Jan 18, 2009

seems tt all my days was filled wif clouds.
& even though i gt both to company,but 'they' r oso busy wif their tings too...
1->sch work & dance.
e other->job & waitin for select of courses.[he's takin e same course as i target for;so coincidence (: ...]

don reali thin,if dis contd,how'll i gng to live for e nxt 11mths ??!!
but even since o lvl results release,i onli ave e mood to study.
nt even on e mood of gamblin&drinkin...
all of them say;yu siao ar gt holi for yu to take a break yu don wan.
others say;gif urself a break 1st,don stress urself too much kie ?
after tt,they offer mi a smile in their faces... (:

1201,release of results;
nt v gd in eng for both stream but e rest of e sub i v gd...
but he gt 17->L1B4 (:

nth much to say,but juz a few qns to ask...
whenever i look through ur notes,
tears start to fall,unctrl.
memories flash back like a wink of time,
& disapper after tears've stop.
im nt sure whether its e sign of acceptin,
or e sign of lettin go.
but fr my heart;
'i like yu,as a fren,& it always will...'
lettin yu go is such a hard work for mi
as i don like to hurt yu too deeply.
but i've make lots of consideration,
b4 tellin yu e truth...
yu cn say tt im selfish,
but dis is my feelin towards.
i'll rmb ur last words to mi,
& tt is;
'no matter wat i'll try my best to prove to yu,
& one day,
yu'll accept mi again...'

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