEMS(:

Introducing - BlogShopBuzz
BlogShop Buzz is the premier online magazine that brings blogshoppers the best insights on the latest trends, collection launches, events, deals and all happenings around the online shopping community.

Not only do they bring in the best insights on the latest trends,
they do have a weekly giveaway.
For this week's giveaway,
it's sponsered by CatWalkClose featuring their Side Ruffle Top In white
Here's the link on how you can enter the contest(:

They cater to all ages like OLs and teenagers.
The latest review they did on was the Dos and Donts on how to wear on a picnic.
My favourite review is how to match your sheer top which is wearable on all occasions.

What's more, they welcome all your comments and reviews on a certain fashion styles or on the latest ternds

Head on down to BlogShopBuzz to read all their latest articles!
Don't forget to subscribe and Like their FB page for the latest updates(x

Mar 8, 2012

Advertorial -

Have you ever came across a blogshop which sells clothes at an affordable of between $20 - $28 ??
Yes, <$30

Here's one which i'm going to introduce to you

An overall view of their latest collection:

I'm gonng split into 3categories on their latest collection:
  • Reversible

  • Checkered/Polka Dots

  • Lace/Knit

  • Are you egggg-citted to know more about the categories ??
    Here We Go!!!

    Welcome, Ladies and Teenage Girls,
    to the new 'SHOW' of the day.
    Introducing not 1, not 2 BUT 3 different categories of clothing proudly presented by SHOPTHELUST

    First category is: Reversible
    When the word came to your mind,
    what will you be thinking of for a piece of clothing ??!!
    To me, personally, i've seen reversible dress and top but never would i expect to see a different piece from ShopTheLust - a reversible jacket/blazar

    It comes in 2colors - blue/white and red/black
    I personally love blue out of the color family.

    The main highlight of this piece is that it fits all different sizes = free size
    Its able to fit UK6-8 and its proudly self-maunfactured by ShopTheLust!
    What's More it costs $23.50 - isn't is a great deal ??!!

    You can wear it out for a simple shopping, work, to school or even on your special day/date!

    Coming up to the 2nd category,
    it's the: Checkered/Polka Dots
    I know in since 2010, Polka Dots and Checkered have been popluar not only among the teenagers but also to some of the OLs and kids.
    ShopTheLust grab hold of the trend and came out with 2different designs of Checkered Top and 2different designs of Polka Dots.

    I'm a fan of checkered top as the trend will never subside.
    The following items are of different types/sizes of checkered designs.

    1st pic - red/blue
    2nd pic - dark

    If you like broad and 'huge' size of checkered type,
    then, you may definitely fall in love with this red/blue checkered top.
    It comes to 2colors - red/blue and dark checkered top
    This piece cost $24.90/each

    If you dont like 'huge' size's checkered,
    then, probably you may adore 'mini' size.

    I personally adore this piece(:
    It comes in 2colors - red and blue
    When i srcoll through ShopTheLust's website, i immediately fall in love with its colorful and fanciful colored buttons - isn't it cute(x
    It cost $24.50, 40cents cheaper than the 'huge' size checkered top.

    I guess, you guys might not be paying attention to my lengthy introduction on checkered top cause most girls/ladies are A FAN OF POLKA DOTS right ??!!

    A very simple yellow polka dot top.
    SO MANY ladies/girls are OVER with this piece that there's only 1 LAST PIECE LEFT
    And it only cost $20 - the cheapest piece of the collection.
    I guess there MAY a backorder if it's overwhelmed with customers' requests.

    Finally, our last category of the day: Lace/Knit
    Laced and knit have been a popular clothing not only in Singapore but the WHOLEWORLD.
    I have seen magazines and tv shows wearing/reviewing on lace/knit items.

    Coming over to the lace piece,
    there's a varitey of designs in their latest collection but im gonna introduced Tangerine/black laced collar top

    Reason being i adored long slevee top and the material MUST BE light,
    so that it's suitable to wear it if i'm outdoor throughout the day.

    This piece is make up of Lux Material.
    I have do a bit of research on Dri Lux:
    - is a soft and comfortable fabric that helps keep the body dry
    - is comfortable in many environments and may be especially wearable where it is hot and humid
    - dry quickly and resist odor

    Laced collar top comes in 2colors - tangerine and white
    And it's definitely a great bargain, costing $25.
    I'm so gonna get this piece(x

    Last but not least: Introducing Knit Family
    There's 2items under this family: Knit-ripped cardigan, Heart knit pullover and knit pullover - white and brown

    Brown knit pullover.

    I personally love pullover as it's easily matched with a basic tanktop and pair of sandals - off i go to the beach or a simple getaway during the relaxing weekends.

    Till now,
    are you tempted to head over to grab all these lovely designs ??
    If you are, here's a way to receive Free Normal Postage with any purchases made.
    All you have to do is to Like their FB page.
    And quote 'Ahqi' when you're making your payment.

    Simple as ABC(x

    That's NOT ALL - you can win yourself $10credit voucher.
    1. Like their FB page
    2. Like and Share their latest collection
    3. Comment on the album itself.

    Results will be released on 10th March, Do Wait Patiently(x

    Good Luck Everyone♥

    *Pic credit to ShopTheLust

    Mar 6, 2012

    面对面 - Just Noodles

    Thanks for waiting patiently for yet another Just Noodles Review(:
    *Note: All are my personal review and some are quotes from the show itself or from I-Weekly

    Today's stop (second stop), i'm introducing 鱼圆面 as known as fishball noodles
    Here's a little background of the orgins of fishball noodle:
    It is said that in the past, Qin Shi Wang loves to eat fish and his chef use the fish to create into a variety of fish dishes which include fishballs.
    Qin Shi Wang complimented on the fishballs and slowly pass among the citizen.
    Ancestors brought the fishball over to Singapore and slowly became fishball noodle after a few modification by adding noodles.

    Here's the actual speech from the show, Just Noodles -
    据说秦始王爱吃鱼圆, 御厨将鱼制成鱼丸,

    Let's not make you wait for long
    Here's my 3reviews from 3different places(:

    The first stop is located at Blk 75, Toa Payoh Lorong 5 #01-354 - 松记粿条汤
    Firstly, i have to WARN you, if you can afford to queue up and for at least 30minutes for your lunch then you definitely can go over to try.
    If not, better DON'T
    Cause i remembered i waited for approximate 30minutes.
    The queue is super horrendous.
    See for yourself:

    The highlight of this stall is that the soup is very sweet,
    full of lard residue and 冬菜 to enhance the flavor of the soup.
    The main actor is definitely the fishball - its very Q and very chewy as the boss woke up early just to make the fishball ALL BY HIMSELF.

    If you're not a fan of factory fishball,
    you can come over to try it(:

    The stall is closed on every wednesday
    Operating hours: 11am - 12midnight

    Next stop is located at Blk 38 Beo Crescent Market #01-68 - 南园鱼圆面
    Th highlight of this stall is that it's the CHEAPEST fishball noodles you can ever find in Singapore - Cost $2/bowl

    My verdict is that not only was it CHEAP but the soup was flavouring too.
    What i like is that, the boss didn't add in lard residue nor 冬菜 in the noodles but a few chopped green onions.
    The fishball is bought from the factory as it does not seems very chewy like the first stall but the soup is definitely a BOUNS mark(:

    If you're thinking of where to park your car,
    not to worry there is a total of 3-4 multi-storey carparks surrounding the food market so you won't have to rush your food or illegally park your car on the side of the road.

    The stall is closed on every Thursday and Friday.
    Operating hours: 6am - 1pm

    Last stop of the day is located at Blk 505 Beach Road, Golden Mile Food Centre #B1-47 - 黄金潮州鱼圆面

    This stall is TOP1 under the fishball noodle category.
    At first, when the noodle arrived, i can't find what 'item' makes it Top1 for consumers.
    After a sip of the soup, i realised that the soup also have a bit of 冬菜, not as much as compared to the first stall.
    Another thing which i find it 'surprising' is that they add in char siew, 1 meatball and 2fishballs into the noodles.

    I guess, probably due to the 'awesome' ingredients, that why's its Top1 for the OLs and working people ??!!
    If you're a fan of 粿条, you really cant miss this stall.
    I don't know why but the 粿条 tastes super yummy as compared to the yellow noodles which i would normally ordered for noodle based dishes.

    Operating hours: 8am - 9.30pm

    And now, to sum up all these 3yummy stalls(:
    Noodles that i adored: All are taste the same but if i really have to choose one i may choose 南园鱼圆面 - the noodle is full of elasticity
    Main actor, Fishball: 松记粿条汤
    Soup: 南园鱼圆面

    Overall, the WINNER for Fishball is 南园鱼圆面
    Not only was it the cheapest but the uncle really cooked every dishes with his heart.
    You can observe his cooking skills and expression when you're waiting/queuing up.

    Here's the link if you've missed out on the episode:

    Or you can also check out on I-Weekly.

    The next food review, i will be reviewing on Minced Pork Noodles.
    Do stay tune.
    If you don't want miss my next review, do add me in FB or Twitter

    *Note: Have private my twitter account so if you wanna add me, do wait patiently for me to accept you(Y)

    See you in my next food review(:


    Mar 5, 2012

    Rants & Reviews

    Why is it so hard to look for a job ??!!
    Have went for a few interviews and my current situation has forbade me to take up this 'wonderful paid' jobs.

    Which company is willing to hire an employee who is able to work after 1/2pm and have to leave before 7pm on thursday ??!!

    Let's forget about my rants
    and read through my reviews(:

    Today, i'm going to introduce 2products which i bought from Wastons Expo Sale, 2weeks ago.

    First is the Garnier BB Eye Roll-on

    Garnier BB Eye Roll-on contains:

  • Pure Lemon Essence which naturally brightens your skin and removes dulliness around the eye area

  • Mineral Pigments which has the ability to conceal imprefections

  • Caffeine which energizes your skin and anti-tiredness

  • It comes with a cap which is what i like the most - it prevents germs and bacteria with contact to the roll-on.

    Here is what the description says about BB Eye Roll-on:
    The 1st BB Eye Roll-on from Garnier that gives you instant radiance in a single application.
    Enriched with brightening Pure Lemon Essence and caffeine, well-known for its sitmulating properties on micro-circulation.
    The mineral pigments provide nude coverage and natural long-lasting wear.

    Promise to be
  • Oil and fragrance free

  • Does not clog pores

  • Suitable for all skin types and tones

  • 10 INSTANT visibile benefits, Eye contour looks:
  • More fair

  • More radiant

  • More even-toned

  • Less dark circles

  • Less dark spots

  • More fresh

  • More smooth

  • Less tried

  • More hydrated

  • Firmer

  • After reading through the description,
    here is the result from the BB Eye Roll-on.

    After applying BB Eye on both eyes.

    Left eye - With BB Eye
    Right eye - W/o BB Eye

    I know you can't really differentiate from my pictures.
    But i have to say is, BB Eye Roll-on really is oil free.
    I'm a combination skin type - more towards oily skin, and have difficulties choosing makeup products which is oil-free and does not clog pores.
    Even since i heard good reviews on Taiwan famous beauty variety shows - 女人我最大
    Here's the link:
    Drag to 6:53

    And it really makes my eye appear to have inherit the 10 INSTANT Visible Benefits.
    My eye area feels more hydrated, i even used it to apply on the areas which need to be concealed away like my nose area and forehead area.

    It cost $22.90 but i got it at $11.90 in Wastons Expo Sale.
    XD, what a bargain(x

    Next product is the SexyLook Hello Kitty Mask - i bought the one in Pink and Silver package.

    Silver package: Platinum Rose Duo Brightening and Lifting Mask.
    Description: White Rose extract helps to minimize and brighten skin for a raidant, translucant effect.
    Together with skin lifting formula, skin becomes soft, smooth and firm.
    Collagen and hyaluronic acid maintain skin's moisture level and elasticity.

    Pink package:

    Cherry Blossom Duo Purifying and Lifting Mask
    Description: Sakura and strawberry polyphenol minimizes large pores, smoothening and improving skin textuew.
    Soothes, brightens and purify face instantly.
    Collagen and hyaluronic acid moisturise skin from within.
    Suitable for troubled skin.

    And, i'll be reviewing on Cherry Blossom Duo Purifying and Lifting Mask

    Isn't the mask very cute(x

    This is the first time i encounter mask that scratch to the ear and the chin.

    You guys should be thinking,
    what a joke i am.
    But, SERIOUSLY, this is INDEED my FIRST encounter.

    Here's the before after results:

    Left - before
    Face is a bit dull, chin is normal to me

    Right - after
    Face seems to have been slightly brightening and my chin is shows slight sharp with the 'V' shape.

    That's my result in real life, without the camera.

    That's all for my post for the day.
    And i'm listening to FT Island - Bad Woman
    Think all thanks to You're Beautiful, have fall in love with Lee HongKi xD


    Mar 2, 2012

    Twice the Knowledge and Double your Edge - Kaplan

    I know today is the release of A Level Result.
    Been a JC student, after getting their results,
    they are very excited in taking up University Courses.

    Whether is it studying in Local University or Private,
    they JUST wanna keep a place for their favourite or desirable courses for their future.

    But, very often, when we are choosing from so many different degree options in a university, we all hope that we can take up more than one option.
    True ??

    Today, in my post,
    i want to introduce a very familiarized University in Singapore.
    You may have came across or heard the name before through either your friends or family members: Kaplan

    (*Hint: the highlight has been circled in red)

    Kaplan offers a range of degree courses from Marketing studies to Computer Science.
    They are not afraid of losing YOU to become one of their member(student).

    Among one of the courses Kaplan has offered,
    Murdoch University has come out with DOUBLE MAJOR degree.

    What is Double Major ??
    A double-degree program, sometimes called a combined degree, conjoint degree, dual major, dual degree, or simultaneous degree program, involves a student's working for two different university degrees in parallel, either at the same institution or at different institutions (sometimes in different countries), completing them in less time than it would take to earn them separately. The two degrees might be in the same subject area (especially when the course is split between countries), or in two different subjects. - Wikipedia on double-degree

    here's a question for you to think through:
    if you have this opportunity to choose between the lists of double major degree programmes that Kaplan offers, how best would you use this skill to advance your life's goals?

    My answer:
    I'm currently a year3 Polytechnic student when the new semester begins on April16.
    I do have plans to further my studies in taking degree courses.
    But, i guess, it will be a different course from what i've been studying currently in poly.

    I'm taking an IT course in poly, but i'm thinking of taking up business degree.
    I know it seems different but i will put in double the effort in my studies.

    Coming back to the major question.
    After venting through the list of options Murdoch University has offered,
    here are some of my DREAM courses which i'm interested in:
    (all are Double Major degree)

    • Bachelor of Science in Cyber Forensics, Information Security and Management and Business Information Systems (Double Major)

    • Bachelor of Commerce in International Business and Hospitality & Tourism Management (Double Major)

    • Bachelor of Commerce in Hospitality & Tourism Management and Public Relations (Double Major)

    • Bachelor of Commerce in Hospitality & Tourism Management and Human Resource Management (Double Major)

    • Bachelor of Arts in Tourism & Events and Human Resource Management (Double Major)

    • Bachelor of Arts in Psychology and Management (Double Major)

    • Bachelor of Arts in Tourism & Events and Hospitality & Tourism Management (Double Major)

    I know i seems greedy.
    Your first reaction may be: WOAH!
    Right ??!!

    I know most of the courses are so-called 'hot courses' = popular courses among students/teenager/young adults in the 20th Century or some of us may call it the Y-Generation.

    If you really want me to restrict and force myself to choose one degree,
    i may go for Bachelor of Arts in Tourism & Events and Human Resource Management (Double Major).

    Firstly, when i see the word 'Human Resource' i will not hesitate to link with cusotmer service.
    Since young, i'm not very good in talking or speaking up when there's strangers around.
    So, being able to talk and engage with strangers has been a difficult task for me.

    But why human resource management ??

    It's because human resource management (HRM, or simply HR) is the management of an organization's workforce, or human resources. It is responsible for the attraction, selection, training, assessment, and rewarding of employees, while also overseeing organizational leadership and culture, and ensuring compliance with employment and labor laws. - wikipedia

    Not only that,
    the courses offered for Human Resource Management looks favouring to me.
    Like: Organisational Theory & Behaviour (i think i need the most)
    Advanced Human Resource Perspectives (i don't know what kind of perspective we got to learn but it seems to be linking to human resource management)

    The courses for Tourism & Events are attractive too
    They have: Introduction to Travel and Tourism
    Festivals and Events
    and Events and Festivals Management

    After equiping with ALL of these knowledge and skills,
    i can excel my work in the HR industry - HR management
    and be able to plan and organise exciting trips for travel agency - Toursim & Events

    What's more,
    with this 'special' knowledge i had through Murdoch University degree,
    i can apply jobs easily.
    Even if i don't get to have a job which is related to my degree course,
    i could express my skills with my friends and family.

    Now you can advance your life goals with Murdoch’s Double Major Degree and Masters programmes offered at Kaplan Higher Education on a full time and part time basis.

    HEAD DOWN TO KAPLAN - Murdoch's Double Major Degree to view the list of choices and secure a place for yourself xD

    You can also reach them through their FB Page
    Or their wedsite, which i have the link at the beginning of the post(:

    They have also come up with a flash mob to attract people over xP

    Quote from the flash mob: 'Double your Major, Double your Future!'

    Everyone says that we're SPOLIT with/for choices
    but what i say is that I'M BLESSED with choices♥♥


    Mar 1, 2012

    Maybelline Brunch Event @ Covelli Italian Bistro & Wine Bar

    Last weekend, 25Febuary, i was warmly invited to attend the Maybelline's Brunch Event
    @ Covelli Italian Bistro & Wine Bar in Orchard Central.

    I was warmly entertained by the lovely decoration on the wall when i stepped in to the restaurant(:
    (above pic)

    Ashlyn (not sure if this is how i spell her name) was my 'partner' of the day xD

    She was a lovely girl and even care to listen to my boring talks
    (that's what you mostly do when you're talking to a total stranger right)
    We even exchanged our personal makeup tips and skincare routines xD

    Have definitely learn a lot from her♥

    Let's get on to the main 'actors'.
    Yes, it's with a 's'.
    Maybelline showcased to us 4 products which majority will be released in April
    and will be available in Wastons, Guardian, and etc.

    The first product was the Maybelline's Clear Smooth BB UV White - 02 Natural
    Price: $17.90

    From what i know, there's 2shades to this BB White and i got to try it in 02 - Natural

    • It's a 3-In-1 product: foundation, skincare, sunscreen

    • It comes in 8 benefits:
    • One of the highest UV protection levels in the market - SPF50 PA+++

    • Brightens up skin tone for more radiance look instantly

    • Even skin tone

    • Smoothes out your pores

    • Protects and corrects your skin from the formation of dark spots due to UV rays

    • Conceals imperfections - which can be a subsitube of your concealer

    • Hydrates your skin

    • Lastly, all day coverage and lasting long

    Now, do you have a better understanding why i state it's a 3-in-1 product ??!!
    - Hydrates your skin
    - Conceal imperfections
    - Highest SPF in the market

    What's more, Maybelline's new ambassadors:
    - Kimberly Chia 谢静仪 -> BB UV White
    - Rozz from 987fm -> BB Cream
    - Jamie Lim (TNP New Face Winner -> BB Mousse

    Each girl have equipped themselves with Maybelline's BB Cream,
    read their reviews on the individual BB Creams.

    (head down to Maybelline's FB Page if you have difficulties reading it properly.)

    My reviews: The BB UV White doesn't feels very oily when applied directly onto my pimples.
    Seriously speaking, i don't like using BB Cream ever since i've tried Skin79 BB Cream.

    But, i was amazed with Maybelline's BB UV White.
    It glides on smoothly on my oily face, doesn't feels oily after wearing it for 8hours under the blazing sun.
    What's more, it blends in with my skintone as the coverage is very sheer.

    Definitely will be on my Favourite List(:

    2nd product - Maybelline's Masterliner in White
    Price: $11.90

    Maybelline's Masterliner has introduced its product in Brown and Black,
    which is currently being sold in Wastons and Guardian (have went over to see for myself)

    • Smudge-proof and waterproof

    • Soft and smooth liner - good for drawing undereye and inner corners

    My reviews:
    When i first got to try it during the event, i totally don't even want to try on my hand.
    Then, my 'partner', Ashlyn, told me it's smooth and asked me to give it a try.
    I do obliged using white liner as it either makes my eye look dirty or smudge away within minutes after i've applied it on my undereye.
    But, when i used it on my eye, the next day for my window-shopping, i was surprised and dumb-folded.
    The liner was very pigmented and it really doesn't smudge as much as my other liner - black and brown pencil liners

    3rd product - Maybelline's Magnum Volum' Express Mascara.
    Price: $19.90

    It's not like any ordinary mascara brush,
    wait,its NOT a brush,
    it's a COMB.

    Thus, it's called ULTRACOMB.

    • Touted as the mascara specially designed for Asian lashes

    • Comb-like bristles promises sleek and ultra-defined lashes

    • SEVEN times more Volume

    Here’s Maybelline’s explanation to why this convex brush is a breakthrough technology!

    My reviews:
    Definitely i MUST if you're a monolid or have short lashes.
    I haven tried it on but, from other blogger reviews',
    - TOTALLY volumizes the lashes
    - Helps to separate lashes so you don't get clumps on your eyelashes
    - Can apparently skip the usual zig-zag motion because the bristles ensures every lash is coated evenly with this collagen formula

    Last but not least, the final product - Maybelline's Jelly Glow Blush
    Price: $15.90

    From what i know, it comes in 7 different colors
    But we could to try out 4 on the event: Rose Pink(02), Light Peachy Pink(04), Apricot, Warm Cocoa(07)

    • New jelly-liked texture

    • Smooth as cream and light as powder

    • Glides on smoothly on the cheeks

    • Lasting and durable

    • Bouncy cream formula

    • Suits all skin type

    My reviews:
    I was super excited by the texture, i guess those who attended the event would agreed.
    It has this soft texture & it doesn't crumble or break apart easily, almost bouncy!
    It has a very subtle glow when you applied on your cheeks(:
    What's more their packaging is small and portable to bring - SWEET

    During the event,
    we were entertained with a fashion show.
    Clothes were from Love Bonito and the makeup - definitely from Maybelline.

    I was truly astonished to witness the power of makeup through the fashion show.

    The fashion show splits into 2sections:
    First was the model was doll up with one eye makeup
    Second was doll up wiht both of their eyes.

    We can truly see the difference between with and without eye makeup.

    There is also a makeup artist to share with us some makeup tips on how to apply the BB UV White and etc.

    Our brunch was been served into the events.

    First was the appetizer - Potato & Carrot soup

    My reviews:
    Taste nice and appetizing.
    I like the corn taste, though xP

    Followed by the Main Course
    There's 2 main course to choose from - Tuna Spaghetti and Paprika Chicken.

    And i chose the Paprika Chicken.

    This is definitely a THRUMBS UP
    The chicken was very tender but i don't really think the sauce was favouring enough to match.

    Lastly, DESSERT♥
    Strawberry Shortcake

    My reviews:
    Have never tried a shortcake before
    But have this, i'll definietly try out the rest of the flavors which is currently sold in the dessert market xD

    You can feel the strawberries taste within your mouth
    and the strawberries act up the taste too(x
    What i don't like is the top and bottom layer of the cake,
    it's very sticky and always stick onto the plate.

    Is this how shortcake are supposed to be ??
    If it is, i think i may request them to peel off the layer xD *joke*

    Before we end the event, a local artist Mas was there.
    He designed an artpiece specially for Maybelline and some of the beauty bloggers were given a chance to write their wishes for Maybelline on the artwork(:

    You can find Mas in his webpage -
    He is one of the best illustrator in Singapore too!

    Here is what i got from Maybelline:
    For the Jelly Glow Blush, i got it in Rose Pink and Warm Cocoa(:

    Here's a final photo with Ashlyn to end my loooooooooooooooong post♥

    *Credits to the blog for their pictures(:


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