Jan 18, 2009

seems tt all my days was filled wif clouds.
& even though i gt both to company,but 'they' r oso busy wif their tings too...
1->sch work & dance.
e other->job & waitin for select of courses.[he's takin e same course as i target for;so coincidence (: ...]

don reali thin,if dis contd,how'll i gng to live for e nxt 11mths ??!!
but even since o lvl results release,i onli ave e mood to study.
nt even on e mood of gamblin&drinkin...
all of them say;yu siao ar gt holi for yu to take a break yu don wan.
others say;gif urself a break 1st,don stress urself too much kie ?
after tt,they offer mi a smile in their faces... (:

1201,release of results;
nt v gd in eng for both stream but e rest of e sub i v gd...
but he gt 17->L1B4 (:

nth much to say,but juz a few qns to ask...
whenever i look through ur notes,
tears start to fall,unctrl.
memories flash back like a wink of time,
& disapper after tears've stop.
im nt sure whether its e sign of acceptin,
or e sign of lettin go.
but fr my heart;
'i like yu,as a fren,& it always will...'
lettin yu go is such a hard work for mi
as i don like to hurt yu too deeply.
but i've make lots of consideration,
b4 tellin yu e truth...
yu cn say tt im selfish,
but dis is my feelin towards.
i'll rmb ur last words to mi,
& tt is;
'no matter wat i'll try my best to prove to yu,
& one day,
yu'll accept mi again...'

Jan 11, 2009

Saw in mel's blog,thin its fun so ave a try...

Rule #1 People who have been tagged must write their answers on their blogs and replace any question that they dislike with a new question formulated by themselves.
Rule #2 Tag 5 people to do this quiz and those who are tagged cannot refuse. These people must state who they were tagged by and cannot tag the person whom they were tagged by continue this game sending it to other people.

1) do you currently like anyone? hmm,nt v sure xP
2) how about in the past? aie,,,hehex
3) who's the best guy-friend you can trust? zw&sl (:
4)name the people who has ever like you. y shd i xP
5) have you had any boy-f? its up to yu to find out urself. hahax
6) when do you intend to get one? aie,,,nt at e moment. >study 1ST
7) dream job? part-time singer/dancer ??!!
8) has anyone break your heart badly before? thin shd b otherway round xP
9) have you cried out of jealousy? smtimes but wats e pt of feelin jealous ~.~
10) name your best-friend(s). zw,sl,aiai,ain,ac,sab,yd,etc.
11) who knows your deepest secrets? none.
12) has your 1st kiss been given away? personal qn,ave e rite nt to ans.
13) has anyone just suddenly come up & kiss/hug you? yup,ain & sab (:
14) do you think yoU are pretty? ello,in dis world hu would thin themself r pretty ?!?!
15) name people who can solve your personal problems. ain,zw.
16) name people who are simply gorgeous :D every single 1 r gorgeous. {;
17) name people who are pretty :] everyone tt i noe r (:
18) name guys who makes you go oh-so-hot. none...tts e truth.
19) name guys who are handsome. hmm,nt v sure.....
20) given 3 wishes, what will you wish for: 1.pass o lvl 2.my every wishes come true 3.new stead ?!?! thin out of qns...
next 5 victims;
1. qinn
2. piggy
3. jas
4. sab
5. sly
hahax...sry xP

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