Mar 5, 2012

Rants & Reviews

Why is it so hard to look for a job ??!!
Have went for a few interviews and my current situation has forbade me to take up this 'wonderful paid' jobs.

Which company is willing to hire an employee who is able to work after 1/2pm and have to leave before 7pm on thursday ??!!

Let's forget about my rants
and read through my reviews(:

Today, i'm going to introduce 2products which i bought from Wastons Expo Sale, 2weeks ago.

First is the Garnier BB Eye Roll-on

Garnier BB Eye Roll-on contains:

  • Pure Lemon Essence which naturally brightens your skin and removes dulliness around the eye area

  • Mineral Pigments which has the ability to conceal imprefections

  • Caffeine which energizes your skin and anti-tiredness

  • It comes with a cap which is what i like the most - it prevents germs and bacteria with contact to the roll-on.

    Here is what the description says about BB Eye Roll-on:
    The 1st BB Eye Roll-on from Garnier that gives you instant radiance in a single application.
    Enriched with brightening Pure Lemon Essence and caffeine, well-known for its sitmulating properties on micro-circulation.
    The mineral pigments provide nude coverage and natural long-lasting wear.

    Promise to be
  • Oil and fragrance free

  • Does not clog pores

  • Suitable for all skin types and tones

  • 10 INSTANT visibile benefits, Eye contour looks:
  • More fair

  • More radiant

  • More even-toned

  • Less dark circles

  • Less dark spots

  • More fresh

  • More smooth

  • Less tried

  • More hydrated

  • Firmer

  • After reading through the description,
    here is the result from the BB Eye Roll-on.

    After applying BB Eye on both eyes.

    Left eye - With BB Eye
    Right eye - W/o BB Eye

    I know you can't really differentiate from my pictures.
    But i have to say is, BB Eye Roll-on really is oil free.
    I'm a combination skin type - more towards oily skin, and have difficulties choosing makeup products which is oil-free and does not clog pores.
    Even since i heard good reviews on Taiwan famous beauty variety shows - 女人我最大
    Here's the link:
    Drag to 6:53

    And it really makes my eye appear to have inherit the 10 INSTANT Visible Benefits.
    My eye area feels more hydrated, i even used it to apply on the areas which need to be concealed away like my nose area and forehead area.

    It cost $22.90 but i got it at $11.90 in Wastons Expo Sale.
    XD, what a bargain(x

    Next product is the SexyLook Hello Kitty Mask - i bought the one in Pink and Silver package.

    Silver package: Platinum Rose Duo Brightening and Lifting Mask.
    Description: White Rose extract helps to minimize and brighten skin for a raidant, translucant effect.
    Together with skin lifting formula, skin becomes soft, smooth and firm.
    Collagen and hyaluronic acid maintain skin's moisture level and elasticity.

    Pink package:

    Cherry Blossom Duo Purifying and Lifting Mask
    Description: Sakura and strawberry polyphenol minimizes large pores, smoothening and improving skin textuew.
    Soothes, brightens and purify face instantly.
    Collagen and hyaluronic acid moisturise skin from within.
    Suitable for troubled skin.

    And, i'll be reviewing on Cherry Blossom Duo Purifying and Lifting Mask

    Isn't the mask very cute(x

    This is the first time i encounter mask that scratch to the ear and the chin.

    You guys should be thinking,
    what a joke i am.
    But, SERIOUSLY, this is INDEED my FIRST encounter.

    Here's the before after results:

    Left - before
    Face is a bit dull, chin is normal to me

    Right - after
    Face seems to have been slightly brightening and my chin is shows slight sharp with the 'V' shape.

    That's my result in real life, without the camera.

    That's all for my post for the day.
    And i'm listening to FT Island - Bad Woman
    Think all thanks to You're Beautiful, have fall in love with Lee HongKi xD


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